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Spy Bahu 26th July 2022 Episode starts with Sejal saying I love you to Yohan. Yohan asks her to say again. Sejal says again. He says I love you too. He says we will start our new life together from tonight, and gets closer to her. Kehdo naa plays…

Rain starts. The girl who is posing to be Mahira, falls on the road and the pic falls out of her bag. She finds her hand bleeding. Yohan takes off Sejal’s specs and asks if you will help me in life’s ups and downs. She says yes.

They dance romantically while music plays….Yohan says today all the distance shall end. He lifts her in his arms and takes her to bed. They consummate their marriage.

Later Yohan acts to get hiccups. Sejal hits him. He asks what happened, if there is any problem. The girl reaches Nanda house and calls Kuku. Shalini shouts seeing her and calls Security. Yohan and Sejal come out hearing her shouting. Shalini asks who is she, throw her out. Security guy comes there.

Yohan leaves Sejal’s hand and goes to her. He asks who are you? The girl says she is Mahira Mirza, from Kashmir. Sejal is shocked. The girl asks him if he is her Kuku and faints on him. Yohan holds her and asks them to call doctor.

He lifts her and takes her to doctor. Sejal thinks I am Mahira then who is this girl? Doctor comes there and checks her, says she is weak and her BP is low. She asks him to get the injection and other medicines. Yohan says I will get it and calls Jagdish. Sejal asks Yohan, what she was telling? Yohan says don’t know.

Jagdish goes to bring medicine. Sejal tells Yohan that they can’t give shelter to her. Shalini says the girl got the consciousness. Yohan asks Doctor if he can talk to her. Doctor says yes and asks him not to stress her. He asks the girl, if she is Mahira then how did she reach here? Shalini says didn’t you come at the wrong address. The girl says she is alone and her family is killed in the terrorist attack. She says she is brought up in orphanage.

Sejal thinks why her voice is familiar. Shalini asks why did you come here? The girl says someone told me that my childhood friend Kuku stays here. sejal says Yohan, this girl is…The girl asks if he is Yohan and says I thought I will reach you anyhow.

Yohan asks how did you reach you here? Sejal thinks why is he asking her, when I wrote everything clearly. The girl tells him that she came to know about his real name, from the place where he used to go with his mother, and then she read the news of charity and reached him. Sejal thinks how did she know so much about her.

The girl says you have promised to search me then why you didn’t search me. Shalini says are you crazy? She says why any guy bring his childhood friend home and initiate fight with his wife? The girl asks if Yohan is married? Shalini says Sejal is his wife. The girl says you are very beautiful and lucky, and asks her to complete the remaining phrase.

Sejal realizes that she is the one who had called and threatened her. She thinks she is the girl who threatened to separate me from Yohan. The girl says Farid Bhai is alive and is in Delhi and tells that she needs his help to search him.

Sejal asks how to believe that you are Mahira and asks if she has any proofs? Yohan asks how you are talking to her. Shalini says Sejal is not wrong and asks for ID card. The girl apologizes to her and says I haven’t come here to harm anyone, and have come here to…she shows her fake ID proof. Sejal is shocked.

The girl gives her Ashram address. She says you can say that this is fake, but the thing which only we both know. She tells the poem which only they both know. Sejal is shocked. Yohan believes the girl. The girl reminds Yohan that he was eating candy floss when he met her first. She shows him Farid and her pic and says I kept it with my heart, this is the last memory left with me.

Sejal is shocked and thinks she has that pic. The girl smiles looking at Sejal. Sejal runs to her room and checks the diary. She finds the photo missing and thinks Veera Nanda might have given that pic to that fake Mahira, when did this happen. Yohan comes there and asks why are you questioning Mahira so much, I had told you about her.

Sejal says how can you believe her and asks did you read the letter carefully. He says I am having that letter and read it 10 times atleast. He says I have reached there. She reads the letter and finds it to be something else. She thinks the letter is changed.

Veera applies nail polish to Aarti’s skeleton and tells that sejal is worried due to the conspiracy. She says I had taken your place, and the girl came to take Sejal’s place.


Spy Bahu 27th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Yohan tells Sejal that he knows that she is finding Mahira’s arrival strange, as she knows that Mahira matters to him a lot, but whoever she is, she can’t take your place. He tells the girl that Sejal is his present and she is his past. The girl hurts herself to get his attention. Sejal comes there and sees Yohan caring for her.

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Telecast Date:26th July 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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