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Spy Bahu 26th April 2022 Tanhaji calls Sejal and says where are you? She says in Nanda mansion. I got my job back. He says for that I can give you one news related to your brother. Sejal says what? He says Fareed is in Dehli.

They’re planning something big. Sejal says where is he? HE says I can’t tell you but they’ll plan something that will shake the whole country. Sohail said he can help us but we have to listen to his condition. You’ve to find out what have they planned and we will tell you Fareed’s location. You have 7 days to find out.

Yohan looks at a kid’s childhood photo. It’s Sejal’s photo. He recalls she met her in the market when he was lost. He was crying. Sejal asked why are you crying? He said I can’t find my mom. Sejal said you never lose people you love. He said that means I will find my mom? Sejal wipes his tears. The driver came and said mom is looking for you let’s go. Yohan said come with me.

We will always live together. She said I am young, I will be with my mom when I grow up you can come to take me. He says I will find you. Yohan left. Yohan looks at her photo and says you said we don’t lose people we love then how did I lose you Mahira. I loved you since I didn’t know the meaning of love. Every mission I go to, I feel like I will find you and come and save me like that day. I think there’s nothing like love in my fate.

Sejal recalls she said to Yohan I have to copy. Drishti comes to Yohan. Yohan says congrats Mr. Aarun accepted your wedding. You look so happy. She asks are you happy? He says for you I am very happy. Drishti says but are you happy with Aleesha? Something didn’t feel right. He says don’t overthink.

Drishti says I feel like you said yes for some other reason. Shera gives sweets to all the guests. Sejal hears Yohan is getting married. Yohan says not everyone is lucky enough to marry the one they love. I am not marrying her for love but I can’t love anyone. She says you have a big heart. You will find the one your heart would beat for. He says I don’t know where she is. Sejal congratulates Shera.

She comes in front of Yohan. Sejal says I had no other option. being fired for wrong false accusation wasn’t right. Yohan says I am surprised by your passion to come back to this house. You don’t ever leave. I am changing your duties. You will be my personal assistant now. Your time is dedicated for me. It’s my wedding after 7 days. You’ve to arrange everything. You will not go out of 3 feet circle. Sejal says in heart it will be the best for my mission.

Scene 2
Shail says it’s solid bad luck that girl is back and now they will find out about the locker. Shalini says they won’t notice. We have to make Yohan do one mistake when that will break his marriage with Aleesha. Dad said this is his last chance. He says yes all competition over if we work it out.

Scene 3
Saras massages Sejal’s head. Minal says you don’t talk to Jatin and you keep ignoring the wedding plan. Saras says Jatin is coming here day after tomorrow. Sejal says what? Saras says yes. They want to fix the date. It’s not a bad thing. jatin got a job in London. Sejal says but you said I will live close to you by marrying him. Minal says we want the best for you. Sejal says in heart how can I go to London? I want to find my brother.
Someone makes a bomb.

Scene 4
Shalini says this dress is like what my grandmom used to wear. Aleesha says the lipcolor you’re wearing my grandmom used to wear it. She asks Veera how is it? Veera says it’s not the best. I want the best dupatta for your chunri ritual. Check this one. Aleesha says I love it, very classy. Shalini says control your excitement you don’t wear it yourself. Yohan will make you wear it at the ritual. Aleesha says the fold and keep it.

Veera gets plants ready. She says bring a white pot. Sejal brings a white pot. Veera says I don’t want to talk to you. Please go from here. I don’t know how you convinced Yohan.. She says you know I am not like that. Shalini spills tea and asks Sejal to clean it. Drishti says she’s not a cleaner. Shalini says she’s a servant anyway.

Clean it. Sejal cleans the floor. Shalini says don’t touch our expensive clothes. They’re more expensive than your yearly salary. Aleesha says can you scold my servants too, I don’t talk to them. Drishti asks Sejal to leave. Shalini says clean my heels too. Drishti says stop it. Sejal says it’s okay, I am not bd at cleaning, I wish I could clean thoughts too. ALeesha says so this servant speaks too.. Sejal is about to clean.

Yohan says stop. He says she’s my personal assistant till my wedding. Aleesha says you had a personal assistant? Yohan says you don’t know a lot things about me. He says go do your work Sejal. Yohan gets a call. He leaves. He says Sohail is in custody. Fareed is very close to soahil. Take care of Fareed. sejal hears. Sejal says I’ve to talk to Sohail to find Fareed.


Spy Bahu 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sejal asks Tanhaji to let her talk to Sohail. He says I can’t give you the persmission. Sejal comes to the jail and meets him.

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