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Spy Bahu 25th April 2022 Yohan says using my sister if you try to blackmail us again I won’t leave you. Stop dreaming of coming back to Nanda mansion. Sejal says I will come back to Nanda mansion. Yohan says I will see how. This is my last warning, get lost. Sejal says I won’t beg you. I am not wrong, God knows. I don’t give up. Get ready to welcome me at your house I will be back on duty. She leaves.

Scene 2
The besakhi even starts. Aarun says to Veera Minister is coming with his family. They come, Aarun goes to welcome them. Aarun says where is Aleesha? His wife says Aleesha just came from US so she needed rest. Aarun says Yohan come meet them. The minister meets Yohan. Aarun introduces rest of the family. Minister says getting Aleesha and Yohan engaged will turn our friendship into relation.

Everyone is shocked. The wife says Yohan you look upset. Aarun says Aleesha isn’t here. She says Aleesha is coming. You will be shocked to see her. Aleesha comes. Krish looks at her with his friends. He says she’s so hot. A girl says to Drishti you will get a good bhabhi now. A lot of girls dream of becoming DIL of Nanda mansion. Aleesha says time to crush their dreams. She walks on the glass. Her mom says what did you do.. So much blood. She says it’s my greh parvesh. Her mom applies medicine on her feet.

Aleesha meets everyone. Aarun says so nice to see you. Aarun says nice to meet you. She says shail you have gotten so old. She says Shalini you look great but you need to update your fashion sense, it’s like aunties. Krish says I am Krish. Yohan comes. Aarun says you have met her. Yohan says how can I forget she jumped so I can save her.

she says I can jump many times for you. She holds his hand. Veera takes Aarun to a side and says what’s going on? You accepted Drishti on this condition that Yohan will marry Aleesha? Shail says they’ve many similarities, they both like to insult others. They will make a good couple. Veera says it’s about his life. Aarun says he should do some benefit to us. It’s a very deal for us.

I used Drishti to make Yohan agree to do business and this marriage. Now this marriage will make so much money to me. Shalini says what if he disagrees? Aarun says he can’t. Veera says he will go away from you by doing this. Aarun says I am trying to bring him close to me. If he doesn’t listen to me this time too he will be dead for me. I will remove him from this house and my life. This marriage has to happen.

Yohan says to Aleesha how did you say yes to this marriage? We’re so different. She says let it happen once, I will be like you. NO one can love you like me. Veera says please Aarun, he says wipe your tears. the event should be the best. The servant tells Veera decoration team is asking for money.

She says let me get it from locker. Shalini says let me tell them we will pay tomorrow we’re busy today. Shalini says to Shail how long will we stop her from seeing the locker and Yohan will become the president now. Do something. He says first we have to stop that maid. What happened with her? She says let me ask Yohan.

Scene 3
Yohan asks Aarun to complete his promise. Aarun announces I have to tell you all a good news. Come Drishti Abhishek. He says my daughter is now married. She’s Abhishek’s wife. She wanted to do a destination wedding with just family. Give them your blessings. He gives Drishti weddings. Shera comes..

Arrun says you will never be my relative. I’ve only accepted this marriage. Veera asks Drishti and Abhishek to come and do the rituals. Minister Kamal says I also have another announcement. My daughter Aleesha and Yohan are together now. Aarun says this wedding will change the times. This is a match made in heaven. People congratulate them. Aarun says it’s their roka tomorrow and wedding after 7 days. Drishti hugs Yohan. Shalini asks Yohan did you close that Sejal’s chapter? He says yes and she will not do anything now.

Sejal comes in with the band baja. She dances around Shalini. Shalini is shocked. Everyone is shocked. Sejal says you both thought I don’t have a copy of that recording? Yohan is angry. Minister says you played the drum so well. Now sing too. She says I am here to shock everyone. She starts dancing. Aleesha brings Yohan on the stage too. Yohan dances with her. Drishti and Abhishek also dance.

Aarun says to Sejal why are you back? She says Yohan hired me back. Right Yohan? Shail says I think he’s being blackmailed because she has Drishti’s videos? Aarun says Yohan did you hire her back? Yohan says yes I did. Shalini is shocked.

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