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Spy Bahu 24th May 2022 Abhishek comes in the same room and says what are you doing here? She says you here.. He says I always thought big mansions have secret doors like stories. Yohan must have gotten it made inspired from the same stories. She says how do you know Yohan got it made?

He says Drishti told me he hides some stuff here. Sejal says like he hid our affair. He’s secretive. He says you came here to get something? He says we’re both outsiders here. No one likes us both here. Let’s start our friendship with a secret door. My sister Sejand I would always look for secret places to play.

They both think about their childhood. She says you have a sister? He says she passed away when she was young. Sejal says I am sorry. He says it’s okay. Sejal leaves. Abhishek says what was she doing here?

Sejal looks for the key in Yohan’s room. Yohan says what are you doing in my room? She says it’s my room as well. Yohan moves her chair and says you wanna me a Nanda DIL? Let me tell you what a Nanda DIL is. He calls a makeup artist. Yohan says do her get over to make her look at rich and classy.

The artist says that will take time. She has such a cheap look right now. Yohan says take your time. Sejal says I wanna save my husband’s money. I will get ready myself. Yohan says to the artist to make sure she doesn’t do anything herself.

Scene 2
Bamba and Saras are doing something. Saras asks Bamba to keep an eye if Minal is coming.. Minal comes in. She says what are you both hiding? Bamba says we were packing gifts for Sejal. Saras says it’s her reception. she says did you forget we are poor, she doesn’t need anything from us.

Bamba says she can’t ever say that. Minal says she’s rich now. She doesn’t care about us. Baa says she’s right. We won’t waste money on her outsider blook anymore. She throws the gifts away.

The artist gets Sejal ready. She says if he keeps wasting my time how will I look for the keys. The artist says I did the best duty. He leaves. Sejal looks for the key. Yohan is coming back to the room. He says step back. Sejal leaves his diary. He looks at her in shock. Sejal falls. Yohan holds her.

Her saree gets stuck in his watch. He says never come near my cupboard again. Shalini says to Shail did you ever think Yohan will marry that maid? She fooled us all. Aleesha too. We can shake hands with her too. She will execute our plans, she’s smart. He says what if she fools you too? Shalini says she can’t I will make a deal with her. Shalini comes to Sejal and says wow you match our classiness.

Sejal says now you know your benefit is with me. Shalini says only one greedy person can understand another. Our goal is the same, this money. We will rule it together. Shake hands with me. Sejal says I can’t shake hands with you. It’s all mine, why would I share. I’ve no benefit. shalini says you won’t get this chance again. Shalini says don’t forget your worth. Sejal says I will keep reminding you all where I came from.

Scene 3
The reception starts. Krish says everyone is taunting us. A maid gives a parcel for Sejal. She says who sent it? She says don’t know. Someone sent it for you. Sejal opens it. It’s Minal’s saree. Sejal recalls she saw it.

Minal told her it was her wedding saaree. Sejal told her I will wear this saree when I get married. Saras saw them. Sejal cries and says I know it’s papa who sent it. Thank you papa. I wanted your blessings. Saras comes there hiding his face. Sejal hugs the saree and cries. Everyone is waiting for Yohan and Sejal. Shail asks Shalini did she agree?

Sejal takes off all the makeup. Sejal comes to the hall wearing Minal’s saree. Everyone says she’s so pretty but different from Nandas.

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