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Spy Bahu 24th June 2022 Episode starts with Sejal telling Yohan that Papa’s call is not connecting and I can’t call Mummy. Yohan says they must be fine. Sejal introduces her brother to Aarun. Bomba greets him.

Aarun doesn’t reply. Bomba asks if he hears low like Dadi. He greets him aloud. Sejal asks him not to disturb Papa ji. Bomba says he is playing sugar candy game on his mobile and is not busy.

Aarun says I am not idle for your Dadi and asks why is he comparing him with his Dadi. He says he is not that old. Yohan says just two months left for him to turn older. Aarun goes. Drishti comes there with Abhi and his father.

Sejal says we couldn’t come, as Bomba came. Aarun comes there and tells Abhi that he wants to gift him something. He says he wants to give his classic vintage watch to him which he had bought with his hard earned money, and says he wants to dedicate to him. He tells Drishti that he is sorry for not understanding Abhishek before.

Abhi asks if you are sure, as this is a big responsibility. Aarun says yes, I am sure. Veera asks Drishti if they will stay here, and will not insist to go. Abhi forward his hand to wear the watch. Aarun drops the watch accidentally.

Sejal and Abhi bend down to hold it. Sejal holds it and gives watch to Aarun. Aarun makes him wear the watch. Sejal is shocked to see the mole/mark on his hand, and says Abhishek jiju is my Farid bhai. Abhi thanks Aarun. Yohan and others congrats him. Sejal is shocked. Abhi says I feel like my family is completed. Sejal goes out of the house in shock.

She cries and recalls seeing him many times. She recalls her childhood. Yohan searches for Sejal and calls her. He thinks if she went out of the house. He comes out searching her and finds Bomba there. Bomba says I know why Didi went suddenly,

she was sad as tomorrow is her birthday and she might came to know that nobody remembers her birthday. Yohan thinks tomorrow is Sejal’s birthday? Bomba says yes. Yohan says how can it be co incidence, that tomorrow is Mahira’s birthday too.

Saras asks Minal if she is sure to do this? Minal says yes, she will give her happiness. Sejal is walking on the road and sees a dargah. She covers her head with pallu. Bomba says I came to celebrate her birthday and says even Mummy and Papa will also come today before 12 am. Yohan says ok, I will bring her before 12 and asks him to go inside and rest. He leaves in car.

Sejal comes inside the dargah and says I always tried to search you Farid bhai and was wandering here and there. He says our Mummy papa left Jaamnagar and we were infront of each other’s eyes.

She says our parents died while saving this nation from the terrorists and why you became one of them. She recalls their moments and says why you have become desh drohi. Yohan calls her. He gets down from the car and comes to the dargah. He recalls telling Mahira that they will get whatever they ask for from God.

They think to ask God to keep their friendship for forever. He gets emotional. Sejal thinks how Drishti will feel, when she comes to know about Farid bhai’s truth. She says he married Drishti and ruined her life for his mission, just like I did..married Yohan for a mission. She prays that she shall get courage to save Drishti and Yohan.

She thinks she has to fight with her blood to save her husband. She cries. Yohan comes there and goes inside the dargah. Sejal don’t see him. He recalls Drishti’s words and thinks about his feelings for Sejal. He says Mahira,

I used to come here for you, since we have been separated, I prayed for your safety and prays that we meet again. He says now he is praying that Sejal shall be fine and there is nothing important than her happiness. Sejal says I will protect Yohan from Farid. Yohan says Sejal might leave me like you.

Sejal says I want to fight like a warrior, without harming my brother. The priest asks her to open her eyes and walk behind the star. Yohan says I don’t want to wander and asks if I shall leave you and the thought to meet you. He asks if I shall give a chance to my marriage and asks if I shall accept her.

He asks what to say. The same priest asks her to see the moon which is near him. Yohan turns towards Sejal. Sejal goes out without seeing him. She messages Yohan. Yohan checks the time and thinks I have 30 mins.


Spy Bahu 25th June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Yohan celebrates Sejal’s birthday and invites Sejal’s parents.

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Telecast Date:24th June 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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