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Spy Bahu 22nd September 2022 Episode starts with Sejal asking Yohan about the scratches on his hand. Yohan says actually yesterday night. Drishti says Dad is calling you both for puja. Yohan says we will talk later after puja. Sejal says we couldn’t know anything about Veera’s plan, we have to keep eye on her.

Shalini looks at Veera who is standing near the idol, and thinks what she is doing. She tells Sejal that Veera is doing puja. Sejal says such people do crime in the name of devotion. Veera takes off the poisonous camphor from the pendant and keeps it in the baatis, saying now the God’s diya will give fire to their pyre.

Sejal is about to go near her, when Arun comes and asks about Yohan. Sejal says he is coming. She comes near Bappa’s idol and looks on. Shalini comes there and says dangerous saas is not here. Sejal prays to Bappa to solve all the problems.

Veera asks Krish to go to Chatrichowk and get her medicines. Krish says it is very far, my friends have come. Veera asks him to go and call her after reaching there, she will tell which medicine to buy.

She then calls Servant Lakshman and asks him to close all the windows and doors, just as the aarti starts, and says puja smoke shall be in the house. Drishti tells Sejal that veera made excuse and sent Krish out, I don’t think she has headache. Later Sejal acts to get stomach pain. Arun asks if baby is fine.

Yohan asks did you take morning tablet and asks Drishti to bring. Veera worries for her plan. Sejal says she is feeling much pain. Yohan asks her to eat the tablet. Arun asks Yohan to take Sejal to doctor and says we can do puja later. Veera says how can puja happen later, and asks why to take risk with baby.

Sejal says all troubles will end with Bappa’s darshan. She says I will go to doctor after puja. Veera says it is not needed. Sejal asks what do you mean? Veera says you will get Bappa’s blessings. Arun asks where is Krish? Veera says we will start puja, he will come. Arun says ok. Pandit ji asks Yohan to show Bappa’s face. Yohan lifts the cloth from Bappa. Everyone smiles.

Yohan makes Bappa wear a necklace. Everyone folds their hands. Veera smiles. Yohan looks at her. Pandit ji asks Veera to light Maha aarti’s diya. Veera says this time Lakshmi Bahu Sejal will do it and asks Yohan to help. Yohan and Sejal lights the diya and starts doing aarti. Veera wears the mask and stands far, thinking she will see death tandav. The servant closes the door.

Everyone coughs and falls down. Veera starts laughing and says I had said that no Nanda will be saved today, except Veera Nanda. She says now this house, business and all the property, everything belonging to Nanda family is of me and my son Krish.

She says Yohan beta, I am so sorry, don’t think me wrong, to execute my Mission Azaadi and to get money and weapon from you people, I acted to love your father, I used to hate your face, but I shed tears again and again. She says she used to steal money and weapons and used to give to her people.

She says Sejal was saying everything truth, she came to know about me, but nobody believed her. She says Sejal went to jail instead of me. She laughs and says that foolish girl Shalini came to know about me and that’s why I killed her and she went to your mother. She says this is the punishment for her for saying truth.

She says when she had killed Aarti by suffocating her with pillow, that day it ws start and today everything ended after killing Aarti’s kids and husband. She says Yohan, just like you don’t believe on God, I don’t believe on humanity, it is a bad kalyug. Just then Krish says Mom.

Veera removes her mask and asks when did you come? Krish says when you confessed to your heinous crime. Veera says my son. Krish asks her to stay away from him. Everyone gets up shocking Veera. Veera thinks how did they get alive?

Sejal tells the mantras and says whenever it is said by heart, then victory is sure. She says how did you think that you will execute your plan at house, where Bappa is residing. She says Bappa saved us from your attack. She recalls seeing rat coming and eating the modak which is close to camphor. It dies. Sejal recalls the camphor was poisonous. She shares this with Yohan, Shalini and Drishti.

Yohan says we will call Police. Sejal says first they have to make Veera confess her crime. When Sejal acts to feel the stomach pain Yohan and Drishti go and changes the camphor with the non poisonous one. Yohan tells Arun that just as the smoke comes out of Aarti, they have to do Shavasan, Pandit ji told that it is good for your grand son. Arun says ok. Fb ends. Veera is shocked.


Spy Bahu 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Arun slaps Veera and asks Yohan to get this murderer arrested. Krish says I hate you Mom. SK comes there and says good job Sejal. He says whom we are trying to arrest, you helped us. Yohan tries to talk to Sejal. Inspector comes there and tells that he has warrant for Yohan, as Mahira complained about him.

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Telecast Date:22nd September 2022
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