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Spy Bahu 20th May 2022 Yohan thinks about everyone. Sejal knocks on his door. Sejal says Yohan ji open the room. It’s my room too. He says this is my room and I will only share it with my real wife. Veera says let Yohan live.

Sejal says MIL and DIL live happily, the house becomes heaven. Veera says stop this drama. You’ve killed us all. Sejal keeps knocking. Yohan breaks things in anger. Yohan recalls what Mahira used to say, that wrong must always be stopped. He hears a fire alarm. Shalini screams fire.. fire..

Everyone comes to the garden. Shalini says dad call fire brigade, housekeeping says sir there’s no fire. Someone played with the fire alarm. Shalini says it must be Sejal. Sejal comes to the room and sees everything broken.

Scene 2
Minal recalls everything and cries. Bamba brings them food. He says mummy please eat. Saras says please sleep. He says I made dadi eat, now I will make you both eat. Please eat. He says I won’t sleep if you don’t eat. We have to go to meet didi. Minal says don’t take her name. Bamba says don’t be mad at her.

I am not with her. She just got married. Scold her and forget it. Bamba says she can’t sleep without this blanket. Minal says she needs nothing related to us. Saras says she’s hiding something for sure. He says make us eat Bamba. We will meet her.

Sejal says I am doing this mission for my Fareed bhai. I lost my brother because of Yohan. I had to leave my parents. I hate this man. Fareed goes inside the store. He sees his guns. He is making a bomb there. He calls his bombs and says no one can find our ammunition. Our mission to freedom will succeed for sure.

Sejal keeps her parent’s photos at the bedside. Yohan says you won’t sleep here in my room. She says I have my first cooking ritual tomorrow. I need to sleep. She sleeps on the bed. Sejal says do you move a lot in sleep? She sneezes and says we need to turn off the ac. She turns on the fan. Petals fall on them. Yohan takes his pillow and says I will get my room back too. He sleeps on the sofa.

Scene 3
The next morning, Sejal wakes up. Yohan is asleep on the sofa. Sejal hugs her parent’s photo and says I miss you all. She sees Yohan almost falling. Sejal picks him up and puts him on the sofa. Her pallu gets stuck in his watch. Sejal gets ready. She does pooja. Veera and Arun come downstairs. Yohan comes too.

All servants talk about her. Shalini says our maid is wearing clothes like us and this jewelry. You took it all in one night? Sejal says thank you. Have arti. But no, papa first. She gives Arun arti. Veera says we could donate this saree and jewelry, you didn’t have to ruin Yohan’s life. Sejal says I want all of them not one.

Shalini says don’t try to take my place. She burns her hand with arti. She gives arti to Shail. She gives it to Drishti. Sejal gives it to Yohan too. She says I’ve a surprise for all of you.


Spy Bahu 21st May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sejal gives Yohan sweet and says have something sweet. Yohan says, you gave me some sweet so it’s time for a sweet surprise and all of you are invited at my reception today evening and there is a surprise that no one could have imagined, especially my wife, Mrs. Nanda.

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Telecast Date:20th May 2022
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