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Spy Bahu 1st September 2022 Episode starts with Sejal walking on the road, when some goons follow her. Sejal prays to Kanha ji to protect her. Yohan comes there and beats the goons. Sejal is about to turn, but she feels pain and keeps hand on her tummy.

She comes to the shop and thinks she has to call him. She tells the shop keeper that she has to make an important phone call and asks for his phone.

The shop keeper gives his mobile. Yohan looks at her and thinks to check whom she has called, thinks Sejal would have called and not Paro. Sejal thinks what to tell babu ji and ends the call without talking to him. She thinks babu ji can’t bear this trauma, returns phone to the shop keeper and goes.

Yohan comes to the shop keeper and asks if I can make a call. The shop keeper says it is my personal phone, why everyone is thinking it to be public phone. Yohan says I will give you money. The shop keeper gives him money. Yohan calls the last dialed number. Babu ji picks the call and starts talking.

He asks who is on line? Yohan thinks why Sejal called Dada ji. He thinks if she has really lost her memory. He asks shop keeper to give water and biscuit to Sejal. The shop keeper goes to Sejal and gives her biscuit and water. She says she don’t have money. The shop keeper asks her to keep it.

Sejal takes it and drinks water. She apologizes to her baby for keeping him hungry. She finds the biscuit packet fallen on road. She sits down, picks the biscuits and eats. Yohan cries seeing it. He sees a speedy car about to hit her and runs to save her. He saves her.

The driver puts brakes and leaves. Yohan says sorry to Sejal. Sejal asks why didn’t you tell me about your marriage. She says you let me go. He says sorry. She asks how did he get the injury? He recalls fighting with goons.

She tears her dupatta and ties on his hand. She asks why do you get yourself hurt? He says I am punishing myself for my mistakes. He thinks she didn’t give any proof that she is Sejal, this means she is just Paro.

Just then rain starts. They go to shelter. Yohan says I know you are tired, we can’t go in this rain, car is parked at a distance. He removes his suit and keeps it for drying. He then sets the fire to get some warmth. Sejal and Yohan sit near the fire. Sejal makes him touch her baby bump and says our baby is kicking.

Yohan gets emotional and says I can’t believe that the moment is so beautiful, says our baby. He says whatever happened today, I am sorry for that. He says your Papa is bad man, he has left you both alone to get worried, but this was last time. He says any trouble will have to take permission from your Papa.

He kisses on her tummy. Sejal gets hiccups. He says you don’t remember, we had decided to call our daughter as hichki. Sejal asks if we have son. He says then khakra.

Sejal says the baby wants his/her mummy to make a new start with friendship. She forwards her hand. His hand is injured. She says first I came to know that you are my baby’s father, then my husband. They shake hands. Sejal coughs. Yohan says rain stopped.

Sejal gets up. He brings water bottle for her. She drinks water. They come home. Veera and Ahana are shocked. Yohan asks Servant to make food for Sejal, all her favorite dishes and says Sejal and my baby are hungry. Veera asks where did you find her? He says he will make Sejal have food first and then will talk.

Yohan and Sejal sit on the dining table. Shalini thinks Mahira might be thinking why did Sejal go and come back. Yohan tells Veera that it was husband and wife’s problem which is solved now. Veera feigns smile. He asks Sejal to have food. Sejal says first you. He says you are stubborn and have the food.

Shalini says love shall be like this, else no. Krish brings Arun there. Arun asks if Sejal really returned. He says he will offer 51000 Chadawa to Mata Rani. He tells Yohan that he will not forgive him, if he troubles Sejal. Yohan says your forgiveness doesn’t matter, but I will not do this again. Krish says we shall have party/baby shower. Arun says yes, we will do baby shower rasam tomorrow. He says we will tell about Nanda heir’s to the people.

Veera asks him to ask the parents. Sejal nods her head. Yohan says lets do the godh bharayi. Ahana says just now our engagement is cancelled. Yohan says we will talk later. Ahana thinks to harm Sejal’s baby.


Spy Bahu 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sejal’s parents Minal and Saras come to the godh bharayi ritual. Sejal coughs and vomits blood. Everyone gets worried for Sejal. Yohan lifts her and takes her to the hospital. Ahana smiles.

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Telecast Date:1st September 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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