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Spy Bahu 19th May 2022 Sejal comes to the garden. She says why has he called me there. Yohan comes. She gets scared. Sejal says yes husband? He ties a thread on her hand. He says you’ve ruined everything in last 24 hours.

He says does it hurt? Now you know how it feels when someone ties themselves to you for no reason. Look around, there’s no one. You can say the truth now. Why did you do this wedding drama? Sejal says you wanna hear the truth? She takes out the thread and says no one can tie me in an unwanted relation.

My parent’s love couldn’t stop me from being your wife either. The most important thing in life is money that my parents don’t have, you do. I wanted to live a high class life. He says don’t do this drama I know you’re not in it for money.

You will never get comfort. Tell me you liar. She says I know you will tease me. She says you tease me anyways, I will at least have designer napkin, luxury car. He says I am digusted by you. She says you never loved that Aleesha either. You’re lucky you got married to me. He says no one can save you in this house. She says we’ll see.

Yohan leaves. A pillar is about to fall on Yohan. Sejal saves him. It starts raining. The song pyar ki raat plays. Yohan leaves. Sejal cries in rain remembering her parents. She says please forgive your daughter. How do I tell you I did all this for Fareed bhai. She cries.

Scene 2
A man in hoodie comes to Nanda house. It’s Abhishek. He wipes the mirror. Arun drinks. He thinks about what happened. Shail and Shalini come to Arun;. Shail says don’t worry dad, I am with you. We will handle the business.

He says who told you I need your support? Shalini says everyone needs support. He says you’re all useless. Shail says I will talk to you tomorrow. Arun says just because Yohan is out doesn’t mean a joker can be ace. They leave. Arun says Yohan you will pay for the mistake of ruining my deal with Kapoors.

Scene 3
Abhishek calls his boss and says mission freedom has started. Our plans started working when I married Drishti and entered this Nanda mansion. No one knows I am not Abhishek but Fareed Mirza. He recalls his childhood.

He says intelligence officers were around me. So I pretended by own death. He slid away from the bus and blasted it. Abhishek (Fareed) says I will keep updating you. Mission freedom has started. He has tooth of a man in it who he left in his place to die. He took out his teeth and said police will find this tooth and do its DNA, and think Fareed Mirza died. He says Fareed is dead in eyes of the world but Abhishek is alive.

Drishti comes and hugs Abhishek. She says whenever I see you I feel everything will be okay. Thank you for making me feel this secure. He pretends to smile and says I can’t see anyone in tears. I love you. I am with you. Drishti says I wish everyone was as nice as you. They hear bhajan.

Scene 4
Everyone comes to the hall. Arun is doing Yohan’s funeral. Veera says what are you doing? Stop please pandit ji Yohan is alive. Arun says don’t stop pandit ji. Drishti says dad this is bad omen please don’t do this. Veera says Yohan is your sin. Arun lights the woods and burns Yohan’s things in it. Drishti cries and says dad please stop. Veera and Drishti cry. Veera tries to stop him. Shalini says let him do it Shail.

Drishti says it all happened because of me, kill me, send me out of this house. Don’t do this to Yohan. Yohan comes. Drishti cries. Arun stops. Yohan sits in Arun’s feet. He says give me one last chance. I will expose all the lies related to this marriage in 24 hours. I will expose that girl in 24 hours. Arun stops. Sejal comes too. Everyone looks at her in anger. Arun leaves. Yohan says to Sejal my only weakness is Drishti. Now see how I expose you.


Spy Bahu 20th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Yohan says to Sejal, you will sleep in this room with me. Sejal says to him yes I will, I hope you don’t kick and all. Yohan bends towards her and switches on fan and petals fall over them.

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Telecast Date:19th May 2022
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