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Spy Bahu 18th July 2022 Episode starts with Yohan taking Sejal to their room. Veera looks at her locket. Yohan tells Sejal that he will bring water for her. Sejal thinks about Veera’s good acts and fake motherly love for the kids.

She says Veera Nanda has hidden her worst truth. Yohan brings water for Sejal and makes her drink. He wipes her tears and asks why are you worried? He says shall I call doctor. Sejal says I am fine and asks him to go and see Drishti. Yohan says she has slept and says I will scold you later for not taking care of yourself.

He takes off her earrings and makes her rests on the bed. He covers her with blanket. He asks her not to make anything stuck in her heart. He says you have expressed your feelings to me in semi unconscious state. He says I am yearning to hear you. She says I want to talk to Bamba.

Yohan says he messaged and slept, as tomorrow is his school. She says I am scared. He asks why is she scared and asks her to tell. She asks him to promise that he will give her a chance to clarify, if she does any mistake.

He promises her and asks her to tell what he wants her to say. She says I…Just then Guard comes there and says Drishti woke up and Veera went out. Sejal thinks where did Veera go and thinks to meet SK sir.

She goes out and sits in the car. SK asks what was the thing which you don’t want to talk on phone? Veera comes to Anjali’s room and sings bhajan. She says we used to sing this bhajan in our childhood, says you will feel proud that I haven’t done anything in all these years, as you have settled down here with my one saying.

She says if you was not here, then I wouldn’t have become Veera Nanda, from your helpless Veeru, and then I became Sir ji. Sejal informs SK that real Sir ji is not Arun Nanda, but Veera Nanda. Veera combs the skeleton’s hair and tells that nobody cares for her hair in Nanda Mansion. She says Yohan is not dying even after her so many efforts, says he has reached my 70 crores and might reach Sir ji.

SK asks Sejal how she can say this? Sejal says Veera Nanda has told herself that the locket was hers. She says if she had taken Arun Nanda’s name then I would have thought that he has gifted her the locket, but she took Anjali’s name who passed away many years ago. SK says how can a woman run an international terrorist organization. He says how can a woman handle all this?

Sejal says when a woman can be a spy then why she can’t be the mastermind to give shelter to the terrorist. Veera makes the skeleton wear the necklace and says Arun was telling that I can’t handle his business.

She laughs and says Arun will never come to know that his beautiful wife who loves his children so much and takes care of his home, works for weapons and terrorism and killing many people, involving 1000s of boys to the terrorism, that too successfully.

SK says how did Farid couldn’t figure out that he is talking to a woman. veera says even her team didn’t know that she is Sir ji? She says that Farid, your Damad Abhishek couldn’t find out that I was the one who gave him instructions to kill Yohan and Sejal.

She says I am telling truth and asks if she wants proofs. She uses voice modulator and says Yohan and Sejal have to die for Mission Azadi and her voice comes of a male. She asks Anjali’s skeleton to laugh else she will sell her remains for cheap price. She thinks she has one way left to ruin Sejal and Yohan’s planning.

She recalls going to Drishti’s room and attempting to kill her. She says you are their weakness, but they couldn’t get peace and interfere in my Azadi work. She says I have to kill you for stopping them from reaching 70 crores. Drishti pushes her and runs out, asking Yohan to save her. Veera acts and asks what happened? Drishti tells Yohan and Sejal that she tried to kill her.

fb ends. Veera says I am bringing you jewellery and clothes, my leftover for you, as I got crores of property, Nanda Mansion and also got the chance to become Sir ji. She says don’t tell anyone, how I became Sir ji, it is a top secret. Sejal says I don’t know how she has done this. SK says I can’t arrest her for a locket.

Sejal says she will bring proofs against her, and says Sir ji has to bend down her head and she can’t play anymore. She gets down the car and walks inside the house.

Veera says everyone used to say since childhood, that I shall become like you, walk on your footsteps. She says I have snatched the land from under your feet, and says you used to give your old clothes to me in charity, and that’s why I took your husband from you in charity. Sejal searches the files and sees Arun Nanda’s signs on the files.

She says how did Mummy ji managed it all? Veera says he had no interest in you and you couldn’t woo him. She says only I can woo him. She recalls offering him drink. He takes it and drinks. She made him drunk and takes his signature. A fb is shown. She says I make him dance on my tune, but now Yohan has taken his place,

She says what will happen now, I am scared thinking what will happen with Yohan. She rests her head on her lap and says I am with you and will cry for his death. She laughs and acts to feel pity on Yohan.

Sejal thinks Mummy ji never wanted Yohan to handle the business. She says I will protect him. She thinks she can’t confront her like she confronted Farid. She thinks to spy on her and the first step will be to snatch her 70 crores. Veera acts to feel pity on Yohan and laughs.


Spy Bahu 19th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Veera talks to a masked guy on video call and asks what to do with that 70 crores. He says transfer it to my account. Veera says the work will be done and opens her laptop. Sejal opens her laptop and transfers all the money. Veera is shocked and thinks what is happening.

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Telecast Date:18th July 2022
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