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Spy Bahu 17th May 2022 Yohan throws the sword. He looks at Sejal in anger. Aleesha says if this marriage was fake you won’t have stopped me from killing her or would have killed her yourself. Only you’re lying here. He says I stopped you so you don’t ruin your life. She says my life is already ruined.

She gets a panic attack and says I won’t leave her. Vyom tries to control her. He says we have to take her from here. Arun says Aleesha.. Kamal grabs his collar and says what have you done to my daughter. I am a minister. Two bullets won’t be an issue for me. I will ruin your business. He leaves. Shail says Shalini this maid will kick us out of this house. Shalini says are you okay dad? What have you done Yohan?

Look at dad’s condition. Arun says my son is a curse on me, he will only get me death. Veera says don’t say that. Drishti says to Yohan do you really love Sejal? He says no this girl is lying. Drishti says and those photos? Where were you all night?

Yohan says I went to the club. I don’t remember anything after that. I was intoxicated. Yohan was drunk at the temple. He made Sejal wear the mangalsutra. Tanhaji recorded everything. Sejal held Yohan. Yohan looks at Sejal and says you got those pictures photoshopped right? I will get you arrested for this fraud. Come to the police station with me. She says my fear came alive.

I knew you will get scared and back out from our love and marriage. I called pandit ji as a witness. Pandit ji comes in, Sejal asks who got married last night? He says you both. She says will you give a statement in court? He says yes. Yohan says stop lying. You must have paid him. Sejal says there were more witnesses to our wedding. Some people come in. Sejal says they all came to our wedding. I didn’t have money to buy so many people. Those were the people who were at the temple.

Shail says do you have a marriage certificate? That’s the only proof that validates a marriage. Sejal says I would ask that from my sister-in-law? You’ve been married for 15 days? Did you get your marriage certificate? It’s a legal process. It takes time. Yohan and I got married with all rituals.

Arun says enough is enough. He asks Shera to kick her out. Sejal says please don’t say that. I am the DIL of this house. Shalini says stop saying that. Shalini says I am the DIL on Nanda mansion only. Let me call the police. Sejal says Yohan please stop her. She goes near Shalini and says you’ve no proof against me but I’ve many proofs against you. If the police come you will go to jail first. She says I am the DIL of this house.. Please don’t do this. Shalini shoves Sejal.. Her head hits the table.

Inspector comes in and says what’s happening here? Shalini says I didn’t call them how did they come? Yohan says thanks for coming inspector. She’s accusing me of marrying her. She’s lying, please take her. He says I am here to protect her instead of against domestic violence. This lady shoved the bride I saw it myself.

Shalini says she fell herself. Inspector says she called me herself and told me her family can go against her and even try to harm her so we came here. He asks Abhishek SHO Singh you’re also here? He says I am the SIL of this house. He says there’s a misunderstanding sir.

He says it’s our job to come on a call. Yohan says she has no proof of our marriage. He says that she can prove in the court but till then she’s your wife and if you do any injustice on her you can go to jail. Abhishek says it’s a family matter and there’s no FIR yet. He asks do you wanna file an FIR? Sejal says not for now. But I know you will be here on a call if anything happens. He says yes for sure. They leave.

Arun apologizes to all his guests. He says I will never let this girl become the DIL of this house. All guests leave. Arun leaves as well. Yohan goes inside in anger too. Sejal says to Shalini don’t mess with me. Shalini says we will see with time.. They all leave. Sejal stands there alone. She cries.

Scene 2
Arun shouts and breaks things in anger. He says how can Yohan do that. Veera says please calm down. She asks the servant to bring his BP medicine. She says please have water. He throws the glass and says to hell with it. Everyone is scared. He says that the maid is claiming to be the DIL of this house? Shalini says her claims can’t work without your permission.

Sejal walks outside in tears. She recalls all the insults and Yug saying he can’t imagine loving her. She cries. Sejal looks at the Nanda nameplate. SK said to Sejal from here on you have to make your own way. You were a spy first now you’re.. Sejal said spy bahu. I will fight this war alone. I will do this for my Fareed bhai so another sister doesn’t lose her brother. I know it’s dangerous but it’s my path now.

Arun says that shameless girl, I wanted to kill her. Sejal enters the house. Sejal opens the door. Everyone is shocked to see her. Veera looks at her in anger. Shalini says what are you here for? you won’t even get a beg here. She says outsiders beg, I am family. I am here for my right. Veera says what right? You ruined my son’s life. She’s about to slap her. Arun says no she wants us to lose our senses so she can call the police. Sejal says wow papa ji is sensible due to the police’s fear.

Drishti says I thought you were a good human. I even started trusting you. What did you do? You trapped my brother. Sejal says you’re free to think whatever you want. do my greh pravesh first. Veera says there will be no greh parvesh. Sejal goes out. Shalini says guards throw her out and lock the gates. Sejal brings the stuff and says greh parvesh will happen right here and right now.

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