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Spy Bahu 16th May 2022 Aleesha says if I am there who is there in the bridal lift? A bride hangs in the air. Everyone is shocked. Screen plays videos of Yohan marrying her. He’s making her wear the mangalsutra. Aleesha says who is that girl. Yohan is shocked too. The bride comes down. Yohan stands in shock.

‘Sejal comes down. She walks towards Yohan. Aleesha comes too. Sejal takes off her veil. Yohan is shocked. People start talking she’s their maid. Everyone is shocked. Sejal says to say hello to your wife. This Nanda mansion’s DIL.

Mrs. Sejal Yohan Nanda. Papa ji give blessings to the new DIL. She touches his feet. He steps back. Shail says Yohan married this maid? Shalini says impossible. Arun says if she’s right I won’t control it. Aleesha says Yohan is this true? You married this maid. Yohan says no. When and how did I marry you?

Sejal recalls she called SK and Tanhaji at the temple. SK says plan to kidnap Yohan and marry him? She said sorry sir I had to lock you. I had to work on my plan. SK says I don’t agree with this. Tanhaji says this is the right way.

She can take revenge. SK says marriage is a lifetime commitment. Tanhaji says we’re not committing for a lifetime. It’s for a few days only. SK says it’s about Sejal. Tanhaji it’s for a few days only. He says the world won’t let her forget she’s a terrorist’s wife. I can’t do this to her. Yohan was intoxicated there.

Sejal recalled everything. She recalled Fareed died in the blast. Tanhaji said we can win this way. She can be the closest to him. SK says I can’t her be in the same room with that terrorist. Tanhaji says we have no other option. SK said he can harm Sejal. He said this isn’t the right way.

Tanhaji said we won’t get another chance. They both argue. Sejal moved towards the mandap. SK said Sejal if you go forward there will be no going back. Sejal prayed and said show me a way. Kotariya’s daughter is my pride. Marrying Yohan will be a stain. Show me a way. A flower fell on her hairline filling it. Sejal touched the sindur in her hairline. Sejal said I will marry Yohan. SK was shocked. She said I will be spy bahu.

Yohan says stop lying. She says I am not lying. We married last night. You’re Yohan for me. You said you will tell Aleesha everything before the wedding. He says I am warning you to stop making stories. Sejal says papa ji.. I want to tell you everything. Yohan and I fell in love. Tell then Yohan, we’re married.

No one can part us now. He says stop doing this drama. She says this is the truth. Sejal says mummy ji I thought you would see our love. He brought me back to this house. He asked me to stay close to him. Yohan says what are you saying.. Sejal says to Aleesha you noticed our love first.

He saved me on his chunri day. He took me everywhere. He took my theft blame on him. Yohan says that was to get the truth out. Not that there was something between us. She says was? There’s something between us. You asked me to write Y on my palm. You saw it Aleesha right? He says stop lying.

Sejal says to Shalini Yohan didn’t even let me clean your shoes. He hit Aleesha’s brother too for me. He’s so protective. Why would anyone do it for a maid? He says as a good person. Why are you doing it? She says telling everyone the truth. You gave me these bangles and said I will get what I want.

He says stop lying. I was an idiot, I considered you a good person. She says stop pretending. We’re married now. We love each other. Tell everyone the truth. He says I am not scared. You should be scared. You’re lying.

She says to marry you I left my parents, I left Jatin. Why would a girl lie about her marriage? Aleesha’s mom says yes if you didn’t love her why did you call Aleesha Sejal? He says I never took her name. Aleesha’s dad says you will pay for this. He says I am not scared of your threats. I am saying the truth.

Sejal says then prove you weren’t with me last night and were somewhere else. Arun slaps Yohan. Arun says she isn’t lying, you are. Now I know where were you all night. I know who hate me but Aleesha? What was her fault? She loved you. Aleesha gets angry and tries to burn herself. Her parents stop her.

Aleesha screams. Krish says this isn’t right. Minister says I won’t leave any of you. Aleesha says Yohan you will see what limits can I cross. We will be one today. She picks a sword and is about to stab Sejal. Yohan holds the sword with his hand. His hand bleeds. His blood falls in Sejal’s hairline.

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