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Spy Bahu 15th September 2022 Episode starts with Yohan running behind Veera’s car. Sejal stops him. Yohan says she has killed my mother, whom I was calling Maa. Sejal asks him to understand and says this time and way is not right. Yohan says if she had not murdered my mother then my mother would have been alive.

Sejal says I brought you here so that you can see Veera Nanda’s truth. She says this heinous truth came infront of you this way, and says sorry. Yohan recalls Sejal telling him that Veera Nanda is Sir ji, who influences the innocent boys to become terrorists, and had kept his mother’s skeleton.

He says you was telling me the truth, but I believed them and not you. He says my maasi and childhood friend betrayed me. He then realizes that Sejal claiming to be his Mahira. He asks her to tell the truth and says I know that you never had memory loss. Sejal says Yohan. Yohan says I was silent thinking you wanted to tell me something.

He says I came to know this, a fb is shown, Sejal tells that their relation started on a wrong note and shakes hand with him. fb ends. Yohan says I did a mistake once by not trusting you, and asks her to tell that she is Mahira. Sejal says yes, Yohan…you are my cuckoo and I am your Mahira Mirza. Yohan hugs her and cries. Sejal also cries.

Yohan says I couldn’t believe that my childhood love is my wife. He bends down on his knees and asks her to forgive him for not believing her, for leaving her alone, for letting others come between them, for raising doubt on our love. Sejal says don’t make me feel ashamed, by apologizing to me.

She says I know that your love never got less for me. She says she has returned to save him from them, fighting with death. Yohan asks if Abhishek was your brother? Sejal reminisces him and says Abhishek was my Farid Bhai, a terrorist. She says I wanted him to mend his ways.

She says Veera Nanda provoked him to become a terrorists and this fake Mahira is her supporter. She says we have to act and can’t tell her the truth. She says we have to catch her red handed and asks Yohan to have patience. Yohan promises her that they will bring out her truth and expose her infront of everyone. Sejal says I love you. Yohan says I love you too.

Next day, Sejal brings aloo paratha for Yohan and curd. Yohan says I can’t eat anything. Sejal says Papa shall have good health too and asks him to have paratha. He says Sejal. Sejal asks him to handle himself and takes back her hand, seeing Veera coming there. Veera says good morning and asks Yohan, if Krish is doing work well in the office.

Yohan says very well. Veera asks did you sign the contract. Yohan says no. She asks he seems to be worried. Yohan says don’t worry. Veera says I pray for my kids well being. Yohan recalls her lie. Veera gets a call. She makes excuse and goes. Yohan asks Sejal, how she can bear all this drama. He says he needs fresh air and is going out.

Ahana comes to the wedding venue and meets Arbaaz. Arbaaz says you came ready and I am not yet ready. Shalini is keeping eye on her. He sends the decorators out. Ahana tells him that Sir ji is very upset with you and she can kill you in a minute. Arbaaz says I am marrying you to get away with this fear. Ahana tells that they are terrorists of the group and Sir ji is the boss and gave us mission of Nanda Industries. She says terrorist don’t have a personal life.

Shalini thinks she is terrorist and hid her truth from us. She thinks who is Sir ji? Ahana says we can’t go without completing our mission. Shalini says Sejal was right, she was not a terrorist, but Ahana is terrorist. She thinks to go and tell the truth to Mom. Just then she hears Ahana calling Sir ji.

Veera comes there wearing black coat. She tells Arbaaz that he threatened Ahana and made her stolen lakhs of Rs from her locker. Arbaaz tries to say. Veera says she hates betrayals. Her employee gives her file. Veera says it is clear in the pic that you are selling weapons to the other group terrorists.

Ahana says these photos are morphed. Veera says you have to die and keeps gun at Ahana and then at Arbaaz. Ahana is about to take out gun, but stops seeing Veera changing her aim to her employee.

Shalini sees Veera’s face now and gets shocked. She says Mom is Sir ji and keeps her hands on her mouth. Veera says I understood that these photos are fake, seeing it. She tells the employee that she had hired spies to spy on Ahana, Arbaaz and also him. She says she knows that he sells weapons to other terrorists. He apologizes to her. Veera shoots at his forehead and kills him. Shalini is shocked.


Spy Bahu 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sejal tells Yohan that Drishti’s blood have traces of sleeping pills in high volume. Yohan says these two woman haven’t left my sister. Veera catches Shalini. Shalini says mom, please don’t kill me. Veera shoots at Shalini’s chest and she falls down dead.

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Telecast Date:15th September 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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