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Spy Bahu 14th July 2022  Episode starts with Yohan asking Arun, why is he called there? Arun says I am going to Dubai taking retirement from business.

Veera says retire? Arun says I know that you all think me as a working machine, and says I am tired of work, and my business is my root cause, so I want to retire and show to everyone that I care for all my family.

Shalini asks what will happen to the business after your retirement. Arun says I have chosen my successor and says Yohan Nanda. Yohan asks what will he ask in return? He says last time you made me join the business when I was pleading for my sister’s happiness. He asks if you want to take my life.

Arun says I want to change your perception and handover my hard earned business in your hands. Yohan says I don’t want to take up the responsibility. Veera asks Arun not to force Yohan. Sejal asks Yohan to take up this responsibility and tells it is better for Drishti, says she always wanted to bridge the gap between Papa ji and you.

She convinces him. Yohan says I used to hate this business, as when my mother had died, my father was busy in his business. He says he accepts to be CEO, for Drishti’s betterment. Arun forwards his hand.

Sejal signs yohan to shake his hand. Yohan shakes his hand with him. Krish asks Arun not to forget that he has two more sons, when making “will”. Arun tells that he wanted him to join today, as he is leaving today.

Sejal asks him not to worry and goes. Veera tells Arun that she asked him to take the break, but didn’t ask him to take retirement. Arun says he took retirement for the people and says after the terrorist attack, his business has taken a back seat, but as Yohan helped the Police, he has made him face of the company for the company’s good will. Veera says Yohan is emotionally disturbed now.

Sejal is making food in the kitchen. Veera comes there and says you have taken the wrong decision. She says Yohan wanted to be with Drishti now, but if it is not wrong that he will handle the business at this time.

Sejal says Yohan is depressed and that’s why he wants him to join. Veera tells that she don’t Yohan and Drishti to get distanced. Sejal says nothing will happen. She shows the food to Drishti. Drishti asks her to make her eat.

Sejal says I will make you eat. He asks why she didn’t sleep all night. She tries to make him have sweets as he is going to become CEO. He makes her eat it. Sejal asks him to have breakfast. He says he will have it in office. Sejal says she will come to office with his tiffin. He says he wants to take her on date. Sejal comes to the room and is about to call Tana ji, when she hears Tana ji talking to the Servant.

She comes out. Tana ji tells that he is keeping spy camera in the house, as she has become bahu. Sejal says she can’t do wrong with the family. She tells that she will go to office to give tiffin to Yohan, and will enquire. She says yohan has become CEO. Tana ji asks then what Arun Nanda will do. Sejal says he went to Dubai today. She says he would have rested here. Tana ji asksm him to enquire about Arun and fix spy camera everywhere.

Veera comes to the Aarti’s pic and says whenever I am stressed, I come to you. She says Sejal thinks that it is good for Yohan to become CEO, how to make her understand that Drishti needs him.

Sejal searches in the house for proofs and collides with a miniature of a building. She finds the chain and the locket on the miniature, and thinks Papa ji is Sir ji. She says I thought sweet talking person will be Sir ji, I never doubted on him and says he wanted to run away by making an excuse.

She goes to SK and tells that Arun Nanda is Sir ji. SK says I always doubted him. Sejal says why papa ji make Yohan as CEO, how he will take weapons now. Tana ji says Arun wants to trap Yohan. SK says he tried to kill his own son. Sejal recalls Yohan getting shot by the terrorist. SK asks her to remember that she had gone there to spy and not to make parathas.

Sejal says I remember and says my pappa says wrong thing shall be done with honestly. In the office, Yohan asks the employees why 3 yrs transaction is missing. The employee says he will check. Another employee looks at him secretly. Yohan asks if he needs anything. Employee tells about his meeting.

Yohan asks him to cancel. He says ok and goes. Sejal comes there. He says he is getting school feeling. She says she got the feeling like Papa kehte hai bada naam karega feeling. She asks him to go and wash his hands.

He goes. Sejal checks the balance sheet and looks on stunned. Yohan comes back and asks what she is spying? She says she was looking at his photo. He asks if you like me this way. She says yes and asks him to have food. She turns and some khakra falls on his hand. She says sorry. He says it is ok. She wipes his hand.

He says her doings makes him stress free. She asks if he has any stress. Yohan tells Sejal that this is Nanda industries details, and says transactions are missing, Arun Nanda is not picking the call. He says don’t know since when it is happening. Sejal says 10 years. The employee calls Sir ji and tells that Yohan will come to know everything. Sir ji says he will find out if he is saved. He asks him to understand the sign and do the work.


Spy Bahu 15th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :The employee tells Sir ji that 700 crores are deposited in swiss bank account. He kills another employee checking the transactions. Later Sejal feels suffocated in the lift and faints. yohan knocks on the lifft calling security. Sir ji’s employee is behind the attack.

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Telecast Date:14th July 2022
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