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Spy Bahu 13th May 2022 Shail takes Yohan to a pub. Shail persuades Yohan to sip his drink by mixing something in it. Shalini informs Alisha that she did not allow Shail to attend a bachelor party since boys tend to lose control at such events.

Alisha asks Shalini where everyone is since she wants to attend the party as well. Yohan claims that his mind is racing. Krish asks how he will handle Alisha if he can’t handle a cold drink.

Scene 2
Krish arrives with the dancers and instructs them to join Yohan in dancing. Shail informs Yohan that he will take him to the room where he may rest. Shail takes Yohan to a room, where he passes out. Shail leaves after paying two girls to complete their work. Shalini invites Alisha to the party.

Shalini enters the room with Alisha, only to discover Yohan is gone. Arun tells everyone that he can’t recall the last time he was so happy, but he believes Yohan and Alisha will remain happy together.

Shalini informs Arun that we have been unable to locate Yohan. Yohan was not in the room, according to Shail, and instead, we discovered two girls dressed in strange clothes. Sejal follows Shail and kidnaps Yohan in a flashback.

What was he doing with those girls, Alisha asks? Alisha orders her father to track down Yohan at all costs. Yohan would never betray his commitment, Veera assures Alisha, and he would come to marriage. Drishti says don’t worry Yohan is playing a practical joke on us or is preoccupied with some task.

Alisha says she will marry Yohan regardless of the circumstances. Minister threatens Arun, saying he would not harm his daughter and that it will be bad if they do notf find Yohan. Arun says to Drishti you brother and sister have offended me; first, you fled, and now your brother. Drishti asks Abhishek to locate her brother using his sources.

Scene 2
Sejal binds Yohan to a chair, recalling how he persuaded Farid to join the mission and gave him money. Sejal says you have claimed so many lives and led so many innocent individuals down the wrong path. Sejal claims that she has lost her brother, as well as many other innocent people and that Yohan will be held accountable.

Scene 3
Saras and Minal arrive at Nanda House, but security informs them that Sejal has never returned. Shail informs Shalini that Yohan’s disappearance was not planned. In a flashback, Shalini plots to have the females take personal images with Yohan in order to end his marriage to Alisha. Sejal says to Yohan that she will not allow him die easy; she wants him to experience the same suffering that she is.

Arun says Yohan claims, used to care about his sister, but tonight he proved he only cares about himself. Arun tells Drishti that he agreed to accept her in exchange for Yohan marrying Alisha. Veera urges Arun to stop talking.

Drishti sobs and says you made a deal with the happiness of his own children. Veera accompanies Drishti. Arun says to Abhishek that if he doesn’t want Drishti to lose her house, he should go find Yohan and bring him back before the wedding.

Abhishek says he’ll bring Yohan back because there’s a lot at stake. Arun advises everyone to prepare for the wedding because it will happen at whatever cost. Shail becomes concerned for Yohan and informs Shalini that he made the powder himself, making it impossible for Yohan to flee.

Shalini advises not to be concerned because Yohan is the type of person who causes problems for others rather than getting himself into trouble. Sejal decides not to take Yohan’s life with a bullet since she wants him to die every day.


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Telecast Date:13th May 2022
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