Sitara 4th June 2019 Written Episode Update

Sitara Written Update

Sitara 4th June 2019 Written Episode Update, Sitara Written Update on

Sitara 4th June 2019 Episode Start With A spider bites Sitara. She passes out on the floor. Vishtara drags her to a room while she is unconscious and goes in Viraj’s room.Viraj and Vishtara come close. Padmini hears someone banging a door from inside and opens it. She is shocked to see Sitara. I just spoke to you. How are you locked here? Sitara says I was locked here since long. Who is there then? She runs towards the room. Vishtara thinks Viraj’s story will be over after one kiss.

Sitara bangs at the door repeatedly. Vishtara tries to avert him but he says it might be something important. He is shocked to see Sitara at the door. She is relieved to see him safe. He wonders who was inside with her if she is here. She replies that it wasn’t her. They look inside but the room is empty. They see a shadow. Who could come here in your disguise? Sitara says only Vishkanya’s have that power. No one can do this except Ma. How can she still do this? I must go there to find out the truth. He wants to accompany her but she gives him her swear. She leaves.

Albeli and Surili burn Vrinda’s body. Sitara is shocked to see it and gets teary eyed. Albeli asks her what she has come here for. It is better if a mother is childless rather than have a daughter like you! You killed her! Sitara reasons that she left her mother alive. How did it happen? Albeli blames her again. You forgot your old relations for new ones. Sitara wipes her tears. Which Ma are you talking about? You guys also dint live by any relations! That same mother dint leave any stone unturned to kill me! I still left her alive. Don’t teach me about relations. You spent your life plotting your revenge. Ma herself is responsible for her end! You still dint change. You sent someone in my disguise to kill me only! Who is she? Surili retorts that she is their blessing. We are sure she will kill your entire family. Sitara hurts them. No one can hurt my family till the time I am here! I will kill you both if you even try to hurt my family! She walks away angrily.

Vishtara comes to Rani Sa’s room. She lies that they have been attacked. I must take you to a safe place. Rani Sa panics. Who is behind it? Vishtara agrees to answer all her questions later and takes her with her. Rani Sa asks her to share some details atleast. Vishtara pushes her in a corner and tells her to be quiet. You ate my head! Rani Sa realises that she isn’t Sitara. Vishtara locks her with snakes. You have lived enough. You must die now! It wont be an easy one though. I have to give pain to Sitara!

Sitara and Viraj have gathered everyone downstairs. Yamini shares that she couldn’t find Rani Sa anywhere in the palace. Sitara says it means my lookalike took her along. Everyone gets confused. Sitara tells them everything (in mute). We must find her asap. Everyone should be alert all the time. They nod and head to their respective rooms. Surya, Samrat, Viraj and Sitara are looking for Rani Sa. Surya notices Viraj and Sitara going in one direction and Vishtara walking past a window. She must be Sitara’s lookalike as Sitara is with Viraj. He covers her mouth from behind. I know you aren’t Sitara! Stay quiet. Listen to me intently. We both wish to destroy this family. Let’s be friends as our enemy is same. Sitara is so powerful that we wont be able to defeat her alone. We must join hands! She says you are on her side. He nods. I am not a friend of this family. She asks him why he helped Sitara in defeating Hariyali and Vishkanya’s. Surya says I had to do it to gain the family’s trust. I don’t need her now. Will you support me in this mission? She shakes hands with him without a second thought.

Yamini wonders who is lying and who isn’t. The problems just wont end! Let’s elope from this palace one and for all. Arjun refuses to leave his home at any cost. Sitara asks them if they found out anything about Rani Sa. They deny. She asks them to come downstairs. They ask her to prove it that she is indeed Sitara. She says how else I can prove it. They stay put. Samrat keeps a knife around her neck. I have to protect my family. Why should we trust you? Where is Rani Ma? She says I have no idea. I also don’t have any way to prove that it is true. He refuses to fall for her words. He thinks that this wont do him any harm. I will atleast fulfil my revenge this way if this is indeed Sitara! She winces in pain as he presses the knife a little deeper in her flesh.


Sitara 5th June 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Surya sends Viraj to Vishloka by lying that Rani Sa is there. Albeli and Surili hide. Meanwhile, Vishtara attacks Viraj as soon as he reaches Vishloka.


Sitara Details

Vish Ya Amrit: Sitara (Poison or Elixir: Sitara) is an upcoming Indian supernatural series that will air on Colors TV. The show is produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms Limited. It will premiere from 3 December 2018 and will star Adaa Khan, Lavina Tandon and Shilpa Saklani.Colors TV is all sey to come up with a new show called Vish Ya Amrit Sitara. This show is being made by popular producer Rashmi Sharma under Rashmi Sharma productions who is well known for making super hit shows like Sasural Simar Ka and Saath Nibhaana Saathiya in the past.

Cast : 

Adaa Khan
Falaq Naaz
Lavina Tandon
Shakti Anand
Shilpa Sakhlani
Soni Singh

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min



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