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Sirf Tum 6th May 2022 Episode starts with Ranveer coming out of the house. Suhani comes behind him and asks why did you make the announcement of our marriage, as we had decided to marry after my divorce with Ansh. She says how I will face this situation. He says you have to just trust your Ranveer and asks if you trust me.

She nods yes. He says I have selected the engagement date, so that you get freed from all relations. She asks where is he leaving? Ranveer says I am returning to you, I will do something which will make Ansh sign the divorce papers. He says bad times doesn’t stay for long. Riya talks on phone that she wants flight to go to Newyork. Kapoor comes there and asks where is she going?

Riya says she is going to US for forever, and says you had assured me, but I was insulted badly. Kapoor says marriage will not happen. Riya asks don’t you trust Ranveer. She says I can’t see him becoming of someone else, and says let me go. A guy shows lehenga design to a shop keeper and says he wants same dupatta like in this pic.

The shop keeper insults and pushes him. He falls down and looks at Ranveer, who is standing there. He runs and comes back home. His mother asked, if the money is arranged. The guy says money will be arranged. He takes water and drinks. He sees Ranveer standing, and he asks him to take breath peacefully. The guy tells that he did all this for money, but he didn’t get any money.

Ranveer asks him to tell who had hired Master to kidnap Suhani and him. The guy says he didn’t know anything. Ranveer takes the wires and asks him to decide, if your sister’s doli will go from here, or your dead body. The guy says he really didn’t know, but after Master died, he had stolen his phone. He gives Master’s phone to him and says may be you will get something from it. The guy’s mother comes there and asks Ranveer not to go without havig anything. Ranveer gives her money and says it is a gift from a brother to a sister. The guy is surprised.

Ranveer comes to Suhani. Kapoor talks to Vikrant and asks if he is not tired to say one thing again, and says you keeps quiet just as your son comes infront of you. Vikrant asks for a chance and says he will get Riya marry Ranveer. Kapoor says he will keep a big conference and will announce their partnership breakup. He says you have to stop Suhani and Ranveer’s engagement.

Ranveer shows the engagement rings to Suhani. Suhani asks if you are not hurrying up for marriage. Ranveer asks her to select it else they will get it exchanged. Suhani says she likes the design which is special for her. She says she is scared that someone’s bad sight might fall on them. She tries the ring on her finger. Ranveer says God saved us from death and made us stood infront of each other, we are made for each other and nobody can separate us. Sirf tum plays…..

Servant brings food for Ansh. Ansh asks him to bring fresh juice for him. Servant goes. Ansh thinks what does he think that he will marry Suhani, he has to wait all life to get my signatures. Just then light goes off. Ranveer plays the recording of Ansh and Master, in which Ansh asked him to kidnap Ranveer and get the ransom. And he will ask Vikrant to give his share to him.

Ansh is shocked to hear the recording and thinks Master recorded our conversation. Light comes back. Ranveer says Master went, but kept your recording safe. He asks him to answer. Asha is also standing and hears all. She comes to Ansh and slaps him hard. She says I feel ashamed to call you as my son and says you are blackmailing them for wealth and says you can do anything with me. Ansh says Maa. She says I hate you. Suhani says you hate Ranveer so much,

that you can risk our life, I never thought about this. Ranveer says nobody can save you now, you couldn’t become a doctor and you are not a lawyer, how will you save yourself. Asha promises Ranveer that she will take him very far from here. Ranveer says I had forgiven him once, on your saying, and says if your support him, then you are equally guilty.

Asha requests him to forgive Ansh. Ranveer says ok, I will forgive him, but he has to sign on this divorce papers. Ansh says so you did a big drama so that I sign on these papers. He says no, I will not sign on it, even if you send me to jail or hang me to death. I will not sign on it in this birth as I want to see you yearning in pain.

Ranveer says it seems you didn’t understand well, and says I am getting you sign on it, so that you don’t get punished. He says you have to sign on it in court after proven guilty. He gives him time till 10 am and says if he don’t sign by that time, then he will do lunch in lock up. He holds Suhani’s hand and goes. Asha looks on shocked.

Ranveer takes Suhani out to show her something. She opens her eyes and sees the first ray of sunlight. He asks do you know where you are standing? Suhani asks where? Ranveer says our first hospital will be built on this place. Suhani is surprised and asks him to pinch her. He pinches her. Suhani says you are fulfilling all my dreams one by one. She plans the main gate there, and says she don’t want any argument.

They will have fountain outside main gate and temple inside. She says they will have the best of technology, but the atmosphere here will be like an Ashram. She tells that they will fulfill everyone’s hopes. Ranveer tells about OPD there. She says she will do the interiors. Ranveer says done. Suhani smiles.

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Telecast Date:6th May 2022
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