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Sirf Tum 5th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sirf Tum 5th July 2022 Episode starts with Suhani waking up and asking who is there? She calls Ranveer and gets up from the bed.

She comes to the door and looks outside. She couldn’t see anyone. She takes the table and keeps it infront of the door, so that it remains open. Ansh tells Honey and Asha about the chemical with which iron gets cut. He demonstrates and cuts the fan in his room. Honey says I want to play.

He asks her to make Suhani’s room fall down, but before that she shall practice. He says nobody can catch that it is a conspiracy. Asha says when the fan falls down on Suhani, she will run out of room. Honey says then the room will be mine, I want to play this game. Suhani wakes up again and calls Ranveer.

She thinks if Honey has come here and says if you are there, I am not scared and you will only get hurt, go away from here. She thinks to bring torch and sees someone behind her. Ranveer keeps hand on her mouth and smiles. Suhani gets surprised to see room decorated.

Ranveer bends down and shows sorry board. He says my anger is the problem, I might go far away from you, but I can’t live without you. Suhani says I knew that you will come. It is Suhani’s dream. She wakes up hearing the sound and thinks Ranveer haven’t come till now. She says I know he will come surely.

Ranveer wakes up and thinks if Suhani is in any problem. He goes out. Mamta opens her eyes and see him going. Honey practices to make the fan fall down and claps. She says I had said that Honey is best. Ansh says you have done a wonder. He gives her wire after dipping it in the chemical. Honey says she will win as she is best.

Ranveer comes to his room and finds the door open. Suhani sees him and thinks he is her imagination and sleeps. Ranveer goes closing the door. Suhani wakes up hearing the door sound and thinks Ranveer came till the door, he will come to her also. Ansh shows thumps up to Honey.

Honey climbs the stairs to go to Suhani’s room. Ranveer comes back to Mamta’s room and lies down to sleep. Suhani sleeps. Honey comes there holding the wire. She says she will make the fan fall down and will wake up Suhani. She is about to throw the wire on the fan when she sees Ranveer standing behind her.

She gets afraid and walks out. Ranveer walks towards her and says I read a news that a girl died who tried to enter someone room and the family members thought her as thief and beaten her.

Honey says she came to see Suhani. Ranveer says I know your husband is filling your empty mind with the crab, and asks her to go else he will keep garland on her picture. Honey runs afraid from there. Suhani gets up and hears everything. She thinks thank you for taking care of me.

Ranveer says Suhani. Suhani runs to room and falls on the bed, pretends to sleep. Ranveer says I am your husband, it is my duty to protect you from any danger. He is about to go. Suhani holds his hand and gets up.

She says she has strong trust on him. He says he will go and she shall close the door. Suhani says I am sleepy, I can’t do hardwork. He looks angrily. She says she will get up and will close the door. He sys goodnight and is going. She gets up, and says my love and my husband, only you.

Honey comes to room afraid and locks the door, says no. Ansh asks if the work is done. Honey says Ranveer is coming here and will not leave you. Ansh asks did I bring you here, to hide. She says to become Ansh Oberoi’s wife.

He asks how you will become? She says after trial of a month. He says you have wasted a day and we can’t become husband and wife, and you have to return. She says she will cover up for today and will become wife. Ansh keeps hand on her head.


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Telecast Date:5th July 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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