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Sirf Tum 30th December 2021 Episode starts with Kamini telling Dadi that don’t know for which girl, Ranveer has done all this drama. Dadi asks her to be quiet. Kamini says if Rakesh comes to know anything. Dadi says nobody will tell anything to Rajesh, and says if you open your mouth, then I will pull out your tongue.

She says how Rakesh will feel, knowing this and that’s why I won’t let him know. She asks Suhani to go to her room. Suhani goes to her room. Kamini says she will stay back home. Suhani thinks if she was that girl and thinks she has only dream to become a doctor, and cries. Sudha comes there. Suhani hugs her and cries.

Ranveer is sitting somewhere and drinking, thinking of Vikrant’s announcement. He thinks how did this happen, I showed Suhani to Maa that day, she even liked her. He thinks how did this happen. How Maa thought Riya and my friendship as love.

Riya is driving the car rashly and thinking of the rejection. Ranveer says how did this misunderstanding happen? He shouts to vent out his pain. Suhani is sitting in her room and drinks water. Riya meets with an accident. Suhani gets a call and gets shocked. Sudha asks what happened? Dadi comes there and asks what happened?

Suhani says accident…Riya met with an accident. Dadi asks her to go to hospital with Ishaan. Suhani goes to hospital with Ishaan and runs inside. Doctor says today Riya has to stay here. Kapoor says ok. Suhani comes to Riya. Riya says you must be upset that I am saved. Suhani asks what are you saying?

Riya says didn’t you understand what is happening. Ranveer worn the muffler gifted by you, and roamed in the party holding your hand. She says I regard you as my best friend and asks if there is something between you both. Suhani says there is nothing between us. Vikrant comes there. Suhani gets up from the chair. He sits and says how did this happen? He apologizes to Riya for whatever happened in the party and says I will find out about the girl, due to whom, Ranveer hurt you.

Suhani hears him. Vikrant says once I come to know about the girl, see what I do with her. Riya says may be I know who is she? Vikrant turns and looks at Suhani. Suhani folds her hand. Vikrant asks her to tell confirmed and says he don’t want to do anything in misunderstanding. Ansh is standing outside. Suhani says I will leave and runs out. Ansh looks at her. Suhani asks Ishaan to come with her. Vikrant says whatever he wants, will happen in his mansion. He looks at Ansh standing outside and goes.

Ansh comes inside and asks how are you? He says Mr. Oberoi wants to know about the girl and asks her to bring him to college on time. He says he will hear Ranveer’s truth with his voice.

Ranveer calls Suhani, but she doesn’t pick his calls. He says I am coming to meet you. He is walking on the road and thinks how to go to meet Ms. Zimmedari. He sits on the cart. The guy says it is my cart. Ranveer says this is my supercar and it will take me to my destination. He asks the guy to drive.

The guy pushes the cart. Suhani still thinks of Ranveer and Riya’s words. She sees someone pulling the cart and bringing Ranveer there. She thinks he can’t be Ranveer, I am overthinking and that’s why imagining him. Ranveer gets down and walks towards her house. Suhani gets shocked and thinks Bua and Nikki are sitting in the hall, and if they wake up then a scene will be created. She rushes downstairs.

Suhani opens the door and finds Ranveer standing. Ranveer is drunk and says nothing is seen in drunkard state, I can just see you and wants to talk to you. He says you don’t pick my call. Kamini wakes up and says from where did the voice coming from? She opens her mouth in shock.


Sirf Tum 31st December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ranveer gets furious seeing Suhani in Ansh’s arms and beats him, asking how dare he to touch Suhani. Ansh asks who is Suhani to you? Ranveer says Suhani is my life, she is the first thought of the morning and last prayer of the night. Vikrant reaches there with Riya and hears Ranveer’s words and sees him beating Ansh.

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Telecast Date:30th December 2021
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