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Sirf Tum 20th May 2022 Episode starts with Vikrant telling Mamta that Ranveer is right, Asha ji and Suhani will stay here. Mamta says Ranveer is innocent, but why are you talking this. Vikrant says I can’t hurt my son for small things, I have promised him that Suhani and her family can stay here for 6 months. He says once I promise,

I don’t break. Dada ji says he wanted to know what did Ansh do, that Ranveer has thrown him out. Suhani says I will tell you. She says Ansh had kidnapped me again and was taking me outside the city against my wish. She says Ranveer saved me, else don’t know what would have happen.

Mamta asks Asha, if her and her son’s drama will not end. Asha asks her to stop it and says my son haven’t done anything wrong, he can take his wife anywhere he wants. She says she is not telling anything to Ranveer, as he has many favors on her. She says nobody shall interfere between husband and wife. Ranveer gets angry.

Vikrant stops him. Mamta asks Asha, why she is shouting at her. She says she is Vikrant’s legal wife and asks Asha to get up. She says if I see you near my house, then I will get you arrested on the charges of trespassing. She holds Asha’s hand, takes her to door and then pushes her out. Ranveer comes and holds Asha.

Mamta says Ranveer, you are going against your mother’s decision and insulting your mother for this woman. Ranveer says Maa. Mamta slaps him and asks him not to call her Maa. She says this woman has snatched my son from me. Ranveer asks her to slap him more and says I am doing what you taught me since my childhood. I had promised them that I will let them stay here for 6 months.

Mamta recalls giving him time. Ranveer says you knows well that I can give my life for your respect. A courier guy comes and says there is a parcel for mamta oberoi. Suhani receives it. She looks at the card and says to the bestest mother, Happy mother’s day from Ranveer. Ranveer takes the bouquet and gives to Mamta. He says I know that you can’t think bad about me and I can’t think bad about you, and wishes her happy mother’s day like every year.

Mamta throws the bouquet on the floor and is walking away, when she steps on it and gets her foot injured. Ranveer gets concerned. Mamta says this injury will heal, but what about the wound which you have given me. Ranveer tells Asha that he has fulfilled his promised and asks her not to talk to his mother in high tone again, else he will forget all his promise.

Vikrant comes to meet Shashi Kapoor and tells that Ranveer will do as I say, says suhani will exit and Riya will enter from front door. Shashi gets happy. Vikrant waits for that day. Asha talks to Ansh and says I can’t bear the insult, and says she will come, where he is staying. Ansh says I am on mission, it is a matter of few days and then nobody will insult you. He says you will rule on the house, where you got insulted.

He says Vikrant will fill sindoor in your maang and your son will rule in the house, he will handover all property to me. He says we shall not forget our mission and asks him to use Ranveer’s emotions. Asha asks where is he? Ansh says he is trying to win, and says very soon we will get the happiness.

Ansh comes to Rakesh’s house. Dadi asks what are you doing here? Ansh asks her to relax and asks if son in law is welcomed like this. Sudha comes there. Ansh says I came to talk about your betterment and you are doing this. Dadi asks him to stop it. Ansh tells that Suhani is staying in Ranveer’s house, when I am not staying there. He says when a girl stays with another man, then she will get stained and those stains will come to her mayka. He says if Rakesh comes to know about it.

Sudha says you shall not tell him. Dadi says did you come to threaten us and says Suhani is very wise. Ansh says your son is of old thoughts, if he comes to know about his daughter’s doings, then he will be upset and ill. Sudha asks him to go. Dadi asks him to go. Ansh says I will go without meeting sasur ji and asks them to handle Suhani before this thing reaches Rakesh’s ears. He leaves.

Dadi calls Suhani, but her phone is unreachable. Sudha gets worried. Dadi says I will call her again and asks her to normalize her face before Rakesh returns.

Ranveer thinks he shall not hide anything from Suhani and Maa. He comes to Mamta’s room and touches her feet. Mamta gets up and asks why did you come here? do you want me to go? Ranveer tells Mamta that that day I didn’t make the divorce papers ready, and says Vikrant oberoi had made it ready, had threatened to divorce and throw you out, if I get engaged to Suhani. He says I agreed to his saying as you don’t want to go. He says Vikrant Oberoi is cheap and doesn’t deserve you.

He says we shall leave from here, with Suhani. Mamta gets up and says you are calling your father selfish, but you are yourself selfish. She says you wants me to end 28 years old relation, so that you can marry Suhani. She says you wants to wipe my sindoor, to make Suhani wear mangalsutra. Ranveer says you are taking me wrong. Mamta slaps him and says I thought you right for the first time, your real picture is infront of me.

She says you are blinded in your love, that you don’t know what will happen if I go away from here. She says Asha will get my sindoor. Ranveer asks her to just think about herself and says you shall not care what others do or say.

He asks her to come with him for his happiness. He keeps her hand on his head and gives her swear. Mamta says today you made me stuck between motherly love and wife’s duty. She says a woman’s happiness is in her husband’s mangalsutra and a mother’s happiness lies in her son’s happiness. She goes to the window and says I can give my life. She jumps off the window. Ranveer shouts Maa.

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