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Sirf Tum 20th July 2022 Episode starts with Ranveer checking the patients outside, sitting on the road and prescribes the medicines. Dr. Nikhil calls Ranveer and says your Patient Rakesh Sharma has good recovery and movement and congrats him.

Ranveer says ok. He checks more patients and gives them medicines. Suhani gives injection in glucose dip. Sudha asks Suhani to go to college and don’t miss the classes. Dadi says Rakesh is better now, you can go to college. Nikki comes there and says Mamta aunty and Dada ji have come.

They come there and greet them. Suhani greets them. Dada ji says Rakesh ji will be fine with God’s grace and then we will take our Suhani to our house. Mamta says I had done mannat for Rakesh ji and brought prasad for the same.

Suhani takes it and thanks her. She says I will make tea for you. Dada ji says now we will leave, and will come tomorrow with new hope. Suhani thinks I don’t like to see you both coming here and leaving sadly, she thinks to stop them from coming here. She goes to the college and meets Dean.

Dean asks how is your father? Suhani says he is fine now. She says she wants transfer certificate so that she can take admission in other college. Dean says you are the best college in the city and asks her to think.

Suhani says she has taken this decision for her family and asks him to accept the Transfer certificate application. She leaves. Dean calls Ranveer and asks him to make Suhani understand that this will effect her curriculam. Ranveer thanks him and gets angry.

Kamini asks Suhani if she thinks she can get admission anywhere. Dadi scolds her and asks Suhani why she has taken this decision, there must be some reason. She says she can’t stay with Ranveer, and can’t bear the guilt seeing Dadu and Mamta coming here daily.

Sudha says we will tell them that Suhani will not go to their house. She says it is not easy to settle down in other city. Suhani says I have to face Ranveer if I stay here, and Mamta and Dadu remind her of him, which she can’t take it.

Kamini says Ranveer’s degree is completed, and asks her to resume her studies in the same college. Suhani says we shall ask Papa? Dadi says ok. Suhani tells Rakesh that she knows that he heard them and asks him to blink his eye lashes, if he thinks that her decision is right, else no. Rakesh blinks his eye lashes, approving her decision. Suhani hugs him.

Ranveer puts Suhani’s torn pics and says what do you think that I have forgotten everything, no. He says I will not let you go away from me, without settling scores with you. He says you will not go anywhere.

Suhani packs her bags and looks at her bangles and tells that she wants to go very far from him, that even her memory shall not come behind her. She says I will separate everything related to you. He pours the wine on the photos and burns them. Suhani packs her bag.

Suhani comes to the dean. Dean says I am sorry, but your application is not accepted. She says I told you the reason. Dean says your husband objected. Suhani asks why are you discussing it with him.

Dean says he wants her husband’s NOC for TC. He says Ranveer gave the reason that your career can be effected by your decision. He shows her a paper and says I agree with Ranveer on this, this is the best medical college.

Suhani says I will become good doctor from other college. He says he needs NOC from Ranveer. Suhani says ok and goes. She goes out thinking about Ranveer. John and Raghu come there, and says we were searching you.

Suhani congrats them for becoming doctors. Raghu says give us a chance to congrats you and asks her to continue her studies here. Suhani says I know that Ranveer has sent you here to say this, go and tell him that I will take the transfer. Raghav and John tell that they are concerned for her.

Raghav says we are feeling bad seeing your separation. John says Ranveer is not eating food and drinking wine, and is not angry but hurt. Suhani asks what about me, he hurt me and is responsible for my Papa’s condition. Ranveer continues to treat patient sitting on the road and drinks wine. A little boy asks him why does he drink?

Ranveer asks him to concentrate on studies and asks the boy to give him medicine. The patient tells that a person drinks for love. Ranveer asks the boy to keep his stuff in the car and says you are liar. Suhani goes home. Sudha asks how will you complete the education now. Suhani says she will go away from here that his memories don’t trouble her.

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Telecast Date:20th July 2022
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