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Sirf Tum 13th May 2022 Episode starts with Suhani telling Ranveer that though she loves him, but her Papa is very important to her, and she will not come to meet him without his consent. She recalls and a fb is shown.

She recalls asking Rakesh if she can go to picnic. Rakesh refuses to let her go. Ishaan asks her to talk to him. Suhani says she will not go, as Papa is best and knows what is good for her. fb ends. Ranveer recalls refusing to get engaged to Suhani, recalls Rakesh’s words. He breaks the mirror in anger. Suhani hugs Sudha and tells that she can’t take any step outside the house, without Papa’s permission.

Sudha says I can understand and says daughters like you, chooses the family over love. She says Mata Rani is watching everything and must be taking your test. Suhani says I am scared that Ranveer might do something in anger.

Ranveer throws Suhani’s clothes on the ground and says don’t come to me, even I don’t need you. He throws her photo frame and says today I will burn all the memories related to you. He takes kerosene oil and pours on it. He burns it. Sirf tum plays…..

He imagines Suhani in her pic and asks why are you troubling me? He says you said that you will not come to me, so stay away from me. He asks her to go away from him. His Sherwani catches fire. Suhani comes there and sets off the fire with her hand. She asks if you had gone mad, your clothes has caught fire.

Ranveer asks you have really come, asks if your papa gave permission to come to me. Suhani holds his face. Ranveer sees her burnt hand and asks why did you burn your hand, I gave you so much pain to you already. He says we couldn’t unite again due to me, and I insulted you infront of everyone. He says I did wrong with you. Suhani keeps her hand on his mouth and asks him to stop it.

He says no, I did wrong with you. Suhani asks him to look in her eyes and says I know you better than you know yourself. She says I know that you love me more than I love you. She says I know that you are helpless and there might be surely a reason for your refusal. She asks what was the reason that you didn’t make me wear the engagement ring. He says there is no reason,

I just couldn’t get tied in the marriage relation, this is the reason, there is nothing else. Suhani asks if you are saying truth. She says if this is truth, you really don’t care. She asks him to prove that he really don’t care about her. She says you want to burn the memories and I want to burn myself, if my love is truthful then this fire can’t burn me.

Ranveer pulls her to safety and asks what is this? Have you gone mad. He applies ointment to her foot and says we have to go to hospital. She says she don’t need to go to hospital and asks him to tell the truth. She shows him torn divorce papers and asks him to tell why did he return the divorce papers to Ansh,

on which he had taken Ansh’s signatures. Ranveer asks how you got these papers. A fb is shown. Ansh comes to Rakesh’s house and asks if you will not welcome your Damad. He gets inside and calls Suhani. Dadi asks why did you come here and asks him to leave. Ansh sits and asks her to sit. Suhani comes there. He calls her wife. Suhani says I am not your wife. Ansh shows the divorce papers to her.

Suhani tries to take it and asks from where did you get these papers? Ansh says you think that you will marry ranveer, due to these papers. He tears it infront of Suhani and her family. He then throws it on her. Rakesh goes and then comes back to hit him with a rod. Ansh holds the rod and asks him to relax, says divorce papers are torn and Suhani is my wife legally, I came to take her from here.

Rakesh asks him not to take his daughter’s name with his bad mouth. Ansh says I came to take my wife and not teasing any random girl. He threatens to call Police. Rakesh says Suhani will not go anywhere. Ansh tries to take Suhani from there. Sudha stops him. Suhani asks from where did you get these papers? Ansh says Ranveer gave me these papers and said that what will he do with the papers, when he is not marrying you. Suhani says when I am not returning to Ranveer,

why will I return to you. Ansh says I have to file case against your Papa for forcibly keeping you with him. He calls Police. Kamini stops him and tells that their respect will be ruined if Police comes there. Suhani says I will come with you. Rakesh asks her not to get scared of his threats. He asks him to call Police. Suhani says no Papa. Rakesh asks her to go inside and says I can handle him. She says I am your daughter and can solve my problems. Fb ends. Dada ji, Mamta, Roshni and Vikram come there.

Ansh and Asha also come out. Mamta asks what Suhani is doing here? Roshni asks how the fire broke out here? Dada ji asks what is happening here? Suhani says I am asking Ranveer, why did he return the divorce papers to Ansh, whose signatures he had taken forcibly. Asha asks what is going on Ansh?

Ansh asks her to see the drama. Suhani asks Ranveer, if he wants her relation to get connected with Ansh again. Ranveer feels helpless and says I don’t have answers to your question, think whatever you want.

Suhani holds his hand and says if this is the matter, then its ok. She says if you don’t think your Suhani suitable to share your heart talks, then its ok, if you don’t want to marry her, then its ok. She says I will not come to you, you will come to me and will give me the answers. She asks him to remember that this is not his test, but their love test, lets see if you pass in this or fail. Sirf tum plays…..

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