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Sirf Tum 12th May 2022 Episode starts with Roshni asking Servant to take all the stuff and drop it at Suhani’s house. Ranveer asks with whose permission, you are doing this. Mamta says when you have broken his relation with her then what is the use of having her stuff here. Roshni says that’s why I thought.

He asks them to come. Rakesh warns his family not to have any relation with Ranveer and tells that Suhani will stay in his shelter like before. Suhani cries in her room, and searches for her phone, thinking to talk to him. Ranveer asks Roshni to pack his stuff with the same speed, like she had packed Suhani’s stuff.

Mamta asks what is this madness? Ranveer says you don’t want Suhani to stay here, now I will also not stay here. Mamta says you have refused to marry Suhani, and asks why she will stay here? Ranveer says I have call off my engagement, but my relation will be with her always, if she don’t stay here then even I will not stay here. He takes the suitcase to leave. Mamta stops him, and says if Suhani don’t stay here,

then even I will not stay. He says she couldn’t become my wife, but she is my life. He says he has to fulfill Suhani’s dreams and has to make her doctor. He says Suhani will stay here like before, but Ansh will not stay here. Mamta couldn’t understand. She tells Roshni that they shall bend down towards his stubbornness and asks her to keep Suhani’s stuff back in the almari.

Suhani recalls Ranveer’s words and cries. Dadi and Sudha come there. Dadi asks Suhani to wipe her tears and get rid of it. She gives her money bag. Suhani asks what is all this? Dadi asks her to break all the relation and run away from home, for her hero. She says you can’t win this war without fighting and says your father will never understand your love, asks her to go and live her life to the fullest.

Sudha says she can’t see her and her love suffocating. She says we will make your Papa understand. Dadi says Ranveer is a diamond and asks her to go and pass the test. Sudha throws the sarees rope down the window and ties one end to the furniture. She asks her to go and live her life, says Mata Rani will help you.

Suhani says I am lucky to get cool Dadi and Maa, who are ready to do anything for me. Dadi asks her to go. She takes back the rope and keeps it on the sofa. She tells that her love will complete, when Papa permits her. Dadi asks her to go and talk to her father. Sudha also asks her to talk to Rakesh, and says we are with you in your decisions. Suhani goes out of room to talk to Rakesh.

Riya gets happy with Kapoor and asks how did you do this, you have kept your promise. Ansh comes there and says I will tell. Riya asks why did you come here? Kapoor says I have called him. He says when Ansh and Suhani get closer, then Ranveer and Suhani will distanced. He gives the divorce papers to Ansh and asks him to keep it, says it was signed by you, but Ranveer can never use it.

He says you are legally Suhani’s husband and can stay with her. He says it was not filed, think that you had never signed on it. Ansh checks the papers and asks shall I ask something. He asks how did you get these papers? Kapoor asks him to eat mango and not to cout the seeds. Ansh says as far as I know Ranveer, he will not depend on these papers. Kapoor says he can’t go anything, Suhani can’t go away from you. He says cheers. They all drink.

Ranveer says Suhani’s room is set, and asks Dadu if she will come back. He says I will call her and she will come surely. Suhani comes downstairs with Sudha and Dadi. Rakesh asks what are you doing here? He asks again.

Suhani says I want to go to Ranveer, to talk to him once. She requests him to let her go and talk to him once. Rakesh says nobody will take his name here, in this house. Suhani says I will not take his name, but you will hear its ego, as I love him immensely. Rakesh shouts Suhani. Suhani says I love him so much and can’t stay without him. She says these bangles are Ranveer’s memory.

Rakesh takes off the bangles and throws them on the floor. Suhani shows the shawl and says it has my Ranveer’s smell. Rakesh throws it on the floor. He asks Sudha to burn it and says I will separate you from him. Suhani says Ranveer has touched my soul and asks can you separate my soul from me. She says nobody can separate me from Ranveer, not even me. Just then Suhani gets Ranveer’s call.

She picks the call and says Ranveer. Ranveer asks her to reach home soon and asks if she is coming or he shall come to pick her. Rakesh throws the mobile. He asks why did he call her, he has ruined everything. Ranveer says I want to make her life better. Rakesh asks why did you do drama when you don’t want to marry my daughter, and asks why he wants to ruin her life. He warns him to stay away from his daughter. Ranveer says you are not understanding me.

Rakesh asks if you are mad or thinking us foolish. Ranveer says I want to ask Suhani why she didn’t come yet. Rakesh asks with what relation. Ranveer says you will not understand our relation. He asks Suhani why she didn’t come yet. Sudha thinks go Suhani go. Rakesh asks Suhani to tell that she will not come. Suhani picks the mobile and says I love you and I can’t stay without you.

Rakesh gets upset and is about to go inside. Suhani says my Papa is very important for me and I can’t refuse his sayings and will not come to meet you without his wish. She says if he don’t want me to talk to you, then I will not talk to you. Ranveer asks what are you saying? Suhani says I will not come without Papa’s permission.

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