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Sirf Tum 11th July 2022 Episode starts with Honey coming to Suhani’s room and says badi bahu has come, if you have a courage then fight with me. She is holding the kerosene can in her hand and says I will burn this room and will win.

She is about to pour kerosene oil in the room. Ansh stops her and asks what is she doing? She says they stopped our launch, I will burn their room. Ansh asks if we burn the room, then all house will be burnt and asks if we will stay on road.

He takes her to Vikrant and says we don’t need to do anything. He says he heard Ranveer telling Mamta that they are leaving. Ansh holds Vikrant’s hand and tells that let Ranveer go, and says he always gave you pain and troubled you, it is good that he is leaving from your life. Honey says I will pack my stuff as that big room will be mine. She goes.

Suhani tells Ranveer that if they go from this house, then they will win. He says I am tired of hearing this and asks when we will live. He asks her to pack her bags. She says I learnt to face problems from you and now you are running away.

He says he can’t bear anymore. Suhani says please and asks him to think again. He says we have to leave from here, I had thought enough. Suhani is walking behind him and recalls their marriage. She stops.

Ranveer turns and asks her not to test his patience. She says I can’t leave this house right now. He says it was not easy for me, I did whatever you asked me to do, for our love. He says when I need you the most, you are backing off. Suhani says you are doing wrong. He says you want to stay here, going against me.

She says you are my everything. He asks her not to argue and come with him. Suhani asks what about the promise which I made to Maa, what about my duties as a bahu and says I will not go. He says maa never got respect in this house and reminds her of her promise which she had taken during their marriage.

Suhani says give me 2 mins, and shows the album in which they wanted to make all their happy memories. He asks if we have any happy memories and asks her to say. He says where we stay, will be our house. Suhani says Dadu, Samaira and others are our family. He says I will think about them, once I settle Maa and you.

He asks her to come. Suhani says I can’t come. He says we will go and that’s final. Suhani says I told you my final decision, I will not leave from here. He says so you will not come with me.

He says congrats for your stubbornness, if I go alone then I will never return to take you back, our relations ends here. Suhani cries and drops the memory album. Ranveer holds his suitcase and her dupatta get stuck in it. He frees her dupatta and walks out of room.

Honey is coming there with her luggage and says honey is best, she always win. She collides with Ranveer, and says you have went from the room, good. He goes without replying to her. Honey comes to the room and asks Suhani to go behind her husband, as this room is hers now.

She says your time is over here, this is Ansh and my house, and we are King and Queen here. She sits on the bed and asks her to vacate her room. Suhani asks if you are sleeping and asks her to stop dreaming with open eyes, says I will not go out of this room and house. Honey asks will you stay here alone and asks will you not get scared of me.

Suhani says when I had come here, I have decided to make you and your family leave from here. She says the talk is over and asks her to leave. She takes her luggage and keeps it outside. Honey looks at Suhani upset and goes.

Ranveer comes to Mamta’s room and asks her to come, says already much time is wasted. Mamta asks where is Suhani? Ranveer says she has nothing to do with her husband and will stay here. He says if she can stay without me then even I can stay without her. He asks Mamta to come. Mamta goes behind him.

Samaira comes to Dadu crying and says badimaa and Ranveer bhai are leaving from home. Dadu says I will talk to him. Mamta and Ranveer are leaving. Honey asks Ranveer if he is leaving Suhani dewrani, and says you are her husband. She asks if Suhani refused to support him after promising to be with him for seven births, and says not seven days have passed. Rakesh, Sudha and Dadi come there.

Rakesh tells that we thought celebration started here, as you have become a doctor. Dadu asks Ranveer what is all this, where is Suhani? Ranveer says this house is dear to your bahu and she don’t want to go with me. Honey says she is smart to choose this house than her husband. Suhani comes and says I haven’t left my husband. Ranveer says I control my anger for you without any questions, and I asked you something and I became wrong and you think that you are right.

He says you are leaving me. Suhani asks what are you saying, and says I was with you everytime. She says I am doing what is right? He asks shall I agree that it is difficult for you to leave lavish lifestyle.

Dadu says this is your home too, Suhani. Ranveer says this house is of Vikrant Oberoi, I don’t want to take anything from him, neither his name nor his wealth. Ansh claps and says this is over confidence. He says Dad is not giving you anything and gave divorce to your Maa. He shows the divorce papers and says now Dad has only one legal wife, Mrs. Asha Oberoi.

Mamta says I didn’t sign any divorce papers. Ansh laughs and asks what do you think that the divorce will not happen if you don’t sign and says I took your signs by seeing a good chance. He says he wanted to secure him and his Mom.

He asks them to get out. Vikrant comes and says you said right. He says Mamta ji should have left long back, and says after today you will be known as the thrown out divorcee, I feel so sad for you. Mamta cries. Ansh and Asha smiles. Ranveer looks angrily.


Sirf Tum 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ranveer throws vase on Ansh. Ansh runs. Honey asks Ranveer to stay away from Ansh else she will shoot. She aims at Ranveer. Ranveer says I will kill him before you shoot. Honey closes her eyes and shoots. The bullet hits Ansh’s chest. Asha shouts Ansh. Everyone looks on shocked.

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Telecast Date:11th July 2022
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