Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka Update – Ruhaan helps Pari, Mishti and Veer’s love story


Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Ruhaan Pari’s scooty syappa Pari’s love at first sight

The upcoming twist in tale Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 2 will show Ruhaan and Pari’s interesting meeting.Ruhaan is a fashion photographer by profession that he is on his way to his destination.While amid they way, Pari’s scooty breaks down and thus she stands with her scooty amid the way.Excitingly, Ruhaan dumps into Pari and thus the duos get into argument.

Silsila Ruhaan enters Mishti and Veer’s lives to add a twist. Mishti is sure that Pari will find her true love soon. Pari wishes that Mishti gets all the happiness in her life. She feels even Nandini is blessing Mishti. Veer impresses the clients, who don’t like the deal at first. Veer is the best in his profession. He plans to meet his would be wife Mishti. Mishti gets decked up knowing Veer is coming to meet her. She mesmerizes Veer by her gorgeous looks. Mishti gears up to select the engagement ring, and goes on to obey the choice of Veer’s mom. She is very sweet and understanding. Veer is proud of her choice. Mishti goes for the subtle design. She doesn’t like loud designs. She still keeps up her feelings inside and follows Veer’s mum.

Pari knows that Mishti is just flattering, even when she doesn’t like the ring, she is just keeping her mum-in-law’s heart. Veer calls his friend Ruhaan and invites him for his engagement. He asks Ruhaan to cover his wedding photo shoot. Veer thanks Mishti for caring for his mom’s feelings so much. Pari wants Mishti to think for herself first. Veer expresses his love for Mishti. Veer tells Mishti that he wants to propose her. He gifts her favorite ring and brings a smile on her face. He proposes her with love. Mishti accepts his proposal and expresses immense love.

Ruhaan gets late for his work while Pari fights him back for dumping into her scooty even when it is already broken down.

Pari plans Mishti’s engagement. Pari’s friend proposes her for marriage. Pari gets upset. She didn’t expect him to profess his feelings in such a way. She doesn’t believe in love and relationships. She feels she doesn’t connect to him. She is happy to just stay as a friend. She expresses that he will always love her. Pari rushes for her work. Her scooty breaks down. She falls in big trouble since she has to reach the workplace soon. She comes across Ruhaan, who finds her in genuine trouble. He goes on to help her. He tells her that he will drop her to the mechanic’s shop. Ruhaan’s helpful gesture leaves a good impression on Pari.

Ruhaan reaches the hotel to meet Veer. He comes across Mishti and gets bowled over by her beauty. He clicks her photographs and goes on to meet her. He strikes a moment with her. Mishti gets angered with his gesture. Veer compliments Mishti’s look. She wants to know who was the photographer guy. Ruhaan steals her attention for a while. Ruhaan falls in love at first sight with Mishti.

Thus Ruhaan helps Pari and ties the rope with his jeep while connects the same with Pari’s scooty.

Pari is little moved by Ruhaan’s efforts, let’s see what happens next.


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