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Sherdil Shergill 7th November 2022  episode starts with Manmeet running to take Anmol from Rajkumar, she in anger slaps him which causes him to fire the gun that hits a security guard, they all rush out questioning what ahs he done,

Manmeet suddenly rushes to ask vidya so she can take Anmol inside, she instructs him to get out of her house while Puneet tries to explain the situation however Manmeet doesnot want to listen to her explaining her thoughts regarding Rajkumar and his family are wrong, she pushes him so he slowly starts walking out of the house, Ajeet sees Rajkumar at the door and is stunned seeing the gun so questions what was he doing but he leaves without saying anything, Ajeet rushing inside questions what has happened as Rajkumar was holding a gun,

he inquires about the location of Anmol so Puneet explains he is inside with Vidya. Manmeet reveals Rajkumar and his family have deceived them since Mr Yadav called her to the office while he send Rajkumar with the criminals, Puneet stops Manmeet revealing he came here with a gun to protect them, Vidya also reveals Anmol was protected just because Rajkumar came on time otherwise they would have taken Anmol, Ajeet seeing the bullet hole asks if Rajkumar fired it, Puneet reveals that he accidentally fired the gun because Manmeet slapped him.

Mr Yadav calls Murari sitting on the sofa, he questions where is Anmol since the lab said he has still not recached the lab and if they get the test done today, the result would come after seven days,

Murari reveals they were not able to get the baby, Rajkumar informs because if they had taken another step he would have fired at them, Mr Yadav sees Rajkumar walking with a gun so asks him to let it go since this is not right, Rajkumar questions why did he send the men at the house of Manmeet to kidnap the child, Mr Yadav replies because he has promised Mr Gopal to prove that Rajkumar is not the father of Anmol,

he asks even then it is not the right path as he is wrong to try and snatch a child from his mother, Mr Yadav in anger slaps Rajkumar exclaiming he is going to question his own father, Nirali comes in between explaining today he is at fault which angers Mr Yadav who asks her to get out but she doesnot listen, Rajkumar mentions today the matter is between a father and son, he puts the gun in Mr Yadav’s hand explaining if he tries to do anything with Manmeet and her son then he must kill him first,

Mr Yadav forcing the gun out of their hands explains Rajkumar was not able to look him straight in the eyes but is now talking back to him for that girl, Raj assures he still loves him the same as he used to in the past but he is surely going to prove that he is not the father of that child and will do it in his own ways. Rajkumar explains today one of his men got injured and they will never take the blame on themselves since he fired the bullet.

Choti’s husband is not able to ring the doorbell and she informs they must go inside today; he comes to informs mentioning he is scared about what might happen to them if her father finds out about her actions, she says her father would have done it all yesterday if he was suspicious, she informs that her mother called her here today, she seemed a little worried.

Ajeet in the house mentions according to the IPC section 503, they would be charged with two years and IPC section 25, the arms act, to fire after entering in the house would cause them two years and section 363, attempt to kidnap would be seven years, Puneet asks what is he talking about,

Ajeet replies he is talking about the time Bharav Singh would go in jail, Puneet explains he is talking about sending Mr Yadav to jail when he knows Rajkumar would also go to jail, she turning Manmeet asks her to talk some sense into her father, she reveals Rajkumar risked his own life to protect Anmol and if they complain against him then it would cause a lot of problems for him. Puneet questions Manmeet why she is not taking the DNA test as it will end all the problems that she and Rajkumar are facing. Manmeet rushes to the room in anger.

Puneet is standing when Manmeet brings the file explaining this contains all his medical reports right from the start to when she decided to have a child, Manmeet reveals she has suffered all of the problems alone, from trying to be pregnant and suffering the labor pain. Manmeet explains she is both eh mother and father of Anmol and will not let anyone come between them.

Ajeet asks Puneet if she still has any demand, Puneet explains that she would surely want to get this DNA report, Ajeet is stunned when she informs their daughter has taken an unusual step so if this doesnot happen then the questions would arise again and again.

Rajkumar’s elder sister reveals papa was already very angry and she doesnot know what had gotten into prince that he went with the gun, Choti reveals her name is Manmeet Shergill, Nirali is frustrated holding her head, Choti explains they have to realize Manmeet is at fault when Nirali mentions it is wrong to send goons in order to kidnap an infant, Choti reveals that if she doesnot agree to get the DNA what else decision would they have,

Choti mentions that Manmeet is just trying to prolong this conversation so the engagement of Rajkumar ends with Anisha. Mr Yadav comes asking does Manmeet really not want it to happen or is she behind it, Choti’s husband tries to leave but Mr Yadav stops him, he asks why did she call them all here, Choti once again tries to explain Manmeet and Rajkumar are behind it all as they both lied to either of them, she blames Manmeet loves Rajkumar which is why she cannot let him get married to someone else, Mr Yadav is somewhat convinced.

Rajkumar is lying down when he sits up thinking about how Manmeet threw him out of her house, he is really tensed while Manmeet also sitting in her bed is troubled and cannot think straight. Manmeet wonders what has she done, what would be the feelings of Rajkumar, Manmeet thinks what can she do now to resolve the situation.

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