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Sherdil Shergill 2nd November 2022 entire family is dancing at the engagement function when the lady suddenly instructs them all to stop the music, she lifts her veil which stuns everyone.

Some time earlier, Anisha mentions Rajkumar seems comfortable with Anmol when Raj replies he has spent quality time with Anmol in Shimla, Anisha hearing this is shocked so questions what he means by Shimla. Manmeet asks what they are both doing here as today is such an important day so they must go and enjoy, Anisha asks if Manmeet noticed anything who replies that she did as Anisha is using the perfume which she gifted her, Anisha asks Raj if they can leave so they both walk away.

Manmeet notices Mr Yadav talking with his friend and so feels weird.

Manmeet goes to sit on the table when Ajeet Shergill asks what the need was to bring him as no one is even properly talking with him.

Mr Yadav praises everyone for coming to the function mentioning they should start the function as even the family of their in laws is present, so they should first start with introduction, he explains the groom is Rajkumar Yadav who is also known as prince while he is the father of the groom Bharav Yadav while the eager lady standing is Nirali who is his wife, Mr Yadav explains if he starts introducing his entire family the time of the wedding would come, he gets off the stage asking permission from the father of Anisha to start the function.

Manmeet notices Rajkumar who is staring at her, she turns away so he also starts walking towards the stage but is just recalling the moments spent with Manmeet before he reaches the stage with Anisha, everyone is clapping for them but Manmeet is just staring at him. Anmol forces her to turn, she immediately starts playing with him.

Raj whispers to Anisha explaining he doesnot know what to do when everything happened so quickly, Raj asks if there is going to be any Mantar but Mr Yadav exclaims he only needs to make her wear a ring and nothing else, Radha suggests Raj uncle should kneel down and propose, Anisha with a smile says he can think about it once again if there is a doubt since he would not get a second chance, Raj turns to look at Manmeet who also starts staring at him but then turns away, Raj explains he has thought about it and they would surely get married, everyone starts clapping before he is handed the ring.

Rajkumar kneels down, Manmeet also looks at him when they joke how Raj has stopped talking before the engagement, Radha suggests he should use a poem to propose, Raj closing his eyes starts thinking about the time spent with Manmeet in Shimla, he starts reciting the verses of the poem exclaiming he has never shared his heart and feelings but if there were two, she would have surely become a part of it, if he did not do it right now then would be called a donkey, the smiles that make him laugh or the tears which even cause him to cry, the clouds turn even when she scolds him but there is no option left so he has to stand by her side no matter the situation. Raj opens his eyes to find Anisha standing in front of him, he realizing it proposes to Anisha who also agrees.

Mr Yadav turns to notice Madam Shergill who is still sitting in her chair, Manmeet leaves mentioning she would come in a while but Hussain doesnot let her leave insisting that she must sit down.

Raj while making Anisha wear the ring turns to stare at Manmeet Shergill, he realizes she is a little worried.
Raj after performing the ritual stands up but Anmol suddenly starts crying, Manmeet leaves apologizing for what has happened, everyone stops but then Anisha also picks the ring, she makes Raj wear it while he is standing there quietly.

Manmeet apologizes to Anmol explaining she always feel pain but how did he know his mother wants to come outside, the lady in the veil calls Choti informing she is getting scared, Choti mentions if she does it in front of the crowd then her father would not be able to do anything but if she doesnot do it then she doesnot have any idea what would happen to her, she must lift her veil in ten minutes.

The lady turns but is shocked to see Manmeet standing in front of her, she questions what the lady planning is however she manages to run away, Manmeet tries her best to follow her.

The in laws of Gunjan arrive at the location, they think there is some sort of function, Nirali meets them so is worried asking what they are doing here suddenly, Choti comes from behind while they are stunned mentioning they themselves sent the invitation but why were they called here.

Choti thinks that the small bomb has arrived and in five minutes the big bomb would also arrive.

Puneet asks Ajeet to come with her as they need to go back home, the engagement function is almost over however Ajeet asks how they can leave all of a sudden but Puneet explains she came here to stop the in laws of Gunjan if they come here as the house of one daughter is not stable so the family of the other should not be ruined.

The mother-in-law of Gunjan informs her husband that Raj is with another girl who is even holding his hand, they decide to inform Puneet Shergill and Ajeet Shergill, but he explains they all are already present here.

They decide to show some memories of both Rajkumar and Anisha however Mr Yadav after a while question what is going on since they are not foreigners and would not accept it, he informs till now the party was of youngsters but from now on it is going be of the elders.

The dance performance starts which mesmerizes everyone as they start enjoying, Mr Yadav also joined the dance while Murari gives money, the entire family starts dancing so they can enjoy the function meanwhile giving opportunity to the lady in the veil.

She goes to pick a chair and standing on it instructs them all to stop the music which stuns everyone, she lifts her veil to reveal the girlfriend of Raj, Manmeet and Raj both get tensed. Mr Yadav remembers she is the girl who came to their house after being drunk exclaiming she was in a relationship with Rajkumar. The girl mentions she is going to tell what is behind the veil, she reveals Raj is standing in front of them all, he is Raj but behind the Choli is a secret. She reveals he has a lot of secrets inquiring if they donot want to know them, Raj is not able to say anything.

The girl mentions Raj is deceiving Anisha pointing towards her, she mentions whatever he said to her is a lie as whatever he is saying to her, he already said to two other girls before Anisha. She reveals she is the ex girlfriend of Raj while the other is Manmeet Shergill his wife. Mr Yadav immediately signals Mr Chopra to calm down while the girls exclaims the truth is that Manmeet is the mother of Rajkumar’s son, the guests are shocked to hear it. Anisha is also stunned.

Mr Yadav instructs the girl to stop talking who exclaims she first has to reveal the secret behind the choli, she takes out the pen drive explaining it is the proof behind it, as it contains the proof to prove what relation exists between Raj and Manmeet Shergill.

Ajeet stands beside Manmeet as she is getting tensed.

Nikki exclaims it will prove Raj is the father of the infant Anmol.

Mr Chopra instructs her to end the drama and say it clearly, she replies she needs to sow them the proof which they would be shocked to see, the girl seeing Radha greets him before going to play the proof.

The in laws of Gunjan mention Manmeet is the wife of Rajkumar but her husband mentions it is not the truth as Rajkumar is getting engaged to Anisha while he also had an affair with that girl.

The girl plays the video in which Manmeet is saying what would happen to her after Raj dies because of her, as the son Anmol would be forced to live without a father. She explains they both love each other a lot and Anmol is their son. Mr Yadav is stunned along with Ajeet Shergill.

Mr Yadav reveals he is going to explain and instructs Murari to end the video, but Anisha stops them saying no one is going to stop the video as she wants to see the entire video and find out the truth.

Anisha walks down from the stage while they all look at the video, Manmeet is accepting she met him in a conference and never knew if she would ever love someone in first sight, she informed they were not even married, and she got pregnant.

The husband of Choti explains he is glad as this was her plan, Choti clarifies it is just the start as the real plan would begin after a moment.

The girl comes questioning why are they quiet, she referring to Anisha explains she has prove it a lot more then promised, Anisha informs she was suspicious the first time Raj took her to the house of Manmeet but she was blind because of which she did not see the truth, Anisha asks Raj why did he not tell her the news, Raj assures there is nothing of the sort because Niki is the same girl he told her about who was after his money, this is why he and Manmeet told her this lie so she can go away. Niki exclaims people like her do not have the right to love as if she was after his money then would have cashed the one million rupees which his father gave her, Niki blames Raj for trapping her and Manmeet while she even got a pregnant, Niki explains she knows why Manmeet is quiet because she works with Mr Yadav and it is her necessity but she is not obligated so would reveal the truth.

Manmeet warns her to shut up and hide the truth, Choti acts as if she has had enough so tries to throw Nikki out of the function, she mentions she would informs them if anything happens to her in the future then only Bharav Singh would be responsible for it, Mr Yadav requests anyone to take her out of this function.

Mr Chopra questions what the need is to worry and throw her out of the function, Raj tries to assure there is nothing of the sort but Mr Chopra questions if Raj was already married then why were they going to ruin the life of his daughter, Mr Yadav assures it is a lie as Raj and Manmeet lied only to get rid of the girl.

Mr Chopra refuses to believe Mr Yadav questioning why he is lying; Raj gets furious at Mr Chopra. Raj mentions his father doesnot have anything wrong and he is apologizing since he has not been married and never fathered any child. Mr Chopra explains there is no need to give any explanation.

Choti asks the taxi driver to take this girl to the airport but Nikki requests to stay for a little longer, Choti informs she has given her two and a half million but if Nikki is seen in Mumbai, then she would have her cemented in the next project of her father.

Mr Chopra explains his explanation doesnot mean anything, so they want the girl who was with him in the video to explain everything. Manmeet asks Anisha to look at her mentioning she asked some questions about her marriage and son but she did not know she would have to clarify it right now, Manmeet assures she has not been married before and Anmol is her son, she is both the mother and father of Anmol. Manmeet clarifies she used IVF, clarifying she is happy with her son and whatever Raj said was right. She explains Nikki was just after Raj for his money, she just helped him so he is freed from her. Manmeet clarifies there is not any truth in this video, Anisha doesnot want to believe it when Manmeet questions what she can do to make her accept the truth, she swears on her work that she just helped Raj as a friend.

The in laws of Gunjan decide to go and reveal the truth but they quarrel about what is the right plan.
Mr Chopra questions if it was an act when Manmeet mentions she was just helping Raj, the mother-in-law of Gunjan comes asking then what were they doing in Shimla. Mr Chopra questions who is she, the lady reveals she is the mother in law of Gunjan as Raj was the one who performed the Gant Bandhan and even enjoyed their wedding, everyone is shocked.


Sherdil Shergill 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Anisha clarifies nothing can be proved just because they are saying it, Mr Yadav asks what does she desire, Anisha suggests they should get a DNA test to prove if Raj is actually the father of Anmol, hearing this everyone is shocked.

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