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Sherdil Shergill 28th September 2022  Episode starts with Vidya coming late. She says my Bhaiya and Bhabhi had a fight, so police had come, they spoil everything, I feel your life is better, you have a son, you have no husband to fight.

Manmeet smiles and says I have made Anmol’s lunch, no cartoons when you feed him the food. She says marriage isn’t a bad thing, one has to keep eyes open. Vidya says its like lottery, everyone doesn’t win.

Manmeet leaves. Hussain and Manmeet look at Raj. Raj talks to his Jija ji on call. Hussain says there is no issue, we can find a solution. She says right, I want to know what’s the problem. Raj says I m the problem and I will find the solution.

He says there is a problem due to the inspection certificate. Manmeet says you have bribed today to settle the issue. She shows the legal notice. Raj says I will solve this. He says no one will get into this now, it was my mistake that I gave work to wrong people, its mistake of my team, I will handle it, its about my reputation.

She goes. Hussain asks Raj to leave her alone, she is angry. Raj says fine if you say so. Manmeet comes to some govt. office and meets the chief engineer Ajeet. Peon calls out Mr. Shergill. She says its Ms. Shergill. The man checks her pic on the magazine cover. He says you came yourself.

She says you also came to the office. He says I m a small level officer. She says your pic didn’t come in any magazine, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t hear stories of your sincerity and reputation. He says I didn’t expect this from your company, sorry, I won’t take the notice back. She says I didn’t come for that,

I came to rectify the mistake. He says I know everything, I know your boss, and also the one who gave the certificate and the bribed, I know his dad also. She says I m really sorry. He says I can’t help. She says you are saying right, its my mistake for the first time in 8 years, tell me about the fine,

I assure you, this won’t happen again. He says I thought you will get your work done by approaching my senior, you are powerful people, you proved me wrong, I m glad, this pic was published right, do one thing, send this report again, I m taking this notice back. She thanks him and says I m very sorry. He says its okay madam.

Raj asks did it get sorted. She says I will decide it. Hussain asks how much fine did you pay. She says big one, I had to say sorry when it wasn’t my mistake. Raj asks did sorry do the work. She says some people don’t understand the power of saying sorry from heart, its value is more than 10 lakhs bribe, now excuse me,

I have lots of work to do. Hussain asks Raj to come. She asks shall I explain you in any other language. He says say anything on my face. She asks what do you want to see, I asked you to go and check the site, did you go, you made fake report, you bribed the officer, is this your way of solving the problem.

Raj says I took help from Jija ji, I didn’t know he will offer bribe to the officer. She says I solved it in 10 mins. Raj says so you mean you are great. He argues. He sees Anmol’s pic and jokes. She stops him and says don’t get my son in between, let me warn you, I will make my son Isaac Newton, is there any problem, I m alone but I can do it. He says you always boast yourself. He goes.

She holds her head. Gunjan asks what shall I answer Roshan’s mum, you know dad and Manmeet don’t listen, they always fight, ask her to come in the marriage. Puneet says she won’t listen to me. Gunjan says then ask dad to get back, why are you scared. Puneet says no, I won’t argue with him,

I will be with your dad’s decision, your sister’s big sorrow was that, when she fought with her dad, I always supported her dad, knowing he isn’t right always, what shall I do, I was taught that children should have on opinion always, else the family loses balance. Gunjan says it means you won’t help me,

right. Puneet says I will think of something. Gunjan cries and says you have time till evening, else you will regret a lot. Sharda says there is an imp meeting today, no one will go early. Manmeet says I will come soon, we will discuss the pointers in evening. She leaves. Raj asks Mishra where did she go without informing. Mishra says she is our boss, why would he tell you where is she going. Raj says you are cute, law isn’t same for everyone. Mishra says let me go and work now.

Manmeet gets Puneet’s call. She says I m sitting in queue to fill Anmol’s admission form, they are saying I missed the deadline, I will talk to you later. Puneet says okay. Gunjan says sorry and hugs Puneet. Puneet says she is also worried for her child. Manmeet says I had sent pointers, where is Raj. Mishra says he left at 5pm, he always does this on Tuesday and Thursday, don’t know why.

Manmeet says call him, meeting won’t start until he comes, strange, he left. Mishra says he isn’t answering. She says everyone call him. They all say he isn’t answering. Manmeet says try from my phone. Sharda calls him and says no answer. Manmeet says I don’t believe this. Raj checks the missed calls.

He calls Manmeet. He asks are you missing me so much. She says yes, I was worried, where do you go from office, you knew that there is a big meeting today, you should have taken permission. Raj says you also went at 2.30 pm, did you tell anyone, why shall I say. She says sorry, I went to meet someone,

I have a little child, I have baby issues. Raj says I also came to meet my baby, but my baby isn’t little as your baby. She asks why didn’t you tell your Janu, she is here since two hours, she is crying a lot, talk to her. He asks what. The girl says you said boss kept urgent meeting, I thought to give you a surprise, who is baby. She scolds him. Raj worries. Manmeet smiles.

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