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Sherdil Shergill 16th November 2022 Manmeet threatens Rajkumar saying if she dies then would scare the entire Yadav family after becoming a ghost, he replies he would also play with Anmol after becoming a ghost, Manmeet is moved by his words so she tries to help Rajkumar instructing him to push it on the other side,

she however hits her head against the wall so Rajkumar rushes to help her, he says he will try to open the door however is not able to do anything, Rajkumar starts screaming as he is helpless before going back to sit with Manmeet, they both clinge each other.

Hussain comes questioning if anyone of them saw them both, he even tries to ask Mishra, but he is really drunk, Hussain feels irritated.

Rajkumar requests Manmeet to open her eyes as they cannot let anything happen to them, he says she is stubborn because if he was in her place then would have surely confessed his feeling thousand times over, Manmeet accepts she is boring. Rajkumar is just hugging her as they both cuddle for warmth in the freezer room while Rajkumar keeps thinking about the beautiful moments he has spend with Manmeet and how he felt really good,

he tries his best to make sure Manmeet stays awake but she after a while is unconscious because of which he starts panicking, Rajkumar is also shivering because of te extreme cold and not even able to speak anything, everyone is frantically searching for them both, Rajkumar finally takes out a whistle from his pocket which he blows, Hussain thinks this is the same whistle which Raj was blowing, he rushes to follow the sound.

Hussain runs towards the freezer room hearing the whistle, he calls Raj who keeps on blowing it while Hussain manages to knock down the door, he is shocked to see both Rajkumar and Manmeet unconscious in the room, Hussain is tensed.

Rajkumar is drinking coffee when the doctor assures Manmeet is fine but needs to rest for the night, Rajkumar explains she even injured her head to which the doctor says it was just a small injury, but she is fine. Rajkumar sits beside Manmeet after covering her, he holds her hand in his arms and falls asleep beside her.

In the morning Manmeet wakes up while Rajkumar is sleeping beside her, she is stunned so he also gets back, Rajkumar says there is no need to say thankyou as good boss take care of their employees and the doctor said that those whose name is Shergill tend to come back within a day, she thanks him when Rajkumar leaves explaining that they must leave.

Rajkumar returns back home when Mr Yadav asks where is he going when Rajkumar assures everything is fine, Mr Yadav asks if everything is in control so explains that tomorrow some of the investors are coming along with Mr Gopal and so the Sky city project is going to be of 150 floors,

Rajkumar explains that she refused since it will not work according to the designs, however Mr Yadav says this is why he asked if everyone is under control at the office, Rajkumar assures it would not be a problem.

Manmeet is in the office when Rajkumar brings the juice for her saying that she must have it as it will make her feel better, Manmeet thanks him for thinking about her but informs she already had the juice, he further inquiries about her injury, so she assures she is fine. Manmeet notices he is tensed so asks what has happened, Rajkumar asks if they can increase ten floors in the sky city project.

Manmeet asks if Mr Yadav asked him about it, she replies they cannot increase any more floors. Rajkumar feels offended however Manmeet replies he must not try to question her experience; he insists she must try to find a way but she doesnot agree to it. Rajkumar getting furious calls Mishra jee ordering him to bring all the files relating to the Sky city project to his table within five minutes. Rajkumar says he thought she would listen to him, but she is still the same stubborn and rude, he leaves her cabin.

Ajeet brings the tea for Puneet explaining that only the three hours drive is left for their destination, Puneet mentions that she has heard it is a very safe place and the people do not even put a lock on their houses, Ajeet replies he feels this is not the right time as Manmeet is alone in the house while they all are out of the house,

Puneet explains that Manmeet can take better decisions if she is alone, Ajeet asks how did Manmeet change her mind all of a sudden, Puneet explains she understood that she can end a lot of problems with this one solution but she just wronged Rajkumar as Puneet is sure that he would have made sure she stayed happy.

Mishra jee starts informing Rajkumar about the changes which they would have to make to the Sky city project, Manmeet questions who are we that Mishra jee is talking about, Rajkumar explains they have hired a new time since such a big project cannot be handled alone by a single girl, everyone is shocked he called her as Jaan when Rajkumar asks why are they so stunned so he even called her by this at the party and they all know that he proposed her in the Kuku’s club so if everything has been ruined then what is the shame in it,

Manmeet tries to request with Rajkumar that they cannot construct any more floors on the Sky city project, Rajkumar questions what is the reason as he feels she is being personal, Manmeet goes back and brings the blue print to the project mentioning they all are architects here and he must have heard about the wrap and pile foundation. Manmeet says they decides how strong the foundation would have to be after taking into consideration the height of the building and its dimensions,

Manmeet informs they laid the foundation 140 floors below the ground for the project. She reveals if the ten floors are constructed then the building might collapse so as the owner of the company he will be arrested, Manmeet says he can bring any experienced architect if he himself cannot understand such terminologies. Manmeet leaves placing the blueprint on the desk.

Mishra jee brings the coconut water for Rajkumar explaining he looks good in this black suite, and the only reason this company is not at the position it is supposed to be is because of her attitude, Rajkumar asks who he is talking about, Mishra jee mentions, Shergill the Jaan of Rajkumar. Manmeet while having coffee looks at Rajkumar who is also staring at her.

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