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Sherdil Shergill 15th November 2022 Rajkumar asks Manmeet to say what he desires to hear, she recalls she told her mother that she loves him, Manmeet tries to leave instructing him to get lost, he stops her holding her hand demanding that she should reveal her feelings, both of them start arguing when Rajkumar agrees to leave her if she applies Balm on his back, Manmeet replies he should go to Hell,

Rajkumar vows to keep standing like this if she doesnot agree, Manmeet agrees to apply the condition on the condition that he behaves and not do anything shameful, he agrees and is about to take off his shirt but she says that her next condition is that he will not take off his shirt. Manmeet demands the balm but then he starts to take off the shirt, she questions what is he doing,

Rajkumar questions if her eyes have an X RAY, Rajkumar takes his shirt off while Manmeet starts applying it, he keeps on instructing her about the location when he reveals he wishes how she should keep applying it for an entire lifetime. Manmeet gets furious and so hits him in the back,

Hussain hears Rajkumar yelling so questions if he is fine, Manmeet whispers he must tell Hussain everything is fine then he inquires about Manmeet, Rajkumar mentions he saw her going to the pool, Manmeet walks out of the room, thinking what he is doing since she cannot even let o of him but he keeps on teasing her which is really painful.

Hussain is enjoying the party with the rest of the staff, he calls Manmeet asking where is she since he has not seen her since the afternoon, Manmeet explains she is doing the work that Rajkumar called them here for, Hussain asks if she really thinks this is the reason Rajkumar invited them here,

Manmeet replies she just came here for the company. Manmeet hears someone knocking so asks the person to leave thinking he is Rajkumar, but the worker enters explaining Raj sir send the gift for her. Manmeet reads that Rajkumar mentioned if she loves him then will stay in the room but if she doesnot love him then would come to the party, so he finds out his love is just one sided, Manmeet is tensed.

Rajkumar is anxiously waiting for Manmeet but she doesnot come, he smiles seeing her walking towards him. Rajkumar compliments that she is looking really pretty, Manmeet replies that he said if she came to the party it would mean she doesnot love him, Rajkumar replies so what since the way she has dressed up has proved everything,

Rajkumar even quotes a poem of Mehdi Sahab, which states she should come once again to leave him. Raj offers her a dance, Manmeet is hesitant but suddenly she is informed there is someone from her house, Manmeet leaves informing her mother is calling.

Manmeet says to her mother that she loves her, Rajkumar standing behind her says he heard what he desired even if it was not meant for him, Manmeet tries to leave but he pulls her close to him, taking her hand up he prepares to dance while Manmeet is still really shocked, she tries to get away however he refuses to let her leave.

Manmeet is not able to do anything as they both start dancing, she questions what is he doing, he says it was written that neither can she live with him nor would stay away and doesnot even want him to stay close, Rajkumar asks why is she hurting herself so much as they are just three words which she must say to end it all. Manmeet tries to leave requesting him to let her go,

Rajkumar once again pulls her close asking why is she making it so difficult when he mentioned they are just three words, Rajkumar explains he is still hurt after what happened at Kuku’s club and he joined the office to ruin her, she asks then why he wants to know it.

Rajkumar explains so he can prove he is not an idiot as even when he got mad at her, it doesnot mean anything since he is in love with her. Manmeet once again says she feels he as lost it, Rajkumar questions what is new in it since he is madly in love with her, he just desires her love. Manmeet tries to hide her feeling, Rajkumar leans close to her, but she pushes him away, before running away.

Manmeet hides from Rajkumar in the cold room, Rajkumar also follows her explaining this is the freezer room. Manmeet questions who keeps such a room, Rajkumar explains his father had a fishing business, but this room is not in use, they are stunned to find the door is just one sided and it opens from the outside.

Manmeet and Rajkumar both try to get a network but are not able to find any. Manmeet starts yelling at the door, Rajkumar is just repeating everything she is saying. Manmeet blames him for being an idiot since they are in this mess because of him, Rajkumar asks who told her to come in here, she replies she was running away from him. Rajkumar explains had she stayed a little longer they would have finished what they were doing.

Manmeet asks why is he shivering even after wearing so much clothes, he explains he is from Mumbai and not like her from Shimla, Manmeet explains she even wears a lot of clothes. Rajkumar notices how much she is shivering, he takes off his coat and places it over her, she questions what about him when he says he is going to find a way out of this freezer room.

Rajkumar manages to find a metal rod which he tries to open the door with but fails, he then hits it with a metal table to make it slim before pushing it through the latch of the door. Manmeet advises him to hurry up because if she dies then she would scare the entire Yadav family, Rajkumar replies he would play with Anmol if he becomes a ghost, Manmeet is moved and tries to help Rajkumar.


Sherdil Shergill 16th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Manmeet and Rajkumar are shivering in cold and hug each other. Rajkumar says to her, if I was in your place, I would say I love you. Everyone is looking for Manmeet and Rajkumar, but they are stuck in cold storage.

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