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Sherdil Shergill 11th November 2022 Rajkumar is in his room, walking around he is really tensed thinking about what will happen, Rajkumar stares himself in the mirror, he tries to recall the time when he mentioned Manmeet Shergill has won his heart but she replied she doesnot love and will not marry him,

she said his mental state is not right and Rajkumar does stand up comedy twice in this café, Rajkumar screams in pain before breaking the furniture of his room, he even ruins the bed to calm himself, it is of no use as Rajkumar is constantly thinking about Manmeet, he turns to look at the mike placed in his room. Rajkumar holds the mike but thinking about how Manmeet humiliated him in the café, Rajkumar lifts it out of the stand breaking the mirror in dire frustration.

Rajkumar stumbles from the pain, he finally manages to sit beside the pillar. Mr Yadav sits beside him asking what happened, he consoles Rajkumar assuring everything would be fine. Raj explains everything belongs to Mr Yadav but today he is going to ask something which his father cannot deny, Rajkumar assures he is not going to let his father down, he starts explaining everything to Mr Yadav who listens to his son.

In the morning Manmeet is trying to calm Anmol who is crying, Puneet asks if she is going to office when Manmeet mentions this bag contains the things required for the DNA test of Anmol and the driver would come, Puneet mentions that they both have decided to visit Sherdi, Manmeet asks all of a sudden but Puneet replies they have booked a private car from the travel agent downstairs and she thought of taking Anmol with them since Manmeet would not have taken him anywhere, Manmeet replies she brought him to Shimla as it is also a Mandir, Puneet says she would also take Vidya.

Manmeet gets a call from Hussain who asks her to come as soon as possible since it is an emergency, Manmeet informs Puneet there has been an emergency, so she is going to go and would talk with her in case there is anything which she needs.

Manmeet asks what has happened when she is pointed to the conference room, Hussain asks if she remembers they have taken a loan from Mr Yadav and kept fifty one percent of their shares as collateral so Mr Yadav wants the money within twenty-four hours otherwise Mr Yadav is going to take ownership, so he would not have any rights in this company. Mr Yadav coming explains that there is no problem in this since he is going to stand with them in each and every project which they undertake but they are going to be reporting to a new Managing director, who is going to un this office. Mr Yadav explains their new boss is about to come and points to the door, Rajkumar enters the office with his personal squad, Hussain along with Manmeet and everyone else are stunned, Rajkumar comes to stand in front of them all greeting his father, Rajkumar mentions this office similar. Manmeet asks if Rajkumar is the new MD, the secretary introduces Hussain as the founder of this company, she then asks Manmeet her name so she replies Rajkumar would know it, he says they must tell the name when asked, she says her name is Manmeet Shergill.
Manmeet questions what is going on, Rajkumar stands in front of her saying he is her new boss Rajkumar Yadav. Mr Yadav exclaims he is going to leave while they all should get back to their work, Rajkumar takes the greetings when Rajkumar secretary asks where should she arrange his office, Rajkumar explains he has a favorite position so ask if Manmeet is going to excuse him.

Rajkumar enters the office, Manmeet and Hussain follow him while he sits on the desk of Manmeet Shergill placing his feet on the desk, Manmeet is furious seeing the sudden change of Rajkumar, he explains this cabin belongs to hm from today. Manmeet questions Rajkumar what this behavior is, he is furious asking why she is calling him by her name as he always used to call her Boss when she was the owner, so from today onwards she will refer to him as Sir.
Rajkumar instructs Jasmin to remove the belongings of Manmeet Shergill from this office within five minutes, he scolds Jasim so she leaves. Hussain asks Manmeet to sit in his cabin, but she says she is going to sit outside.
Nirali asks Bijesh to take out some of the mango pickle and crush some tomato’s along with reddish, he asks her to go and rest but Nirali replies Rajkumar has for the first time went to their own office as the MD, he should ask the driver to be prepared. Nirali wonders who has come at this time, Bijesh goes to check.

Puneet is standing at the door and asks if Nirali is in the house, Bijesh informs she has come pointing to Puneet Shergill, Nirali goes asking how she came here suddenly when Puneet replies that Manmeet gave the sample of Anmol. Nirali questions why she came by herself since she could have send the driver, Nirali questions what is the reason she came because her daughter called her son as Mental and she can also hit her in the head, Puneet asks why is she talking because they are sorry for what happened in the café, she informs they are really disturbed which is why they are going to Sherdi, she asks if they can also put the Parshad in her name as well, Nirali agrees so she immediately goes back to bring the money, Puneet rushes to the hall where she enters the room, Nirali brings the money and calls Puneet but she is shocked to see her coming out from the room.

Hussain asks Manmeet to drink the coffee, but she says she is not at all interested as Rajkumar has thrown her out of the cabin today so she doesnot know what else they would do in the future, Hussain explains that everyone knows Sky project can not be completed with her, they just have to bear Rajkumar for ten months. Puneet calls Manmeet informing they are going to leave for Sherdi in an hour and she has also dropped the sample at their house.
Mr Yadav is sitting when Murari comes informing that Gopal jee has come to meet him, Mr Yadav suggests they can talk in the study however Mr Gopal is fine here, Mr Yadav assures they have already sent the sample to the lab for testing however Mr Gopal informs Anisha has changed her mind and no longer wants to get married, Mr Yadav is stunned explaining they are getting these tests done on her desire so how can she change her mind, Mr Gopal explains even his family feels it is not right, he assures there would not be any affect in their professional life but he must forget this relation. Mr Yadav replies business is not of any importance but it is their reputation so he wants to prove that their integrity is still the same, Mr Gopal says he can understand it but wants to apologize to Mr Yadav so they can start a fresh relation. Mr Yadav mentions he thought they would bring the negative report and ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage, but he is going to come even now only to prove his point. Murari comes back, Mr Yadav asks what happened about the report so Murari explains they said it is going to take two or three more weeks.

Mishra jee asks Sharda jee to put these things in the store room since Shergill mam is going to sit outside and if they put it in the cabin then Raj sir would be disturbed, Rajkumar throws the name plate of Manmeet Shergill, Mishra jee picks the photos mentioning these are the only things left in the cabin, Rajkumar explains he never liked Mishra jee before but now hates him so the only way he would stay in this office is if he stays in the limits.

Rajkumar starts looking at the photo of Anmol, he is constantly recalling the memories which he shared with him in Shimla and even the wedding, Manmeet snatches the photo explaining he would have fifty one percent share in this office, but her personal life is not of his concern. Rajkumar explains he wants to talk with her so she needs to sit down, she replies she cannot as everything has changed when Rajkumar says but he is still the same as the person who came to this office and then her house, while he is also the same person whose self-respect she ruined at the club. Rajkumar asks for a moment when she picks a letter, Manmeet questions what is it so he informs it is her resignation, informing her about it in a lot of languages. Rajkumar says there are some rules since it is either his way or the highway, he mentions the sky city project is her dream along with this office, just as the stand-up comedy and Sydney was his dream, he is going to make her pay the price. Rajkumar mentions she snatched everything from him including his dreams and life so he would never leave her, she requests him to let her speak but he replies today only he will speak since yesterday his family listened, he promises to end each one of her dreams.

Rajkumar explains there is just one problem because every time she loses one of her dreams it will cause her immense pain at that time he will also be in pain. Rajkumar says he has typed the resignation letter for her so she leaves this dream of her, Manmeet starts getting tears in her eyes, Rajkumar mentions he loves tears.

Manmeet takes the letter and Rajkumar hands her a pen, she still has the attitude when Rajkumar explains he used to watch a show in his childhood, so he remembers the characters.

Manmeet questions what he thinks that she will run away after what he has been doing but she is a gold medalist and when he was getting zeros in his degree, she was earning the money for this company. Manmeet sits on the couch explaining she has started from scratch so is not going to leave the company as this is her house.

Nirali is with Mr Yadav questioning what was the need to make him the MD of the same company which Madam Shergill owns, he sends Rajkumar back to the same girl whom he proposed. Mr Yadav replies he for the first time felt Rajkumar is his son and if he did not do it then Rajkumar would have been in his room drinking, they have seen the lion in his heart for Manmeet Shergill and if he takes the revenge with even one percent of it then she will burn in it.

Rajkumar stops Manmeet as she is leaving explaining she entered without his permission and now is leaving without it so she needs to always ask him, Manmeet apologizes asking if she can leave mentioning she is going to take the resignation letter as it might hurt his feelings. Mishra jee mentions he brought the food for Rajkumar sir, Manmeet explains he can even feed sir with his own hands. Mishra jee offers to serve the food but Rajkumar says he should put the food and leave.

Manmeet goes to the desk asking for Sharda but Jasmin is sitting there applying her makeup, Manmeet questions where is Sharda, she is informed that Sharda has been transferred to admin, which shocks Manmeet who asks then who will assist her, Jasmin replies she only followed the orders of Sir, Manmeet turns to look angrily at Rajkumar who is enjoying troubling Manmeet Shergill.

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