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Sherdil Shergill 10th November 2022 Manmeet tell Mr Yadav that Raj used to lie to him, he twice a week comes here to do stand up comedy and even changed his identity to Mamajee Yadav, she caught him so he begged her to not tell anyone because Mr Yadav has stopped him from doing anything.

Manmeet explains the second illness is indecisive mind, because which person first proposes girl, she informs she is talking about Nikki and then he agreed to marry Anisha while propping her in the end, Manmeet explains that he needs serious treatment, she explains Nikki showed the video in the party and then Anisha demanded the DNA test,

they both are related to him but why are the questions being raised on her, Manmeet says she thought about it and agrees to give them the DNA of her son Anmol, she requests him to make sure this drama ends as she wishes to keep their relation professional based because she is Madam Shegrill for him while he is Mr Yadav, and anyone else who is making these sort of relations are not true, Puneet asks Manmeet to stop talking, she replies she called them here just so this dream can end.

Manmeet goes to Rajkumar explaining she has told him before that both are poles apart and even their decision-making styles are different, she mentions he would not have understood had she tried to explain so she was forced to take such a step, she leaves apologizing to Rajkumar as she doesnot love him, Rajkumar stands there not being able to move, he is heartbroken.

Mr Yadav is sitting in the house, Nirali questions how did she say Rajkumar is mentally unstable because she could have broken her face, Mr Yadav says she is the one who needs treatment because he cannot think clearly as Rajkumar has stabbed them in the back and if anyone come sin between them then he would not let go anyone, Rajkumar calls Mr Yadav who angrily walks to him and gives him a big slap,

he pushing Rajkumar questions if he had not told him that he doesnot want this in his house, he is glad that Madam Shergill told him the truth, he pleaded with Rajkumar because he has already lost his brother to this drama. Mr Yadav says he can no longer live in this house because he has been given everything in life which is why he doesnot care for anything so Mr Yadav rushes back inside explaining they do not have any relation with him, Rajkumar is emotionally broken.

Manmeet goes to the wardrobe when Puneet questions what did she do today, Manmeet replies she doesnot want to talk but Puneet explains she is her mother but not an employee however Manmeet refuses to talk, Puneet forces her to agree when Manmeet questions what does she think that does she not have any emotions, when a boy comes to express that he loves her so much, she is also a girl so even if she is the CEO even then has feelings,

Manmeet reveals she is in love with him, even if it is not greater even then she loves him the same, Manmeet shows she has all the memories from Shimla when she used to hate him three months ago, however she felt really strange when he was getting engaged to Anisha and that feeling seemed as if it would break her heart so she found out she loves him, Puneet helps her sit down questioning why did she do it all today.

Manmeet questions what was she supposed to do because when Rajkumar proposed he said that he would live with her the entire day and his father has even thought about the names of their children, Puneet questions what is wrong when Manmeet asks where is Anmol in this all,

she reveals Anmol is her life so what if they both get married and Mr Shergill says they should send Anmol to his Grandparents house, and will he not be differentiated from their own children, Manmeet says that she cannot do it, revealing she would be able to live without her love because she knows there is not going to be any place in the house of Mr Yadav for Anmol. Manmeet explains he will not want to see her face and will be angry with her but she knows he would move on in his life.

Rajkumar is sitting with his bags, thinking how Manmeet reveled that he performs stand up comedy twice a week, he is not able to understand what he would do in the future.

In the morning Mr Yadav is having breakfast when he notices they all are worried so questions what the matter is, Nirali crying asks where Rajkumar would be sleeping in the night, Mr Yadav replies he would not come back to this house. Rajkumar standing on the door calls his father but he tries to leave, Raj coming apologizes as he knows Mr Yadav was worried he might share the same fate as his uncle,

but he was never interested in being an Architect which is why he completed the study in eight years, he felt like doing the stand up comedy to fulfill his dreams and had not deceived his father rather just chosen his own dreams, he requests Mr Yadav to forgive him as he has ended the dreams in the morning so will never go to Sydney,

he turns to leave but Mr Yadav stops him asking when did he mend his ways because children tend to make mistakes however the parents are supposed to forgive them, he asks if Rajkumar has had anything to eat, he replies he did not when Mr Yadav asks him to go to his room and rest, Rajkumar exclaims I LOVE YOU to Mr Yadav who also says the same before hugging Rajkumar.

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