Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahaani 3rd July 2021 Written Episode Update


Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahaani 3rd July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahaani 3rd July 2021 Episode starts with Devi says I will go and attend your parents, they are our special guests. Shaurya comes and asks Anokhi to sit for some time. Rama gives a gift to Devi. Devi thanks her. She says this wasn’t needed. Rama says it was kept in the car, we couldn’t come empty handed. Devi says I hope its not a mixer grinder. Shaan takes the gift.

Babli comes. Shaan says I have no daughter, I know the parents buy a gift for their daughter by all their heart, thanks a lot. Babli says you follow good diet, we got an air fryer for you, not a mixer grinder. Devi says how nice, it means you know what’s an air fryer. She goes. Rama asks was it necessary to say this. Babli says its fine, how are the decorations. Rama says really nice. Shaurya says we will go on stage now. Babli asks them to have food first. He asks Anokhi to have food. He goes. Babli says he cares a lot for you, why do you look worried. Anokhi says I feel scared, I m worried that I can leave Anokhi behind and just became Mrs. Saberwal, Devi was talking to a guest, she wants me to just do a bahu’s duty and forget my studies.

Babli says don’t take stress, Shaurya loves you a lot, he will leave the house for your sake. Anokhi says I don’t want the matter to reach to this point that he leaves the house for my sake. Babli asks her to smile, its her reception today. Alok says the plan will start now. He says Anokhi will fall asleep after having this drink, Shaurya can’t celebrate the wedding night with him. Tej says you would be feeling out of place in a big place. Rama says we have to leave for Kapurthala. Tej says Babli will also go to her Maayka now. Rama says yes, Anokhi will stay in her Sasural, what will Babli do alone here. Tej says everyone will ask you about her divorce. Anokhi says the people will support her knowing the reason, its not Babli’s mistake. Aastha says the difficulties became a strength for a divorced woman. Babli says I want to stay here, I have started my work here. Anokhi says yes, I can also meet her. Bhalla says fine, if you want to stay here, then okay, happy now. He asks Shaan to take care of Anokhi, she is kiddish. Shaan says Anokhi is my daughter, not bahu, we will take good care of her. Bhalla asks Tej to forgive Anokhi if she makes a mistake. Tej smiles. Rama and Bhalla leave.

Shaurya and Anokhi’s photo session is left. He takes selfies with her. Alok says guests just left, you lovebirds started having fun, have some patience. Shagun gets drinks for them. Shaurya says wait. He says I heard that love gets high when we share the drink from the same glass. Shagun and Alok says no. Shagun says I worked hard to make the drinks. Shaurya says its good luck. He takes Anokhi’s drink. Shagun makes the glass fall down. Shaurya asks what’s wrong with you.

Alok says mosquito was there in the glass, Shagun saved you. Shagun says a mosquito spoiled the drink. Aastha says Lord has given us much happiness. Shaan says Anokhi is lovely, you spoke to me after 25 years because of her, she has become our bahu now. She says I will go back to Kapurthala. He asks why, stay today. She says a day won’t matter, I have to do back, right. He gets sad.

She says I m not your wife now. He says I forgot, I felt we are still married. She cries and leaves. Shaurya and Anokhi come. She says give her some time, she will come back forever. Shaan smiles and asks did you have food, we shall leave soon, have food and come. Aastha comes back. She says I didn’t realize that its too late, I will go in the morning. They smile. Aastha says its Anokhi’s first rasoi tomorrow, how could I leave that, I will go tomorrow. Shaan says great. Shagun says Shaurya and Anokhi shouldn’t unite. Alok says I have plan B. Kanchan teases Shaurya. Aastha says let them rest. Kanchan jokes. Anokhi smiles. Kanchan asks why are you feeling shy today. Aastha asks Kanchan not to trouble them now. Shaurya sees everyone. He asks is everything fine. They show Shagun fallen on the bed. Alok says don’t know what did she drink in the party, she passed out. He asks Shagun to get up. He asks shall we let her rest here, who knew Shaurya and Anokhi’s first night will get ruined.

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahaani 15th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anokhi says I have to concentrate on my exams. Tej asks what’s the need. She says its imp to do a job. He says in our family, women don’t do a job after marriage.

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Telecast Date:3rd July 2021
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