Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahaani 28th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahaani 28th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahaani 28th May 2021 Episode starts with Reema asking Anokhi about Shaurya. Anokhi thinks I can’t tell you. Reema tells her about a seminar, SIAC will send the top 10 students and also bear the travel and hotel expenses. Anokhi says I will make sure to go. Reema asks about Shaurya again. Anokhi gets Ahir’s call. Reema goes. Ahir asks Anokhi to come and meet him at a cafe. Anokhi asks is Babli fine. Ahir says yes, its not about her, just come. She says I m coming. Devi and Shagun see the preparations. Devi asks Shaurya to help Shagun. Shagun says I will shortlist the designs. Kanchan asks how long will you insult us. Gayatri says forget it, don’t take her words on her heart, you should have got habitual till now like I got.

Anokhi goes to meet Anokhi. She asks is there any surprise. He gives her roses. He says you know the meaning of different roses, white rose can be given to anyone, yellow rose for my best friend. She thanks him. He gives her the red rose. She worries. He says you would know the meaning of this rose, I love you Anokhi ji. She gets shocked. He asks what happened. She says this can’t happen. He asks why. She says you know I love Shaurya. He says you loved him, you both had a breakup, you said you both have no relation, tell me if you don’t like me. She says no, I regarded you my best friend. He says sorry, I didn’t think anything wrong, I respect you a lot, I like you, I love you and want to marry you. She says I can’t marry you. He says I know you have career goals, I will wait, you can take time, then we will marry. She says no, I can never marry you. He asks but why. She says because I already got married to Shaurya, whom I love.

He gets shocked. She shows the sindoor. He cries. Shagun goes to show designs to Shaurya. He says I m busy. She asks him to see once. He shouts on her. He asks what’s wrong, I won’t marry you, I already got married. Devi asks what, you got married, when did you get married, with whom, how could you not tell it to me. He shouts Badimaa. His dream breaks. Shagun asks where are you lost, see this. He asks did you take medicines Badimaa. Devi says Shagun will give me medicine. He asks are you a kid, you won’t get fine if you don’t take medicines, I m waiting for you to get fine. Devi says I will take it. Kanchan looks on. Shaurya makes Devi eat medicines. He says I mean you have to take care of yourself, sorry, I can’t run after you always, Tej and Alok went for new campus preparations, I have to see this campus work. He goes. Shagun says I guess he couldn’t accept our engagement, we should spend time, just the two of us, if you say so. Devi says fine, make some plan and tell me, I will talk to him. Shagun says sure. Devi says he left his phone here. Shagun says I will give it to him.

Anokhi says sorry Ahir, but I m not sorry, you are understanding right. She cries. She says whatever happened, I m sorry, whatever I said, I m not sorry, I told the truth, I m married now, its the truth, I m not ashamed or guilty. Ahir says I m also not sorry, I told you the truth, I m not ashamed or guilty. He asks when did this happen, did you tell anyone, Babli… She says you are the first person. Kitty and Bebo talk to Shaurya. He says there is no party, we don’t have to talk about it. Shagun comes. He says I mean there is no party right now, Devi is recovering, she is excited, you become responsible. Shagun looks on. He says this news shouldn’t leak. Shagun gives the phone to him. He says you forgot this on the table. He says I hope you also heard it. She says I will come along, wait. He drives off. Bebo says what’s wrong with you. Kitty says he didn’t even notice Shagun and left her. Shagun gets angry.

Anokhi says I have always regarded you my best friend, did I lose my friend. Ahir says never, I will always be your best friend. She asks will you keep my secret. He says I won’t tell Babli or anyone. She thanks him. She says I m still confused, but I m happy, don’t know, I feel I always wanted this, you gave me best wishes, I know it will really help me, thank you Ahir.

Shaurya comes to the college. Students greet him. He says don’t know when will this engagement drama end. He sees the ring. Anokhi and Reema are there. Shaurya removes the ring and keeps it in his pocket. He sees Anokhi and smiles. Anokhi sees him. He says hi… He messages her. She keeps the phone. He takes the coffee cup. He greets everyone. He says I have some work with Anokhi, something really imp. Anokhi asks what. He asks shall I say, it will be officially announced today, I will inform you, next week, there is a seminar, I want to inform you guys that top 10 students will be going, since Anokhi is a class topper, she will also go to Delhi and lead the other students. He says Reema, I need to brief her, if you don’t mind. Reema says sure. She goes. Anokhi says I have to complete assignment, I will meet you later. He says I have sent Reema for this, do you behave like this with your hubby, what will happen if you say it once. She asks him to stop it. He says I m still the HOD and director of this institution, I will shout out your full name, Mrs. Anokhi Shaurya Saberwal.


Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahaani 29th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anokhi asks what happened now. Shaurya says I m glad you know your rights, just a wife can come to husband’s cabin without knocking, welcome to my cabin, we should do some rasam. Shagun looks on shocked.

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Telecast Date:28th May 2021
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