Shakti 9th July 2019 Written Episode Update

Shakti Written Update

Shakti 9th July 2019 Written Episode Update, Shakti Written Update on

Shakti 9th July 2019 Episode Start With Soumya coming home. A kinnar asks what happened Soumya. Soumya goes to room. Saya goes inside. Kareena is about to go, but kinnar stops him. Soumya hugs Saya and says she did a big mistake by becoming Param Gurumaa. She tells everything and a fb is shown. She says I want to see love in Harman’s ji eyes and not in other’s eyes. She says Harman shall choose things for her and be concerned for him, not anyone else. She takes out the saree given by Vedant and throws it. She says I want Harman ji to bring icecream for me and says she can’t bear anyone else in her life. She says Harman loves me very much, I want to go back for him and can’t live anymore without him. Harman drinks wine and makes teddy wear Soumya’s saree and bindi. He tags her Bewafa Soumya, Tarana and then says bewafa Gulabo.

He says she became bewafa and asks her to tell why you did this and asks what was less in his love. Soumya says my identity came infront of us always, whenever he refused my identity, I kept myself far from him. She says I thought my identity is hurting him, but I was wrong as I can be happy with him as he accepted me and gave me my identity. She says I don’t know how to rectify this mistake. She says this world is against us and says mummy ji and kareena don’t want us to be together. She says you have always supported me and understand me and asks her to free her from Gurumaa’s position and says she will convince Harman. Saya says I will see what to do.

Harman thinks now nothing can be done, you are bewafa. Vedant looks at Soumya’s pic and says you have refused my love, now I will get you from some other way. Saya calls the Gurumaas of different places and tells them that it is not possible for Tarana to be Param Gurumaa, so that’s why I request you to free her from this position. Soumya also requests them. The Gurumaas’ tell that she can’t live the position. Saya says she is not like us and says your decision can change her life. Gurumaa says what about the swear which you have taken when becoming Gurumaa. Soumya says she will fulfill her duties with Harman. Gurumaa refuses. Saya asks Soumya to run away and says she will handle them. Kareena holds Soumya’s hand and says she can’t go from here.

Gurumaas tell that they will keep her captive until she changes her mind. Saya tells Soumya is not suitable to become Gurumaa until she has feelings for Harman and home. All the kinnars say the same and refuse to accept Soumya as the Param Gurumaa. Ex param Gurumaa comes and tells that Saya told her everything and she came to do justice here. She says Soumya has to leave Gurumaa’s position right now and new Param Gurumaa will be chosen by everyone’s consent. Saya tells Soumya that she is free to go now and asks her to tell Harman and Harak Singh that she is freed now. She says go and live your life, you are Harman’s life, Harak’s bahu and Soham’s mother. Soumya runs out happily and crying. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..Their moments are shown. Soumya is still walking.

Preeto asks Harman until when he will be sad. Harman says I was a fool to run behind a bewafa and says I will forget everything. Harak Singh appreciates him. Preeto says she will make Pulao for him. Inspector comes and asks where is Harman Singh. Harman asks what wrong did I do? Inspector says we will tell in Police station. He shows the arrest warrant. Harak Singh asks what is the crime, what wrong did he do?

Inspector says a company filed case against him. Preeto says which company and what is his crime. Soumya comes there calling Harman and sees him handcuffed by the Inspector. Tu hi mera khuda plays……


Shakti 10th July 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Vedant thinks his last conspiracy is successful. Harman says he is trapped by Vedant. Soumya asks Vedant to free Harman. He says he has a condition.


Shakti Details

Shakti — Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki is an Indian Hindi family drama television series, which premiered 30 May 2016 and is broadcast on Colors TV. The series is produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms Limited of Rashmi Sharma. The series is aired on weekdays. Vivian Dsena, Rubina Dilaik, Lakshya Handa, Roshni Sahota are playing the lead roles in the series. In Pakistan it airs on A-Plus TV


Reena Kapoor
Roshni Sahota
Rubina Dilaik
Sahil Mehta
Sudesh Berry
Tasheen Shah
Vivian Dsena
Amrita Prakash
Ayub Khan
Ekta Singh
Garima Jain
Kamya Punjabi
Kishori Shahane
Lakshya Handa

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min



  1. Really feels ashamed for shakti makers & feels sorry for the show also,because of makers disgusting tracks show looses its trp or say react very negativily towards the foolish tracks what makers give for the show.and the show faces the consequences.makers must use their brains while doing they have spoiled & completely ruined the show which cannot be rectified by themselves.they made saumya realize her mistake & she left the gurumaa post & came running to Harman,but of no use because makers will never end the misunderstanding created by preeto,vedant,kareena & god knows who all.that other kinner vedant has already trapped her in marrying situation with him so she will have to do this because Harman will not be released.and other side Harman has performed saumya death rituals (shradh) & he is fully influenced with if saumya comes back to Harman she will know he has already forgotten her & made her she will go back to kinner house again to take gurumaa position permanently or she will decide to marry that rascal kinner as Harman said Harman gulaboo ki kahani when Harman misunderstanding will be cleared it will be too this is what makers spoil the show finally.there is no scope of positivity in this in few months all of negativity will continue & then it will come to an end.letting them being together why cant they show the story go on with twist & turn.always take the negativity & separation track to that extent where they shut all doors to meet again.its really disgusting,nonsense,foolishness,shit for the show.exactly happened what fans said.all marriage track of two kinners vedant & saumya.rubina again in bride get ups & promotion of her outfit.


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