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Shakti 4th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Shakti Written Update on

Shakti 4th November 2019 Episode Start With Harak Singh was left broke. He remembers celebrating the birth of Heer, and every moment with her. He cries and pleads God that it isn’t possible. Her grandchild can’t be a kinner. He takes Heer down his shoulders, lays her on the road and mourns that this can’t be Harman’s blood.Suomya and Preeto come chasing Heer.

Harak Singh was crying and says Malika and everyone claim her granddaughter is a kinner. How can Harman’s daughter be a kinner? Preeto stood speechless. She recalls bringing the good news. Suomya had always wanted to only massage Heer. Preeto won’t even let Shanno change her diapers when she was a child. Harak Singh complains that Preeto also betrayed him. He slaps her on the face. Suomya tries to speak but Harak Singh furiously shouts at her to shut up. Suomya requests him to accept her as God’s blessing. Heer is Harman Singh’s daughter.

Harak Singh curses that Suomya ruined his family, his son died and a kinner was born in their house. Malika had cursed his family to suffer. He prayed for whole of his life, and now got this. He would either kill himself or Heer. Malika says she was taking Heer away, neither would she stay with them nor the world will get a chance to laugh over them. Suomya requests Harak Singh to let her take Heer away from this place. Harak Singh roars at them to shut up. He will now kill Heer.

Harak Singh runs with Heer in his arms. Everyone follow them.Ravi wakes up and brings everyone to consciousness. Veeran takes the kids home, while Ravi follows others.

Preeto swears Harak Singh not to kill her. Harak Singh considers Suomya as the curse on their family, she killed her mother, her father and grandmother, then their Harman. He turns to throw Heer in water but Suomya holds a gun over Harak Singh. She now roars at him to leave Heer, else she will now kill him. Harak Singh was aggressive and asks if she will shoot him. No such brave was born in Gurdaspur. Suomya warns everyone to stay away, Heer is Harman’s blood and she will protect her anyway. Harman fought for her against the whole world, today she can go to any extent to save Heer. Preeto also asks Harak Singh to leave Heer.

Shanno convince Harak Singh to leave Heer, he can’t be shot by a kinner for a kinner. Harak Singh challenges her to shoot him. Suomya loaded the gun, but Preeto snatches the gun and place it over her forehead. She threatens to kill herself right away and tells Suomya to take Heer. Suomya goes to take Heer while Harak Singh was emotional for Preeto. Suomya swears to Harman she and Heer will never show their face to them. Preeto tells her to leave, but only try and let not forget Heer about her Dadi. Tell Heer that her Dadi loves her more than her own life. Suomya turns to leave.
Preeto tells Malika to go back home, and not dare cast a look at her Heer ever. Malika leaves.
Preeto hugs Harak Singh and says nothing happened, he must forget he ever had a granddaughter. She takes him back home and in the car. Harak Singh takes a chance, locks Preeto in the car and follows Suomya. He says he hates Suomya more than his love for Preeto. Preeto tries to unlock the car, then calls Durga.

Harak Singh finds Suomya and Heer on the bridge. He calls them stop. Suomya says today he will have to fire the bullet in order to stop her. Harak Singh threatens to shoot her. Ravi who looked for Suomya hears the bullet shot. Everyone else also hears the shot. Suomya got the bullet on her leg. She drops Heer while she sits in pain.


Shakti 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Harak Singh continue to stop Suomya but she doesn’t. He finally shot a bullet that hits Suomya on her chest. She fell off the bridge in the river.


Shakti Details

Shakti — Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki is an Indian Hindi family drama television series, which premiered 30 May 2016 and is broadcast on Colors TV. The series is produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms Limited of Rashmi Sharma. The series is aired on weekdays. Vivian Dsena, Rubina Dilaik, Lakshya Handa, Roshni Sahota are playing the lead roles in the series. In Pakistan it airs on A-Plus TV


Reena Kapoor
Roshni Sahota
Rubina Dilaik
Sahil Mehta
Sudesh Berry
Tasheen Shah
Vivian Dsena
Amrita Prakash
Ayub Khan
Ekta Singh
Garima Jain
Kamya Punjabi
Kishori Shahane
Lakshya Handa

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min



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