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Shaadi Mubarak 9th October 2020 Episode starts with Kusum and Priyanka talking at home. Priyanka likes to use artificial nails. KT says Chanda cheated us, who can do this, I can tolerate everything but not cheat. Preeti asks can you tell me something. He gets Chanda’s call. She taunts him. She says its cut to cut competition, you can’t do it, accept it. He asks why did you call. She says I just called you to say that dreambell and I can still be yours, you should say yes KT. He angrily disconnects and throws the chair. He says I can’t tolerate cheat. Preeti takes him to a dosa stall. He says I don’t want to have food. She says I m very hungry, we will have a dosa. He says I will have masala dosa. He says I thought to keep partnership. She says true words.

She asks him to see the making of first dosa. He says its a bad day for him as well. She asks the man how did the dosa get spoiled. He says first dosa always gets spoiled, second dosa is good. She asks KT to see that and understand. She gives more examples to him. He says enough, I understood, you want to motivate me. She says motivate both of us, partnership, we have to face all the storms, we can’t lose courage, we will go ahead and then defeat failure, Nathmal’s contract is like first dosa, we will make many good dosa, for the sake of this dosa. He thanks her. They have the dosa and laugh. He says you surprise me sometimes, I didn’t expect you to make my mood better and motivate me. She says you surprised me, I always saw you cheerful, I was surprised seeing you getting annoyed with Sheena, I felt the matter is something deep, like a cheat has hurt you a lot. He recalls his wife. He gets candy floss for her. She tells her childhood stories. They laugh. Ik tara…..plays…..

Preeti comes home. She sees Tarun. He says I didn’t come to fight, I got this gift for you, its useful, check. He opens the gift and shows the tape. She asks why. He says so that you get habitual to get quiet after 23 days. She asks him to talk with manners. He argues.

He says Rati told me that you lost the contract, people may insult me for being your son, you failed, hold this. He opens the knots in the cloth. He says I have opened two knots today, I will open more knots on your failure. She says you are celebrating my first failure, when you ran the first race and lost, you came to me and cried a lot, I didn’t laugh on you, I made you practice, I had given you courage to come first, its fine if you couldn’t become my courage, if you are not with me, but my courage is with me. Juhi and Sumedh come. Juhi claps and says awesome, just you can do it. She says I got something for Tarun. Sumedh asks her to give it. She shows Preeti’s visiting card. She says you can come to meet mum as a son, else take appointment from her assistant, she is CEO of a big company, she has no time for useless people, take this first visiting card, call before coming to meet her, show it to Rati also, I know her hunger will end seeing this, but show her, go now. Tarun leaves.

Juhi says KT has given this to me, see your name is written, its a moment of pride for me. Kusum looks on. She praises KT’s choice. She says I m the CEO of the house, no one gives imp to any housewife, its time that everyone respects women, a housewife, her salary is love and respect. Sumedh says you are right, people don’t understand your value until you make them feel. Kusum says Tarun has no work and comes to fight every day. Preeti says Kusum is right, I didn’t think I m talented, I will earn respect in everyone’s eyes, my son will also be proud of me.

Neelima says strange, laptop didn’t come at the same time, Chanda came to present the same idea. KT says someone cheated us, don’t know who can do it. Neelima recalls Tarun’s words. She says Preeti can do this, she had the laptop. Juhi asks how can Chanda present your idea, what did KT say. KT says Preeti can’t do this, she is a honest person, she worked hard, she wanted us to get the company. Preeti says maybe I made a mistake, laptop was in this house. Juhi says someone has passed the idea to Chanda. Preeti asks who can do this.


Shaadi Mubarak 12th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Preeti shows the fake nail. Juhi says Priyanka also had fake nails. She goes to check Priyanka’s hand.

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Telecast Date:9th October 2020
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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