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Shaadi Mubarak 30th January 2021 Episode starts with Neil asking KT to talk to Preeti, she is sensible, she will understand. KT says no, she is very happy, she did a lot for me, I got a chance to do something for her, I can’t move back, I will make her feel that I really love her. Neil says it will be a lie, its not a matter of one day, she will know it. KT says no, I will not let her know, I don’t love her, I will act to love her. Neil says its tough. KT says I know it will be tough, it will get easy seeing her smile, I will give her happiness.

Neil says if KT can pretend love for Preeti’s sake, then I can sacrifice my love for the sake of my family. KT comes and asks what happened. Sushant says your room AC isn’t working, it will take few days for repair. KT says sorry, you sleep in the study and I will sleep in guest room. Preeti nods. Kushala says no, I will book a room in five star hotel. KT and Preeti stop her. Preeti says we will stay at home, I have thought of it. She sees KT.

Preeti makes the bedding on the terrace. KT says whenever you think something, its unique, this idea of sleeping under the stars is unique, there is a little problem. He catches a mosquito and says there are many mosquitoes. She says I have a solution. She jokes. She says don’t take me wrong, I love you, but I need time to come close to you. He sees her saree stuck to the nail. He asks really. She says yes. He comes in front of her. She turns and sees her saree stuck. He helps her. He says no need to say all this, I understand. She asks did you feel bad, actually Tarun’s dad …..on the wedding night, sorry I started to dig the past. He asks is my right just on your bright future, you can talk about the past, I was living with my past with you, you became my strength, its meaning of marriage, when two people become each other’s courage, marriage isn’t just physical relationship, I was drunk one day and was crossing limits, you stopped me, you did right, marriage doesn’t mean that a man gets license to force his wish on a woman, physical relationship can’t form before there is a consent. She nods. He says mangalsutra and sindoor should mean love and respect, not rights, you don’t need to worry, I will not cross any limit until you are comfortable, Preeti promise. She smiles. He asks her to sleep. Acha sa lagta hai….plays….

They lie down and count the stars. He says you can share anything with me, any little joy or deep wound, I promise I will never hurt you, I will keep your secrets like a true friend. She smiles. He says we met recently, we had different worlds, we don’t know each other like a husband and wife should know, I will ask some questions, you answer me, then you ask me, it will be fun. He asks her fav colour. She says red. He says mine too. He asks your fav hero. She says KT is my fav hero. He laughs and says you are lying, you didn’t see any of my movies. He asks what do you like to do, any common thing. She says let it be, you won’t like it.

She says tea stall, sitting there and having tea, seeing the people working hard. He laughs and says I like it. They talk. Adha ishq….plays….

Kushala gets Mr. Maheshwari’s call. He says I spoke to pandit, he said Neil and Shikha’s engagement mahurat is good this week. She says Neil has his MBA exams. He says he has to join our business, it will be better that he works according to us, you know we are going to help you from the mess. She says why not, we also want the relation to happen soon, Neil and Shikha’s engagement will be done this week. He says I will send the jeweller to get Neil’s ring size. She says sure. She thinks how will this engagement happen when KT and Preeti are here, Preeti will support Kusum, KT will also support her, what shall I do.

Its morning, KT brings Preeti to the tea stall. She says you said we have to meet a client. He shows the tea stall. They sit. She smiles. He orders the tea. She asks will you have tea here. He says yes. He asks her dislikes. He says I won’t do anything that you don’t like. She says I didn’t think about it. He says think now. They see a couple breaking up. Preeti asks why did you give her false promises when you don’t love her, when she loves you now, who gave you a right to break her heart. The guy goes. Preeti consoles the girl. She says the one who truly loves you will understand you. The girl leaves. Preeti says you asked me what I don’t like, I dislike heartbreaks, do anything but don’t break my heart, I can’t tolerate that pain. KT worries.


Shaadi Mubarak 30th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :KT says I have to spend time with you, maybe this moment comes back or not, I m ready to take the relation ahead. KT gets confused when he sees his alter self asking him to become the world’s biggest cheat.

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Telecast Date:30th January 2021
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