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Shaadi Mubarak 26th October 2020 Episode starts with Preeti recalling Tarun’s words and seeing the knots. She calls Sheena to discuss work. Kusum comes and does tilak to her. She asks her to just cut down the knots, its useless. She asks why do you listen to him. She says your son doesn’t love and respect you, why are you scared of him. Preeti says you know Tarun’s thinking towards me isn’t of him, its of his dad, when he was young, he used to be with me all the time. She shows the pic when Tarun was just 5 years old. She says like he had seen his dad behaving with me, he believed me, he really thought that I m useless, I want to change his thinking, I just want to see respect and love in his eyes, so that he comes back to hug me, like a 5 year old kid, tell me, is this a fear? Kusum asks her to go for work. She says I will pray that a mum wins. Preeti smiles.

KT says why is she in hurry to get marriage done before diwali. Preeti says how shall I say that Diwali is last date for me. Sheena gets a call. She runs to KT and Preeti. She says its superfast marriage, we have to complete it in 7 days before diwali, it was a minister’s call. KT and Preeti get happy. KT says Preeti’s name will be on the newspapers, this diwali will be auspicious. Kusum says then we should have sweets. KT praises her. Kusum says Priyanka’s marriage got fixed, its next week. KT says congrats. She feeds sweets to Preeti also and hugs. Preeti makes her eat also.

Kusum asks Sheena to take their selfie. She says congrats, you got the contract, you show the wedding to minister in his language also. KT says what an idea, think its done. He shares his idea with them. Preeti asks will this be right. Kusum says yes. KT says we are here for business. Priyanka comes to Rati and Kusum. She throws the ring at him. She says keep your ring to yourself, you failed in the game, I don’t love you, I m surprised that Rati loves you, you aren’t a good son, good brother and good person, I can tag this Rati to be a fool. Rati raises hand. Priyanka twists her hand. She scolds her.

Rati asks Tarun to help her. Priyanka says you both are perfect for each other. She says if you try to command as boss, then remember, I have recording of your act, I will expose you in office, then you can’t show face anywhere, you challenged Preeti and used me, Preeti will win that challenge, you will never win.

KT and Preeti get ready. He says lets do this, come on. He sneezes. Preeti says we can’t go in. They go and greet the minister. They see a young guy. The guy says I m Aryan Mantri, so shall we…. KT says yes, please sit down. Aryan says I want my marriage in a unique style. Preeti asks is it your marriage, no one came with you. Aryan says what’s the use of mom and dad, when I m here, I have come to talk to you, I can tell my needs and expectations for the marriage. He asks any problem, don’t you directly deal with bride and groom. KT says no, you are different in a good way, you achieved a lot at a young age, you have become a minister. Aryan laughs and says my surname is Mantri, you thought I m a minister, no one is related to politics in my family. Preeti thinks Sheena thought so. Aryan says you had worn fancy clothes to impress the minister, its such a bad trick, forget it, I have found your ad interesting, I m impressed, but my mind changed now, your thinking can never match the thinking of millionaires, it will be impossible for you, like you thought my family will decide for my marriage, it won’t happen, I don’t want typical indian wedding, I want fun, entertaining and dhamaal, like my would be wife would like, I have to finish marriage and go to honeymoon, we just got few offs, we don’t want relatives, typical things. KT asks did you think of it. Aryan says I want cool and trendy things of today’s times. KT says it will be done, it will be youthful. Aryan says your enthusiasm is awesome, my marriage thought is not merging with you, you know uncle and aunty’s choices, thinking of 40 plus and 20 plus won’t go together, I was wrong, sorry. She thinks I can’t lose this chance. KT says we can talk and find a solution. Aryan says our wavelength doesn’t match, bro, I m liberal, you are superstitious, you sneezed at the door and madam didn’t let you come, you were shocked to see me, even my parents were not shocked when I told that I will handle my marriage expenses, its the problem of generation gap, I will go. Preeti stops him and says you are being judgemental. Aryan asks how

She says you spoke to us for 5 mins, you saw our age and thought we can’t understand you, I know our generation believes in old traditions, not superstitions, I stopped KT outside, I gave him hand sanitizer, I did this so that we ensure safety. She recalls giving sanitizer to KT. She says you said right, we were surprised to see you, a groom has come to talk of marriage, we believe that one can make marriage arrangements. KT says we thought you are minister. Preeti says yes, Sheena had a misunderstanding about your surname, anyways, our starts happened on a different page, but the book is same, why don’t we fill it together, we will fill colours on the blank page as per the client’s choice.


Shaadi Mubarak 27th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Aryan says I want item girl Tia in my party. Preeti meets Tia. Tia demands much money. She says one has to make sacrifices to get success.

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Telecast Date:26th October 2020
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