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The Episode starts with Preeti preparing for her son’s wedding. The lady Kusum Kothari asks her the daughter Kajal to write her name, they are going in Tarun and Rati’s marriage. She argues with her other daughter. Kusum says we didn’t know we will see this day. She gets Jyoti’s call. She tries to show her jewellery to Jyoti. She says we are going to Preeti’s son’s marriage. Jyoti says don’t know how is Preeti managing alone. Kusum says my son Sumedh and bahu Juhi are helping Preeti well since a month. Preeti does much work. Jyoti says Preeti didn’t call me for kalash rasam, but invited me for mehendi, she didn’t upset anyone, she is much valued. Tarun asks Preeti to see sherwani fitting. She applies black dot to him. He says I don’t believe in all this. Juhi says mum is going to give you a good surprise today. Kusum comes and greets them.

She asks where is my son. Juhi says he is working outside. Kusum says you are making him work. Juhi says just till marriage, then we will be in your house. Kusum signs her daughters. She says we will have food and go. Juhi gets the kalash. Sumedh holds it. The man asks her to say the chann for Sumedh. Juhi sees Preeti. Preeti signs her. Juhi says the chann. Preeti and Juhi dance. They do the ghoomar. Kusum says every girl knows ghoomar here, Preeti is my samdhan, if I dance, then her dance will not look good. Tarun comes and says I told you that Rati and I will have a court marriage, Rati’s wedding lahenga got torn, if lahenga doesn’t come then Rati won’t come till the mandap. Sumedh says don’t worry, I will do some arrangements. Tarun says you got me insulted. Preeti takes him. She gives her lahenga. Tarun says Rati had bought designer lahenga. Preeti checks the internet. She sends Tarun and stitches the lahenga. Juhi says Preeti is a super mum, you will know it soon, she can do anything. He says you always praise mum. Rati comes and likes the lahenga. She says wow…. Juhi asks did you like it.

Rati says a lot. Juhi says Tarun said mum isn’t a super woman. Rati says tell him that she is special, how did she get it so soon. Juhi says its mum’s bridal lahenga, she has made it a designer one. Rati says I will try it now, this is so pretty. Her mum says I thought you are being foolish to shift Preeti to your house. Rati says she is so lovely, innocent and healthy, you have seen her managing impossible situation, she will manage house, I will manage my career, its tough to get servants, I will handle her well, she can’t even talk. Juhi asks Preeti to come with her. She sees some papers. She says it means Tarun’s marriage gift is ready, your lovely poem. Preeti gets ready. Juhi says I like your poem a lot. She reads the poem and hugs her. Kusum and daughters come for the wedding. Sumedh compliments her and says we will take a selfie. Preeti smiles seeing Tarun and Rati. She sees the chandelier falling down. She shouts Tarun and runs to push him. Preeti asks are you fine, the chandelier fell down, you should have been careful. Everyone gets shocked seeing her talking. Rati says you can talk. Juhi says yes, she never lost her voice, she was silent as she had a mannat for Tarun. Tarun looks at Preeti.

Juhi says Preeti had stitched lahenga for Rati in 30mins, she had stitched her lips for 20 years for his sake, Tarun ate glass when he was a baby, he couldn’t speak, mum had a mannat, if he gets his voice back, then she will not speak until he wears his sehra, she always tolerated and didn’t talk ever. She hugs Preeti. She says she always liked to sing and talk a lot, but she got mute after that mannat, it was last day of her mannat, she was going to break this silence by telling the poem, she spoke today to save you. Sumedh says I heard a lot about mothers, but I can’t believe it, you locked your voice for 20 years. Tarun asks is the drama over or are you going to begin. He gets angry on Preeti. He says you think I got my voice because of your mannat, what’s the use of doctors. Juhi says its about faith, mum makes sacrifice for children. He says you did drama to be quiet, you know I had to feel insulted because of your drama, I left house and went to hostel because of you, I had to bear a lot. Juhi argues with him. Preeti cries.

Juhi defends Preeti. Rati says sorry from Tarun’s side, I will explain him, please get ready. Preeti goes. A man comes home. The poetry papers fly out of the room. The man picks the papers and reads. Preeti looks on. He reads the poetry. He smiles. He says whom are you waiting for, KD is there. Ik tara….plays….

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