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Shaadi Mubarak 15th October 2020Episode starts with Kusum scolding Kajal for eating lots of icecream and getting a sore throat. Preeti calls Kusum and says I have to make an excuse to avoid meeting Mrs. Goplani, I don’t know what to lie, tell me what excuse to make. Kusum says you mean you think I m a liar, tell me what you think of BFF. Preeti asks what’s that, I called you to get an idea, like you suggested before. Kusum says that’s called a drama, you can have icecream and have a sore throat, BFF means best friends forever. Preeti thanks her and ends call. She eats icecream and prays to have a sore throat. KT comes with the saree. She hides the icecream and smiles. He looks around. She asks what happened. He says so this is going on. He gives her a tissue. She says you give it when I cry, I m laughing. He says you need it. She asks why.

He says I feel happy, glitter fell on you, your childhood came out, I didn’t think you have a child alive in you, who hides and eats icecream. She says no. He says icecream is on your face. She cleans it. Priyanka says you said truth right, you wanted divorce from Rati. Tarun says yes. She says you don’t need to do any wrong thing, I will get you free from Rati, I will end Preeti and your distance, there will be just happiness in your life, just wait for everything to get fine. He says okay.

Preeti says I was having icecream, but not secretly, do you want, I have kept it. He sees the melted icecream. She says I will share it next time. He says Preeti promise. She says yes. He says this is new rule, you will share whatever you eat, also share the problems, joy and sorrow, we are partners, nothing should be hidden, right. She nods. He says we will share everything like true partners. She says yes. He says I will make a sticky note and stick there.

She thinks I m doing the right thing for the company, I can’t tell you. He says you are forgetting about our meeting. She says yes, but my saree. He says I got the saree, we will do twinning, get ready. He goes. She says my throat isn’t getting bad. She calls Kusum. She says I ate a tub of icecream, my throat is fine. Kusum says I didn’t ask you to eat it, you just had to do drama, just act that your voice isn’t coming. Preeti says I don’t know to lie, I will get caught. Kusum says yes, go and break your legs, then tell truth, go to KT and tell the truth, he is sensible, he will understand. Preeti worried. The women come to Rati’s office to protest. The woman says we have come to support Preeti, we are from Respect Elders association. She insults Rati.

Chanda asks what is this happening. The woman says you don’t hire such people who can’t respect elders, Rati forced her Saas to leave home. Chanda asks Rati what’s this, I don’t want your family matter to affect my company reputation. Rati says you all are mistaken. She thinks Preeti did this with me. Preeti gets Rati’s message. KT comes and asks Preeti to get ready. Preeti acts mute. She writes I can’t go, I have a sore throat, I can’t talk. He asks who told you to have icecream, maybe my bad sight caught you, I also wanted to have some, but I m on diet. She asks him to go. He says I will cancel the meeting, there is no use to do meeting without you. She writes, you go alone, cards are ready. He says no, you prepared the designs, I can’t go. She asks him to use technology. He says not bad, fine I will go alone, I have no option. She gives the laptop and card. He asks her to go home and rest. She nods. She signs all the best. He says you too. He goes.

Rati sits crying. Tarun comes and asks what’s happening. Rati says they are from respect elders association, how will I go office now. He gives her water. She says Chanda will fire me from job. He asks how did these people come. She says your mum would have sent them, who else will do it. She calls Preeti. He gets Priyanka’s call. He answers. Priyanka says how did you like my plan, Rati will face protests, I gave her an answer. Tarun asks did you send them. She says yes, I will expose her truth, you will get divorced soon, she won’t ask for alimony, you won’t need to take any wrong step against Preeti, she is so good, you will get your mum, you don’t have to kill your conscience, I cheated Preeti and regret a lot. Rati gets angry. Priyanka says very soon, you will get free. He says I will call you later. He ends call. Rati scolds Tarun. She says she has ruined our plan, what now.

Mrs. Goplani likes the designs. KT shows more layouts. She likes everything. She says your ideas are unique, I m truly impressed. He says my partner is amazing, Preeti made this card, its handmade. She says unbelievable. He says I wish she was here. Preeti comes home. She says I wish Mrs. Goplani likes the ideas, I will call KT. Mrs. Goplani says its the first advance cheque from my side. Kt thanks her. He says this moment is incomplete without Preeti, I would like to call her. She says of course, go ahead. He thinks to personally meet Preeti. Preeti hears Rati’s audio. Rati scolds her for sending the association ladies to insult her. Preeti thinks how did this happen, I will talk to Rati.


Shaadi Mubarak 16th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :KT sees Preeti and thinks why is she lying. He asks Preeti not to hide. He scolds her and says I can’t tolerate lies and cheat, once my trust breaks, I don’t give another chance to break my trust and hurt me.

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Telecast Date:15th October 2020
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