Shaadi Mubarak 15th January 2021 Written Episode Update


Shaadi Mubarak 15th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Shaadi Mubarak 15th January 2021 Episode starts with Preeti saying we have to know why she wants to marry you after 17 years, why does she want to get revenge on you. Nandini says I have to take a big revenge on KT, I have to make him mad in my love, I will tell him that I have come to cheat you, I will tell my secret which he can’t tolerate, this time he won’t get depressed, this time he will commit suicide and end his life. Preeti asks did you know the person with whom Nandini will run away.

KT says Ravi, he was my best friend, my love and my friendship, they both stabbed me. KT says I thought Nandini can’t be loyal to Ravi, it was too late, I had cursed Nandini from my heart that she will never get her love. Nandini says Ravi and I couldn’t stay happy, your curse had hurt his heart, he changed, he used to madly love me, your curse had cast a bad sight on my relation, you snatched my happiness, Ravi changed and just gave me tears, he started hating me, he became a drunkard because of you, he was in guilt that he broke his best friend’s marriage, he left caring for me and himself, he committed suicide and ended himself, its just because of you, you snatched my Ravi from me, you snatched my happiness, you will pay for it.

KT says Ravi committed suicide, don’t know what happened between them that he had died. Nandini says I don’t want to keep any relation with him, I just want revenge, I came close to my motive. Preeti says maybe she kept Arjun with her to reach you. Nandini burns KT’s pics. She says I will immerse Ravi’s ashes the day when I will immerse KT’s ashes, I had vowed that KT will also end his life, he will also die like Ravi, then my revenge will be fulfilled. Preeti says I won’t let Nandini succeed in her plans, I promise I will make her out of your life.

Neil comes to Kusum’s house. He says I have come to say that I will marry Priyanka today itself, Kushala has fixed my alliance in a rich family, please support me. Kusum worries. Nandini surprises KT by putting his film posters. She says its a big day, your movie completed 25 years, we kept a small celebration today. KT says its 25 years, I forgot but you remember everything. Nandini says I remember even the little things, you got an award for this movie. He thanks her. He says this is true love. Preeti looks on. KT says she came after 17 years, but she remembers what happened 25 years back. He says Preeti is my wife, she didn’t see any of my movie. Nandini says its fine, she is just pretending.

She says I was telling Arjun about the film climax, can you enact the scene once, he can know your magic still works. He says I don’t think its good to see. Preeti thinks its her plan. Arjun says I want to see your acting, please. Kushala says KT, its fine. KT sits enacting the scene. He writes his suicide note. He shouts no, I can’t give my life for a girl, I got cheated, why would I lose my heart for that cheater. Everyone claps for him. Nandini sees the suicide note. She thinks thanks KT, you wrote your suicide note. Preeti thinks what does Nandini want to do. Everyone hugs KT. Nandini sees Preeti. She goes to pick the letter. She makes Arjun fall down. Everyone rushes. Nandini picks the letter and hides it. She thinks I got the suicide letter, I have to compel KT to commit suicide. She asks Arjun is he fine. She takes him.


Shaadi Mubarak 16th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :KT says we have to make Nandini admit her plan, if we spike her drink, then she can tell her plan. Nandini gets drunk. She says you want to know my secret, you knew KT that he committed suicide. Preeti looks on.

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Telecast Date:15th January 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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