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Shaadi Mubarak 14th January 2021 Episode starts with Nandini showing the money to Preeti and KT. She asks Preeti to sign the papers. Preeti says I will count the money first, you may frame Juhi again. Nandini says I want to send you out soon, just go. KT says let her check. Preeti keeps her phone in the bag. KT asks will she sign the papers. Nandini says yes. KT hugs her. Nandini says I m going to hide this, don’t act smart, else Juhi will go jail, come with me and tell them that you are giving divorce to KT. She asks are you happy, Preeti will go away from our lives, then we can marry. KT smiles.

Nandini asks the NGO ladies to come. She says thanks for coming, I want Preeti to do this infront of you, actually Preeti wants to divorce KT, I want her to sign the papers in front of you all. Preeti says she is saying right. She looks for her phone. She says I want my phone. Nandini says sign the papers first. Preeti says no, I want my phone to see Laddoo Gopal’s pic. KT asks her to sign the papers. She says you are eager to make me out. KT asks Sushant to call Preeti or check the tracker. Sneha says its not connecting. KT asks where did you keep the phone.

Sneha says its ringing now. Sushant tracks the phone and gets the money suitcase. He says her phone is in this bag. Shivraj asks whose bag is this. Sushant says I got this bag from Nandini’s car dickey. He asks Nandini was she going somewhere. Preeti asks what’s my phone doing in your bag, tell me, open the bag and give the phone. KT asks the number of the bag. Nandini says its not my bag, I don’t know. KT opens the bag somehow. They see the money. Preeti takes her phone. She says Nandini planned this against me, she had stolen the money from Juhi and blamed her, she was threatening me to sign the divorce papers. She says Nandini told me to divorce KT, why would I leave KT when we have no problems, Nandini has a problem, she has trapped KT, she can go to any extent to get him. She requests the ladies to make her free from Nandini. Nandini says stop the nonsense, she is lying, this bag isn’t mine. Preeti plays the recording. Everyone hears Nandini’s words.

Nandini says you recorded this. Preeti says yes, KT taught this to me, I had this proof. She says why would a woman come back after 17 years and stay when her husband has remarried, please save my house, else I will lose my peace. The lady says don’t worry, we won’t let wrong happen with you. She scolds Nandini and gives her two days time to go away. She asks Preeti to inform them if Nandini troubles her. She scolds KT and asks him to stop these fights. KT nods. The NGO ladies leave. Preeti tears the divorce papers and throws on Nandini’s face. She says you have hurt Juhi today, if you try to hurt her again, I will not leave you. She scolds Nandini.

She says stop dreaming about KT, I will not divorce him, I will not let you snatch my legal rights. She goes to Kushala. She says Lord gave you everything you wished, being middle class doesn’t mean that she is a thief, we have values, we don’t have wrong intentions, sorry but you need to change your perception, life is big because of values, not by money, I m proud of my daughter. She consoles Juhi and hugs. She signs KT.

KT and Preeti meet in the bathroom. She says Nandini can see us. He laughs and says you have changed the game, Nandini’s plan got exposed. She says she can do anything to take revenge, we have to be careful, I m going to Arjun’s college to meet the principal and ask him about Nandini, we will meet in the lawn. He says fine. He knocks on her forehead and says good luck. She says you have to knock on wood, not head. He says if I stop seeing you, then I can see the wood, you are my good luck charm, principal should tell Nandini’s truth to us, so that we make Nandini out of our lives, all the best. She leaves.

Nandini comes to meet the principal. He asks her to go. She asks why are you scared of me. He says I know what you are and what you can do, I have that secret on my mind. She says good, you should not tell that to anyone. She threatens him. Preeti comes. Nandini hides. Preeti asks him about Nandini. She says KT doesn’t know about Nandini, she has ruined my life and wants to unite with KT. She says I need your help, I want to know about her. He says I don’t understand all this, its your family matter, I don’t want to get into this, I m much busy, you can go. She asks why are you scared. He asks her to go.

KT and Preeti meet in the lawn. He says Nandini has threatened the principal, I think her motives are dangerous, we should make her leave. She says no, we have to bring her truth in front of Arjun, you will get your son, I don’t understand why she wants to marry you after 17 years. Nandini unveils KT’s pic and says you can never understand my dangerous intentions, my plans are very big.


Shaadi Mubarak 15th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Nandini says its my first step towards revenge, I have to take a big revenge. Preeti asks what’s this revenge. Nandini says this time, KT will end his life himself.

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Telecast Date:14th January 2021
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