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Sasural Simar Ka 2 9th September 2022 Episode starts with Simar lifting the veil and sees Reema in distressed condition. She gets shocked and says Di. Reema gets up and hugs her. Simar says I have found you.

She asks if you are here, or if this is my illusion. Reema says Simar, I am your Reema di and says I know that my Simar will come to take me, someone come or not. Simar says everything will be fine.

Aarav looks for Simar and thinks why I am coming here again and again. Reema says take me from here, I don’t want to stay here. Simar says I will take you away from here. She asks who has brought you here?

Reema says my mistakes have brought me here, and I am bearing the punishment now. Aarav continues to search Simar, but comes back to the same place again and again. He thinks what is this, if this is bhool bhulaiyya. Reema asks Simar to take her away from there. Simar asks her to come.

She finds Reema’s legs chained. Reema says this place is very dangerous, they will come and kill me, take me from here. Simar tries to break the chain and shouts Aarav ji. Aarav hears her voice. Reema looks at Simar. Rudra comes and hits Simar on her head and she faints and falls down.

Aarav reaches there and sees Simar unconscious. He doesn’t see Reema as she is taken away from there. Aarav lifts Simar and takes her out from there. Rudra and Mayakshi see Aarav and Simar going from there. Mayakshi asks him to stop them. Rudra says humans shall go away from here. She asks him to stop them. They leave in car.

Mayakshi says if we don’t stop them then our destruction is sure. He keeps the hammer on her head, and punishes her with his evil powers. He asks her to be always afraid and remember that he knows everything and don’t question him again. He frees her. Mayakshi takes heavy breath.

Rudra says what do you think, and tells that he has read that woman very well and she is not that. He says Navratri is about to begin and tells that she shall not be afraid of Simar, as she is an ordinary woman. He says Damini is a good yakshini, but Simar is powerless. He says we are bad yaksh and yakshini.

The dupatta falls near Mayakshi. Mayakshi asks her to go. Reema’s lookalike reflection asks what happened. Mayakshi says Bhai is not understanding that Simar is Damini and calls her Chaya, asking her if we are right or Bhaiyya.

Chaya says Yaksh Rudra is right, she is not Damini. Mayakshi says you will say what bhaiyya wants you to say, you are his puppet. Chaya says she don’t have any option. Mayakshi says it is not possible that Bhaiyya is always right.

Aarav and Simar stop at the way. Aarav tells Simar that when he came there, nobody was there except her. Simar tells that she saw Reema there and she asked her to take her from there, but the latter was chained, when she was trying to break it. someone attacked on her head and she fainted.

He says I am believing you, but we have no proof, what we will tell at home. Simar asks do you trust me? He says yes, but how we will make everyone understand. Simar says we don’t need to proof anything. She says I feel like there is some incomplete story or secret buried in the haveli.

Aarav says even I got some strange feeling when I come to that room. He says how did we reach there, this is beyond my understanding. Simar says Di needs our help, she is in danger, and I can’t leave her alone. Aarav says until it is experienced by self, nobody believes. He says I am with you to bring out the truth about this haveli. They hold hands and starts walking.

Damini and her lover is shown running holding hands. Damini is Simar and her lover is Aarav even in past life. They start walking. The screen splits and Aarav and simar are shown.

Simar asks driver to stop the car and says she will be hit. Driver says there is nobody there. Simar opens her eyes and it is her dream. She then recalls asking Damini who is she? Damini signing her towards Reema. Driver tells Simar that the house came. Simar gets down the car and comes inside. She sees Rudra and Mayakshi are in the house.

She sees Badimaa, Gajendra and others praising the sweets and having it. Giriraj says this sweet doesn’t seem to be from this world. Mayakshi recalls putting magical saffron in the sweets. Rudra says Gitanjali Devi and the entire Oswals will say and do what we want. Rudra asks Badimaa to have it.

Badimaa says her diabetes will increase if she have more. Rudra asks Badimaa to have it and says it is sugarless. Badimaa is about to eat. Simar asks badimaa what is all this? Rudra says Mayakshi has agreed to marry Vivaan. Simar is shocked. Vivaan is smiling, as everyone is in under Rudra’s magical influence.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 10th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rudra says they shall do engagement now and marriage in the night. Simar says today is the Amavasya night. Rudra asks so what? Badimaa says its ok, if mahurat came out for today. Rudra tells Mayakshi that today on Amavasya day, their black powers are at the peak, and then they have to take advantage of the situation. Simar hears them and prays to Mata Rani to help her search Reema, so that she can stop this marriage and bring out everyone from their magical powers.

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Telecast Date:9th September 2022
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