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Sasural Simar Ka 2 9th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 9th September 2021 Episode starts with Simar starts making the modak. Pandit ji says bhog needs to be kept. Sandhya says I will bring. Badi Maa says I don’t trust anyone, I will go by myself and bring. Simar gets shocked seeing Badi Maa coming to kitchen.

Few mins before: Badi Maa tells Aarav that she is coming inside. She comes inside and sees Aarav holding the aarti plate. Aarav says he was getting aarti plate ready. Badi Maa says ok and asks him to come. They leave. Simar comes to the room. Maharaj ji comes there and asks Simar to help them, else they will lose their jobs. Simar asks what happened? Avinash tells Gagan that he has talked to his friend in delhi and asks him to attach his CV and send with the application.

Gagan thanks him and says I know that I hurt you and gave you much stress, but I make sure that I will not do anything like that and will keep up your name and respect. Indu says so you will go. Avinash says let him go, it is good for him to go. He asks him to go and fly. Indu prays to Bappa to give name, fame and success to Gagan and make him a good man.

Simar comes to the kitchen and prays to Bappa that she didn’t mean to insult elders by making prasad, just want to keep up their respect. She asks bappa to help her in her endeavor. Maharaj pours the milk in the kadai. Badi Maa does the puja and says Ganapati Bappa Morya. Chitra looks at Reema. Vivaan comes there and stands with Reema.

Simar starts making prasad. She the kneads the flour. Vivaan and Reema do the aarti. Badi Maa asks Aarav to do the aarti. Aarav does the aarti alone, while Simar is making modak in the kitchen. Aditi comes and does the aarti next. Pandit ji says Ganapati Bappa Morya.. Aarav goes from there. Pandit ji asks Badi Maa about the bhog. Sandhya says I will bring. Badi Maa says I don’t trust anyone, I will go by myself and will bring. Aarav sees Simar making modaks in the kitchen and smiles.

Simar finishes making modaks and keeps the plate. She sees Badi Maa about to enter the kitchen and sits down to hide from her sight. Badi Maa looks at the modak plate and looks at the Maharaj and Other Servants. Simar prays to God to let modak bhog be kept. Someone calls Badi Maa and she goes out. Simar gets up. Badi Maa asks the guest to say. The guests tells Badi Maa that their aarti is good and asks her to make them have prasad. Badi Maa calls Maharaj to bring modak. She sees Simar going from there. Maharaj brings Modak plate out. Badi Maa asks him to give it to Pandit ji for bhog. All the family members take her blessings. Badi Maa looks on.

Simar goes to her room. Aarav says Simar…you surprised me daily, today you made 101 modak, don’t know what you can do. Vivek’s mother in law gives designer clothes to Shobha and her family and goes from there. Shobha checks the saree and says this is called class and taste. Her husband says every color suits you. Vivek asks Shobha about the other sarees. Shobha says it is for maid and gives the sarees to Roma, saying it is given by Divya’s mom for maids and it suits you well. Lalit tells Roma that he knows that self respect is important to her and that’s why I swear to God, that I will search a good job to get your respect back. Roma gets happy and hugs him.

Vivaan and Aditi come back after doing Bappa’s visarjan. Simar says you all have come, I will bring water for you all. Badi Maa comes there and stops Simar. She asks what do you think of yourself, you will break our house rules and nobody will know. Aarav thinks if Badi Maa came to know that Simar made the prasad. Sandhya asks Badi Maa what did Simar do? Badi Maa asks her to ask her what Simar was doing during aarti and says she went against my orders and made prasad modak. She recalls seeing Simar hiding behind the kitchen slab. Sandhya thinks Maa Annapurna listened to her and made Simar be the part of the Ganapati celebrations.

Badi Maa says I understood seeing you, that you made it. She says if I wanted then I wouldn’t have made your modak kept as bhog, but because of my qualified bahus modaks were not made and guests was standing to have prasad and that’s why we have to keep it as bhog. Simar says I made modak to keep our family’s prestige and to keep the bhog for Bappa. Badi Maa says enough, you will be punished. Reema thinks this is the chance to exit from here. Badi Maa says I am deducting your two days from the remaining 14 days. You are guest of 12 days here. Reema says enough and walks towards Badi Maa and Simar. Everyone get shocked.

Reema says it is enough of your rules, customs, punishments, it will not work now. Vivaan says Reema. Reema asks Badi Maa what wrong did Simar do, what wrong did my sister do? She says she has saved family’s respect by making modak and says your problem is your ego. She says until everyone is standing infront of you with their head low, they can take breath, but if they take free breath then they become criminal. Vivaan asks what are you doing? Reema says Simar didn’t make it for herself, but to save your Mansion’s respect. Simar tries to stop Reema. Reema says Simar made 101 modak in 30 mins, to save your respect and your family’s respect, and for Bappa.

She says if she had not made modak, then what you would have distributed among the guests. She says my sister has saved your respect and prestige, but you insulted her and even punished her. She says then you call yourself as humble and truthful. Gajendra asks Giriraj to make his bahu understand. Giriraj says what shall I tell her? Vivaan asks Reema to stop it. Reema says I will not bear her rules and will not become victim. She says she dislikes her rules and says when my sisters were punished, nobody said anything and heard everything silently. She says if Badi Maa punished her tomorrow, then will you hear everything silently.

Vivaan stands quiet. Reema says I have decided, not to stay in this house even for a moment, and says I am leaving. Simar asks her to come in her senses and asks what are you saying? Reema says you can bear it, but not I. Aarav asks what is your problem, if you have problem then we will solve it. He asks her to calm down and says this is not the right way to talk with elders. Reema says why to be quiet, Badi maa calls my sister as inauspicious, forced my husband to commit suicide, had locked my Papa in jail, made all of us cried a lot and you are asking me to be quiet.

She says Simar keeps quiet and don’t fight like me, what did she get, 2 days less from her days. She asks who is she? Vivaan says she is my Badi maa, you can’t insult her. Reema says you was silent when my mother was insulted and says your Badi Maa is a monkey trainer who makes everyone dances to her tune, but I will not dance as I am not born to dance on someone’s tunes. She says I am leaving this house, everyone and you for forever. She walks to her room. Simar says Di. Badi Maa hears everything silently.

Reema goes to her room and packs her stuff. Vivaan comes there and asks what happened to you? Reema says let me go. Vivaan says we both love each other and there can’t be any problem which can’t be solved. Reema says you are hurting me. Aarav and Simar come there. Aarav asks him to leave Reema’s hand and says you are hurting her. Vivaan leaves her hand. Simar asks Reema to apologize to Badi Maa. Reema says no ways, I didn’t do any mistake. Simar says you shouldn’t have interfered, Badi Maa punished me and made my 2 days less. Reema says I will raise my voice if anyone tells anything to my sister and says you will go from here, I have to see my future. Vivaan says Badi Maa shall not punish Bhabhi, but you have also insulted her.

Reema says she said all that as she couldn’t bear and can’t stay under her hitler act. Vivaan says I will sort out. Reema says you will sort out, who attempts suicide to convince others and is treated like a child in the house. She says I am going and you will not come behind me. She walks out of her room. Aarav signs Simar to go behind Reema. Simar goes. Aarav says chote. Vivaan asks him to leave him alone. Aarav goes out. Simar asks Reema not to leave the house and says this is not good for you or dewar ji. Reema says I don’t care. Sandhya comes there and asks Reema to stop, says bahu is lakshmi and asks him to stay back for Vivaan. Sandhya asks Simar to stop Reema and goes to talk to Badi Maa. Simar tells Reema that she knows that she is angry and the decision taken in anger is not right. Aarav comes there and says no need to plead, whoever wants to go, will go. Reema recalls Vivaan’s love for her and cries. She turns to look back and goes.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 10th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Reema is kidnapped by Devesh. Simar and Gagan search her along with Police help. They come to Devesh, but misses seeing Reema. Reema is tied and falls down from the chair.

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Telecast Date:9th September 2021
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