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Sasural Simar Ka 2 9th October 2021 Episode starts with Badi maa thinking about Sandhya stopping the marriage. Gajendra asks Badi maa to have water and rest. Simar gives water to Sandhya and says you are not looking fine. Sandhya asks what happened? Simar says I used to respect you, but today after whatever you have done, you have become role model of me and of every girls. She says if a mother protects her daughter, then no guy will dare to misbehave with any girl.

Vivaan says we all are so proud of you, whatever you have done is right. Sandhya says I didn’t get afraid for the first time, and was not bothered about my husband and saas’s view, I was just a mother then. She tells Vivaan that Rana will not let his threat go waste. Gajendra says Rana is a dangerous man and will be behind us. Badi Maa says we will fight with outsiders, when our inside war ends.

She asks Gajendra to go and find out why Sandhya took such a big step, if something is hidden from my sight or if Sandhya became our enemy. Sandhya asks Aarav. Aarav tells that they can just give threat, nobody can dare to look at my mother and sister. Vivaan says nobody can look at Oswals when your two sons are here. They hug her.

Mohit takes out his anger while his men hold him by the rope. He pushes all the men down and says you all are useless and can’t do anything. Rana ji comes and asks the men to get up. Mohit says he will ruin Oswal family and asks how dare they? Rana ji says we shall not take anything in anger and shall be patient. Mohit says if I wanted, then I would have given them death. Rana ji asks do you want an easy death for them, and says he will pull Sandhya by her hair and will throw her at him feet, and wants her to plead. Mohit tells that he don’t want mother, but wants Aditi with whom I have taken four rounds and wants badi bahu Simar too.

Vivek and Divya get married. Giriraj gets a video and gets shocked. Chitra says what are you doing, marriage is completed. She also looks at the video. Shobha asks Giriraj to bless the couple. Chitra says what happened, that made Sandhya lose her patience. Shobha says I missed everything. Giriraj says Maa must be in trauma. Shobha says she wanted to postpone my son’s marriage, now her grand daughter’s marriage is called off.

Sandhya comes to her room. Gajendra asks why she was hiding in Aditi’s room. Sandhya says I was supporting her. Gajendra says you are a good mother, and asks what happened that she took a step. He says you should have told me. Sandhya says I could have told Aditi’s father, but not Badi Maa’s son who would react being a son. Gajendra says you might have done right, but it is wrong on my and my mother’s sight. Sandhya asks him to hear her. Gajendra asks her to give clarification in the morning. Sandhya asks why? Gajendra says you will give clarification to my mother and will also apologize to her with folded hands.

Yamini Devi is practicing singing. Jogi comes there. yamini Devi asks if the sitar sur is good. He says you are sangeet samrat. Yamini Devi says there is no difference between human and sitar, once the wire gets moved, the life’s path will be ruined. She says Gitanjali Devi tried to do her grand daughter’s marriage, but Simar opened the ghatbandhan and called off the marriage. Jogi says as they sow so they reap. Yamini plans revenge and tells that the lady who looks strict must be shaking today. Badi Maa sits on the chair and gets shaken up.

She says I have to keep my emotions in control then only I can handle the circumstances. She takes out Gopi’s photoframe and asks when her penance will be completed, her family is breaking, who will save her house and family? She hugs the photo frame. Aarav thinks of Sandhya slapping Mohit and Mohit’s threat.Vivaan comes to him and asks what is he thinking? Aarav says men are more successful than women and do more good things than women etc etc, but today Maa has broken everyone’s assumptions.

He says Maa has just one truth and it was her weapon, to take a stand for her daughter is commendable. She says I am shocked till now, neither her voice stumble nor her courage. Simar comes there and says Maa;s sons are with her, who was with her as her back bone. Vivaan asks them to carry on, and says what will I do, becoming bone in the meat. Aarav asks are you judging me? Vivaan says no, and tells that he just loves them.

Simar asks Vivaan, if she can tell him something. She says we shall get upset with the mistake, and not with the people doing mistake. She says just now you have told that you don’t judge your loved ones, and just loves. She hopes that he gives chance to her loved ones. Vivaan asks them to carry on and goes. Simar thinks I have to leave from here in few days, asks how to unite them. Reema asks will you not talk to me. Vivaan says I shall talk to you important and says thank you for supporting Aditi and Tai ji.

Reema says I have done this for you, I know your family is important for you. Vivaan says you don’t need to do this, but you did. He says good night. Reema asks what is good about tonight and says you will sleep and I will look at him and cry. Vivaan says who asked you to cry. Reema says you don’t care about me. Vivaan says I really don’t care for your cry, shout, or anything. He says you are free to do anything and goes. Reema thinks this is happening due to Simar, she has ruined my life.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 9th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Badi Maa says today is Navratri first day, all sons of the house will go to temple with me to bring mangal kalash and all bahus shall stay at home. She asks Sandhya to either tell the reason of her stand and apologize or leave the house. Sandhya says I have done nothing wrong, I will leave the house, and will not apologize.

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