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Sasural Simar Ka 2 9th December 2021 Episode starts with Reema thinking about Simar and Aarav’s condition. She feels bad for them. She recalls Badi Maa’s words. Vivaan comes there devastated and sad. Reema sees him crying and asks why is he crying? Vivaan hugs her and cries. He asks her not to leave him.

Reema says I will never leave you and asks why are you crying? I can’t see you like this. Vivaan says I can’t see my Bhai in this condition, he is thinking himself as the loser. He says he is my hero and asks her to do something for Aarav Bhai. Reema asks what I can do. He says you are trying to do so much for your sister and asks her to do something for Aarav Bhai. Reema says she will try to stop Aarav from diverting etc.

Aarav is walking on the road while it is raining. He comes and stands outside Avinash’s house. The neighbor sees him and thinks he is the same guy who came in the afternoon. Aarav thinks I want to know why you have come to Oswal Mansion. Neighbor calls her husband and tells that the guy came in the afternoon and was knocking at Professor’s door. The neighbor’s husband asks Aarav why he came here?

Aarav says he came to meet Professor Saheb. The guy asks him to leave and says this is humble people’s neighborhood and asks him to leave. He asks him to keep his eyes down. Aarav asks what kind of behavior is this? The guy’s wife shouts telling that they will gather the people. Aarav says sorry and says he will leave. Samar sees him. Aarav also sees him and goes.

Simar recalls Samar’s words and writes in the diary, thank you Samar you have given me strength to move on. She asks mata Rani to help Aarav ji move on, and not to look back. She says he shall go so far that we don’t have the way than to forget each other. She says send some reason in his life. Just then Reema comes there and throws girls’ pics on the table. Simar looks at her. Reema asks her to look at girls’ profile and tell about the selected girl. Simar asks why I shall select the girl.

Reema says they have to get his marriage done, as he has promised his mother to move on. Simar asks about whom you was talking? Reema says Aarav’s marriage. She says I tried to made you understand, but you are stuck in your past. She melts down seeing her tears and says Aarav agreed for marriage, and here you are crying. She says Oswal family is searching bride for their son.

She says it is wake up call for you and asks her to move on. Indu comes there and hears them. Reema says you are history in that sasural, they changes color in minutes, and tells that they think is very narrow, only their house is big. Simar says you have brought these pics. Reema says your Sandhya Maa has sent me with these pics. Simar says Maa.

Sandhya tells Aditi that she has sent Reema to Simar, with the girls’ pics. Aditi asks how can you think this? Sandhya says alliance is coming for Aarav and Reema came to me with the pics, so I asked her to ask Simar. Aditi says I can’t believe this. Reema says I couldn’t believe when Tai ji gave me this work and says don’t worry, your elder sister is there, and says I will handle my sasural, but will not let my sister bear the pain.

She recalls Badi Maa’s words and wipes her tears. She is about to take the pics. Simar says leave these pics, if Maa has given me this work then I will search perfect life partner for Aarav ji. She bends down to pick the pics. Reema gets sad and leaves from there.

Aditi tells Sandhya that others have hurt Simar, but you have sprinkled salt on her wounds. She says your words can’t justify your act and goes to talk to Aarav. She comes to his room and sees him sleeping. Badi Maa is sitting on the chair in his room and says he is sleeping, let him rest. Aditi goes and calls Gagan.

Gagan picks the call. Aditi asks him to hear her carefully. Gagan asks until when everyone will break my sister. Aditi says make her understand that she don’t need to go through this torture, and don’t select the girl. Gagan says I will do, whatever I can and thanks her for informing him. Indu comes to Gagan and asks him to leave Simar alone. Gagan says Simar needs me. Indu says she shall gather her courage and become strong so that nobody breaks her again. Gagan says ok.

Simar looks at the girls’ pics and cries. She recalls and a fb is shown. Simar thanks him for supporting her ambition. She tells that she feels that she has special connection with music, and says just like his name. She asks what is your name meaning? He asks her to say. She says Aarav means sound/bhavron ki gunjan.

He says God makes everyone’s jodis. She says what you need in your life partner. He says I want a girl who thinks about herself, control everyone, doesn’t care about anyone, shall have many friends and shall not think what elders think with what she wears. He says if we separate all these girls then one girl is remaining, which is different. Simar asks whom? Aarav holds her hand and says who is beautiful as her heart,

and says Simar. He says this is the meaning of your name. fb ends. Simar says Aarav ji. Aarav wakes up and says Simar. He looks on at his room. Simar also looks on and recalls their marriage. Aarav and Simar reminisces each other and gets sad.

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