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Sasural Simar Ka 2 9th August 2022 Episode starts with Simar, Sandhya Reema, Roma, Aditi, Indu and Badimaa walking on the ramp. Everyone claps for them. Sasural Simar Ka plays…..Ishita thinks what is happening here. They have made this round as circus. Abhimanyu asks Reema if she can take over.

Abhimanyu gives mic to her. Reema takes the mic and says hello to all, says everyone knows about Gitanjali Devi Oswal, she is not just a successful business woman, but the driving force to encourage our Indian traditions and values. She says by participating in this fashion shown, she has shown fusion of innovation and creation.

She says she has won everyone’s heart, and also of Judges. She says the claps is shovictoryg that the victoryner is just one, my Simar. Ishita asks how can you take this decision. Simar says don’t worry, judges will take the decision and says like your thoughts, our approach is not small, we have completed two rounds follovictoryg our culture.

Reema asks Judges to give their verdict. The judge Manini tells that round 2 victoryner is also Simar Oswal. Simar receives the trophy from Ms. Manini. She shares it with Badimaa, Reema and others. All Oswals ladies pose for the pic.

Ishita is standing on side. Simar says this is not just my victory, but my mother’s victory, my sasumaa’s victory, my sisters’ victory, my sister in law’s victory, and most importantly this is my Badimaa’s victory, and it is the victory of the relations. She says this victory is of my family’s men who encourages and motivates us, and we don’t have any option left other than to victory. She thanks Gajendra, Giriraj, Aarav and Vivaan.

Badimaa tells that she don’t want to tell anything, about whatever Ishita has done. She appreciates Simar to following their customs and completed the challenge. She says she is very proud of her. She says once again she has made the impossible thing possible and says I am very proud of you Simar.

She says the loser participant Ishita, and reminds that she had said that if she loses then she will touch Simar’s feet and asks her to accept that she couldn’t accept their values and customs. She says a sanskari girl like Simar have accepted your culture fully. She asks her to apologize. Ishita bends down to touch her feet. Simar stops her. Ishita apologizes for making fun of values and says sorry.

Simar asks her to understand the values. She gives example of our president Draupadi Murmu, and says she is very simple, but her thoughts and actions. She says she has come from humble environment and achieved so much. She says she is the president of democracy. She says I shall be judge for what I am, and not for what I am not.

She gives example of Priyanka Chopra and says she is on top for her personality and career. She says everyone have their own style, but they are successful due to their talent and culture. She says our tradition doesn’t bind us, but free us.

She says there is scientific advantages of our traditional wear. Ishita goes from there upset. Badimaa praises Simar and says if every girl thinking is like Simar, then she can become the heart, soul of the family. She says her temple like home has become sasural simar ka….Song plays….They all hold hands and bend down to thank.

Simar sees Kavya there and thinks what is she doing here. Suddenly Aditi feels the pain in her stomach. Gajendra says call the doctor. Ishita gets drunk and recalls Badimaa’s words, and Simar’s victory. She breaks the mirror angrily. She says I just hate her. She says behenji..Pallavi comes there and asks what is all this, asks her to handle herself.

She says it was a small competition and Simar has no value infront of you. Ishita says everything thinks her homely and innocent, but she is cunning and traps everyone. She controls the situations and wins. She says she has defeated me and I am not a loser. Chitra comes there and asks why there is so much noise. She finds Ishita drunk.

Simar goes behind Kavya, but misses her. Reyansh asks Kavya how dare you to come to Agra. Kavya says I was not interested to meet you after whatever happened. She says I can’t go as I am pregnant with your child. Reyansh asks her to take pills and handle the matter. Simar thinks from where her voice is coming.

Reyansh hears her and keeps hand on Kavya’s mouth. Aarav calls Simar and says Aditi is unwell. Simar goes. Reyansh thinks thank god she went. Chitra asks what is this madness. Ishita says she is Ishita Oswal and I can’t lose from anyone. She says vote for Ishita. Chitra asks her to sit and asks Pallavi if she has forgotten, how badimaa reacted when Simar, Aarav, and others drank in Ishita’s haldi function. She says when she comes to know about Ishita, what she will do.

Doctor tells Gagan, Aditi and Simar that both mother and baby are fine. Simar goes out and sees Reyansh coming out of Gynaec room. She goes behind him. He goes in the car. Simar thinks who is with him. She calls Reyansh, but he doesn’t pick the call. She calls Ishita. Ishita picks the call. Simar asks if she is with Reyansh.

Ishita says you have defeated and now calling me. Simar asks if she is fine. Ishita says you are asking me. Simar asks with whom you are? Ishita says I will not tell you, you are no. 1 devil. Simar thinks Ishita is in Oswal Mansion, then who is this girl?


Sasural Simar Ka 2 10th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Simar asks Gynaecologist to tell why Reyansh Oswal had come here. Ishita asks Reyansh, what he was doing in the hospital. Simar reads in the paper, guardian Reyansh and pregnancy to be aborted. She calls Kavya and asks if you was in the hospital. Kavya cries.

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Telecast Date:9th August 2022
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