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Sasural Simar Ka 2 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 8th September 2021 Episode starts with Sandhya and Chitra making the prasad in the kitchen. Reema comes there. Yamini Devi asks her to take swear before the Ganda Bandak. Simar says she can give her life for music. Yamini Devi says first swear is that, you will continue to practice music even if storm comes, even if you face any hardship etc. Simar swears to practice music in any circumstances daily. Yamini Devi says you have to respect Music, neither you shall speak against it nor you shall hear others insulting it. Simar swears it.

Yamini Devi says I can ask you anything in Guru Dakshina and you shall promise me that you will give. Simar says even if you ask for my life, I will give. Yamini Devi asks her to swear. Aarav nods his head. Simar promises her. Yamini Devi says if you have to choose between music and someone, then you will choose only music. Aarav signs her to agree. Simar promises her to keep music above everything. Yamini Devi says you have given swears from your heart and says she will take her test. Simar says if I could answer you, then will feel myself lucky. Aarav looks at his watch. Yamini Devi says I know you want to hurry up and thinks today Badi Maa’s nose shall become small. She takes Simar’s test and then compliments her. She says one test is still remaining.

Badi Maa looks for Aarav. Chitra tells Sandhya if they are bahus or halwai. Sandhya says we make it every year and will get the fruit of her work. Badi Maa tells Gajendra that she will go to kitchen and check if modak is made. Reema sees her coming and thinks if I pour water in the oil, then Badi Maa will get upset and I can leave from home. She enters the kitchen, but Vivaan holds her hand and takes her to side, asking her to come and meet the guests. Badi Maa asks Sandhya and Chitra to make modak fast and says it is soon going to be 12. Yamini Devi asks Simar to play sitar. She asks Aarav if he has time to hear the music. Aarav says surely and says I will make a small call and come. Yamini Devi asks Simar to lift the sitar and sing her favorite song.

Simar takes the sitar and sits to sing. Yamini Devi asks her to sing from her heart as it touches the heart of the listener. Simar sings. Main Tenu Samjhawa ji plays….Aarav hears and imagines himself dancing with her. He comes out of his imagination. Simar ends singing. Yamini Devi says I thought you knows sur well, but….you are more good than my thoughts and your voice is magical, and God doesn’t give such talent to everyone. Simar thanks her and says I have a feeling that I got everything and thanks her, touches her feet. Aarav says I told you, that everything will be fine, and I am proud of you. Yamini Devi says now the time has come when I will tie you ganda bandak and says we will be tied in a relation, more big than mother and daughter and asks if she is ready to take over this responsibility. Simar says she is ready.

Yamini Devi ties the bracelet to Simar’s hand. She says you have taken Guru Dakshina’s swear and I can ask you for anything and if you refuse then you will insult Saraswati Maa. Simar asks her to ask and says I am ready to give you anything. Yamini Devi says I thought you as my daughter and you shall call me choti maa. Simar calls her choti maa. Simar and Aarav take her blessings and touch her feet. They leave from Yamini Devi’s house. Yamini Devi thinks Simar has given her a weapon by swearing her to fight against Badi Maa.

Badi Maa thanks the guests and asks them to leave only after taking the prasad. The guests appreciates the decoration and asks about Aarav and his wife. Badi Maa says he might be here, making the arrangements. She then asks Gajendra where is Aarav? Gajendra says he must be in the house and asks her to trust him. Badi Maa says it is going to be 12 soon. Aarav checks the time. Simar prays to Bappa to make them reach home before 12. The flower falls down from Bappa and Simar holds it. She thinks Morya Re Bappa Morya Re. Giriraj comes there and tells Badi Maa that Mahurat is of 12:30, Pandit ji called and said. Badi Maa says ok and says she will bring Aarav. Aarav and Simar reach home. Aarav says we have reached, but 2 mins are left, we can’t go through main gate. Simar says I have an idea. Chitra scolds Reema and asks her to give her ring. Reema gives her ring. Chitra sees Vivaan and asks Reema to massage her hand, as she is feeling pain. Vivaan smiles and goes.

Chitra then shouts asking how can you do mistake, how can you be so careless. Badi Maa sees her shouting. Reema says I came to drink water and my ring slipped from my hand. Sandhya asks her to remember. Reema says it is my wedding ring and I can’t lose it. Chitra signs her at modak. Reema says may be my ring fell in modak dough. Sandhya says modak is made already. Chitra breaks the modak and pretends to search the ring. Badi Maa comes there and asks if they can do anything carefully. Chitra tells that Reema’s ring fell in the modak. Badi Maa says can you both sisters do work properly. Reema says she didn’t do it intentionally. Sandhya says we will handle. Badi Maa asks what to do, what shall I give as the prasad, as there is 30 mins left for the prasad to be made. Badi Maa asks Servants to make modak and says for the first time, rather than bahus, Servants will make modak. She asks everyone to come to Pandal and asks Maharaj to make modak else leave.

Aarav asks if this is your idea. Simar says we have to use the rope or dupatta and climb up. Aarav searches for the rope and gets it. He throws the rope in the balcony, but it falls. He looks for the hook and finds it. They say Ganapati Bappa Morya and throws it in the balcony, it gets stuck due to the book. First Simar holds the rope and tries to climb upstairs. Badi Maa comes to their room and knocks on the door. She says I am coming inside. She is about to go inside.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 9th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Simar begins to make modak and prays she didn’t want to raise question on Oswal family and that’s why doing this. Badi Maa does the aarti. Simar makes the modak ready. Badi Maa scolds Simar for acting smart infront of everyone later.

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Telecast Date:8th September 2021
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