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Sasural Simar Ka 2 8th October 2021 Episode starts with Mohit and Aditi sitting for marriage rituals. Pandit ji asks the bride’s bhabhi to come and do the ghatbandhan. Simar comes infront and ties the ghatbandhan, recalling Aditi’s threat. Pandit ji asks the girl’s parents to do the kanyadaan. Sandhya cries and goes to do kanyadaan with Gajendra. Sandhya looks at Gajendra helplessly.

Pandit ji asks them to stand for the rounds. They begin taking the rounds. Sandhya looks at Mohit holding Aditi’s hand while beginning to take rounds. Simar prays to God to do some miracle and save Aditi. Sandhya recalls Aditi’s words and asking her to stop this marriage, else she will kill herself. She throws the flower petals in her hand and goes to the mandap. Simar stands with her eyes closed praying to Mata Rani. Sandhya stops Mohit and slaps him hard. Everyone gets shocked.

Mohit looks angrily at Sandhya. Simar rushes to the mandap and opens the ghatbandhan knot. She stands with Aditi. Sandhya asks how dare you to touch my daughter? She asks him to move away from her daughter and pushes him down the mandap. His turban falls down. Sandhya comes down the mandap and says Aditi is my daughter, and not any lifeless body or thing with which you can do anything.

Mohit stares Aditi. Sandhya asks him to stop staring Aditi. Mohit says if I don’t. Aarav asks him to move back and stay in his limits. Mohit says you have done a big mistake, saale saheb. Vivaan says we are Aditi’s brothers and asks him to back off. Rana ji says enough and asks Badi Maa, how dare her bahu to slap Rana’s son. He asks for an answer. Sandhya says I will answer you, I will tell you Aditi and my decision, my daughter will not marry this person. Gajendra asks why are you breaking the marriage, what happened? Sandhya says I am the guard of her respect, my daughter is my pride, respect and life.

She says this marriage will not happen and I don’t need to say anything beyond this. Rana ji asks how dare you? Sandhya says my daughter will never marry your son. Rana ji asks who are you? Aarav says Maa. He says when Maa said that this marriage will not happen,then it will not happen and nobody refuse her sayings in the house. Simar says your son’s truth is….

Rana ji says enough and says this alliance was fixed by Gitanjali Devi and asks about her decision. Badi Maa looks at Sandhya and tells that this marriage decision was mine, and I never back off from my tongue/decision. Everyone is shocked. Badi Maa says Sandhya Oswal is badi bahu of Oswal family and I believe that a mother’s decision is beyond anyone’s decision, and she has declared her decision, so please forgive us, this marriage will not happen.

She says I am breaking this alliance right now,infront of everyone. Aditi smiles and cries. Rana ji asks if this is a joke, first you called us here with the marriage proposal, asked to hurry up the marriage and then this insult. Badi Maa asks him to understand that this relation is called off. Aarav and Vivaan ask him to leave. Rana ji asks do you know what will be the consequences of my family’s insult.

Badi Maa says you are insulting me. He says yes, and says your all family members have to pay for this insult, specially this woman who raised hand on my son. Gajendra asks him to stay in limits and talk with manners with his mother and wife. He requests him to leave with his baraat.

Rana ji says this baraat will leave, but will take away this house peace and happiness. He says he will make their life miserable. Badi Maa tells that they will have to take many births to ruin them, as their walls are so big that his small thinking and cheap mentality can’t cross it. Rana ji asks Mohit to come.

Mohit says I don’t leave anything incomplete, I have taken half rounds with her, will take full rounds and will make her mine. He walks towards Aditi. Aarav stops him and holds his neck. Aditi gets shocked. Aarav says I will pull out your tongue if you say anything against my sister. Mohit takes out his gun and aims at Aarav’s forehead. Vivaan and Gajendra also take gun and aims at Ranas. Badi Maa gets shocked. Simar asks Aarav to be careful. Gajendra asks Rana ji to stop his son, else he will go dead from here.

Rana ji asks Mohit to have patience and asks him not to shoot. Mohit says he will kill him. Aarav says I want to see who will shoot at Oswal family. Mohit shoots in air. Everyone is shocked. Simar runs to Aarav. Mohit says this is not over and will go far. He turns to go and says I will not leave you Gitanjali Devi Oswal. I will meet you again, shoots the gun in air and asks her to be ready for the big surprise. The Oswals looks on.

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